Best Above Ground Pool Vacuum For Algae (2021)

Having a swimming pool is a fancy dream for many people. After achieving this dream, the main task is to maintain the hygienic environment within the pool. Only the right equipment will make this job easy for you, and what could be better than the best above ground pool vacuum for algae.

We can’t deny the importance of a pool vacuum cleaner for dirt and algae. It effectively picks up algae and all toxic materials from the pool, making it safe and healthy. The bacteria present inside the algae causes great trouble if you contact it during breathing or swallowing.

The best above ground pool vacuum will help you by providing you lighter water to swim and gives a bright swimming experience. From our top picks, select the best option for you and beat the hot days!

11 Best Above Ground Pool Vacuum For Algae

Name  Brand Color Weight Price
75037 XtremepowerUS Light Blue 12 lbs Check Price
Triton PS Dolphin Black 16.5 lbs Check Price
Nautilus CC Dolphin Black 19 lbs Check Price
Dolphin Escape Dolphin Black 23.9 lbs Check Price
VINGLI  Vingli Blue 16 lbs Check Price
K50600  Pentair Sea Blue 14.02 lbs Check Price
Zodiac Ranger Zodiac Blue 15 lbs Check Price
Hayward 500 Hayward Orange 15.9 lbs Check Price
Hayward W3500 Hayward Red 17.36 lbs Check Price
Hayward 900 Hayward Blue 15.65 lbs Check Price
Aquabot APRVJR Aquabot Blue 10 lbs Check Price

XtremePowerUS 75037 Automatic Wall Suction Vacuum Pool Cleaner


One of the best pool vacuum for cleaning the bottom is the Xtremepower vacuum cleaner. The cleaner’s automatic suction will work effectively to clean and pick up all the algae from the pool. Enjoy the water fully!

Salient Features:

Cleans Everything

If your pool is 30 feet deep, then ten hoses in this vacuum help eliminate all the dirt and algae. To function appropriately, a proper swimming pool pump works. It will clean all the pools of any shape or size flawlessly.

Easy to Install

You can even attach it with your existing filtration system; furthermore, no tools are required for assembling. You can install this vacuum in no time, and it starts working abruptly. The best thing about this is that they don’t utilize electricity.

No Jamming

As it doesn’t have any wheels or gears, so while cleaning, it will not break or jam; this ensures uninterrupted cleaning. The adjustable cleaner can even climb the wall and efficiently clean debris, pebbles, dirt, and leaves from your pool. 

Why do we like it?
  • No tools are required.
  • Works effectively.
  • Clean bottom surface.
  • Adjustable and smart cleaner.
Take a note
  • Do not clean the stairs.
  • Relatively inflexible.

DOLPHIN Triton PS Robotic Pool Cleaner


One of the best robotic pool cleaners for algae is a Dolphin triton pool cleaner. You and your kids will enjoy endless hours of fun in the swimming pool as it will do all your cleaning jobs. For pools that are up to 50 feet, this cleaner is a perfect option.

Salient Features:

Removes all Dirt

Your pool’s walls, floor, and waterlines need a scrubber to enhance their lifespan and ensure a consistent supply of clean water. The premium machinery in this underwater vacuum cleaner will pick up all the dirt and debris correctly. No need for manual brushing now!

Works Independently

No matter how your pool pump works, this best above ground pool vacuum works independently without relying on the pool filter. Every pool cleaning ensures a clean surface and extends the life of the pool.

Hassle-free Cleaning

Make cleaning your pool hassle-free through this. Schedule the cleaning, and it will operate automatically without any worries. Once cleaning is done, you can easily remove it from the pool, and it will let only water out from this, not the dirt and debris.

Why do we like it?
  • Ensures deep cleaning.
  • High performance.
  • Schedule cleaning.
  • Clean wall and waterline.
Take a note
  • At times power cable gets tangled.
  • The bag is a bit hard to clean.

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner


The Dolphin CC plus is the best above-ground pool vacuum for algae because of the unique features that make it stand out from many others. Utilize your time on other tasks and let the vacuum cleaner handle the cleaning task.

Salient Features:

Dual Scrubbing Brushes

Clean your pool without any worries and make your life easy. Maintain the cleaning of your walls and floors through the superior filters. The dual scrubbing brushes reduces the usage of manual cleaning. It will clean a large pool in two hours, making it ready to clean.

Saves Energy

Without the requirement of any additional equipment, the pool cleaner works independently. With every pool cleaning, you can save sufficient energy. Its tangle-free cables ensure that the vacuum moves around the pool easily.

Scheduled Cleaning

You can schedule cleaning as per your needs; every day, alternate days, or after every three days. Just touch a button, and your pool is cleaned. The hassle-free cleaning with unmatched performance allows you to spend time with your family and friends.

Why do we like it?
  • Strong suction.
  • Adequate pool coverage.
  • No tangling.
  • Excellent performance.
  • Easy to clean.
Take a note
  • No manual.
  • The cord to the power supply should be a bit longer.

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Dolphin Escape Robotic Above Ground Pool Cleaner


Make your life easy by relaxing yourself through this best robotic pool cleaner for algae. The Dolphin Escape is an automatic cleaner specially designed to clean above-ground areas and give a top-notch performance at a super affordable price.

Salient Features:

Ground-breaking Technology

Unlike ordinary pool cleaners, this vacuum has groundbreaking technology that enables it to pick up each dirt from the pool. The large debris holder can withstand 60% more debris than others. You don’t need to clean the bag frequently.

Active Scrubbing Brush

To remove the algae from the pool, only vacuuming isn’t sufficient. This pool cleaner also has active scrubbing brushes that remove the stubborn algae stick with the pool floor. Hyperbrush removes all the contaminants and provides cleaning to another level.

Advanced Scanning Through smart navigation and advanced scanning, you can clean your pool logically. Your robot can detect ladders and drains, thus no chance of aimless wandering. The advanced DC motor installed in it utilizes less power and thus reducing the cost of electricity.

Why do we like it?
  • High performance.
  • It comes with a scrubbing brush.
  • Deals with stubborn algae.
  • Smart navigation.
Take a note
  • It needs to come with a remote.
  • Cleaning filter media is somehow rigid.

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VINGLI Swimming Pool Vacuum Cleaner


The Vingli swimming pool vacuum is a high-quality cleaner that will indeed switch your life in the comfort zone. This best pool vacuum cleaner will save you a lot of time, making it easy for you to organize your daily tasks efficiently. No other way can be quicker than this for cleaning your pool.

Salient Features:

Easy to Assemble

As you got this cleaner in your hand, you can assemble this within minutes, and it is ready to work. Unlike other cleaners, it will clean your pool quietly and effectively. With its quiet motor, you will not be disturbed through its operation.

Cleans Corners

Other than cleaning the pool, it will also clean pool walls and corners. The long hose will reach the depth and eliminate scuff and pick up all the pool debris.

High Suction Power

The incredible suction power of this automatic cleaner will make sure to provide you sparkling water in no time.

Guaranteed Cleaner

This pool cleaner has a guarantee and will surely replace you in case of any broken item. The pack also includes free hoses that will help you in replacement.

Why do we like it?
  • No jamming or breaking.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Great suction.
  • Quiet operation.
Take a note
  • Doesn’t clean leaves.
  • No twisting.

Pentair K50600 Kreepy Krauly 


Another best above-ground pool vacuum is the Pentair vacuum. Cleaning a pool manually is cumbersome and requires time. The best way to clean the swimming pool is through the pool vacuum cleaner, as it is both effortless and time-saving.

Salient Features:

High Performance

The optimum vacuuming is essential for high performance and efficient cleaning. Its hydraulic design is specially formulated, keeping in view the demand of cleaning. The moving part is the only flapper, and this enhances the lifespan of the cleaner.

Skimming Valve

A skimming valve is installed to eliminate all the debris from the surface and maintain a cleaning surface to regulate water flow. Another fantastic feature of this vacuum is that it cleans every inch of the pool surface, thus providing a high coverage area.

Why do we like it?
  • Eliminates all debris.
  • Works automatically.
  • High coverage area.
  • Time-saving.
Take a note
  • No strainer basket in it.
  • It makes a bit louder noise than others.

Zodiac Ranger Suction Side


The Zodiac ranger automatic is an excellent option for cleaning the above-ground pool. This best pool vacuum will work effectively, quietly, and quickly, ensuring no debris is left behind. Its simple operation and easy maintenance will surely take you out of trouble.

Salient Features:


The pool cleaner comes pre-assembled and comes without any tools, making it easy for you to operate.

Navigates layout

It will intelligently navigate the drain and stairs through the wheel deflector, thus ensuring uninterrupted cleaning without getting distracted by steps or ladder.

Easy Cleaning

No hammer or flapper is installed; this helps to provide easy cleaning. This pool vacuum also has an adjustable flow control valve that automatically regulated the water flow. A regulated and controlled water flow will provide peak performance in the cleaning.

Why do we like it?
  • Clean the entire pool effectively.
  • Intelligent design.
  • Comes pre-assembled.
  • Easy to maintain.
Take a note
  • Gets stuck on the stairs sometimes.
  • The design of the cleaner needs some improvement.

Hayward 500 Aquabug Suction Pool Cleaner 


If you think that how to vacuum dead algae out of the above ground pool, then you are in the right place. The Hayward aqua bag suction is one of the best vacuum for an above-ground pool cleaner that will relieve your worries and allow you to enjoy more.

Salient Features:

Hassle-free Cleaning

This automatic pool cleaner will take away your problem of manual operation with its comfortable, trouble-free working. With a contoured head design, it will complete the entire pool’s cleaning route in minimum time. Across the bottom, the gearing system will move gently across the surface.

Easy to Install

You can easily connect the filtration system with your previous one, which means no more emptying or cleaning the debris bag frequently. As it keeps moving, it also circulates the water throughout the pool, and this helps keep the entire pool clean and hygienic.

Premium Quality

Made with superior quality and high-efficiency performance, this cleaner is a good alternative for manual cleaning. The strong suction of the motor will pick all debris and dead algae from the bottom effectively.

Why do we like it
  • Works effectively.
  • Easy to install.
  • Constant water flow.
  • Picks up dead algae.
Take a note
  • At times flippers stuck.
  • A bit heavier.

Hayward W3500 Aquabug Above-Ground Pool Vacuum


The Hayward aquabag is the best above ground pool vacuum for algae as it is designed specifically for removing the dirt and debris. Whether you want to clean on-ground or above-ground pools of any size or shape, this cleaner will do wonders.

Salient Features:

Advanced System

Install this best pool vacuum quickly, and it is ready to work. The advanced steering system installed in it ensures to provide efficient cleaning. It will perform thoroughly as compared to other cleaners.

Cleans Effectively

While operating, it will move the water from the bottom of the pool, and this water circulation will ensure to keep the water clean. It will go at the bottom of the pool through its seamless cleaning design and clean every inch while crawling along with the pool.

Quiet Operation

The quiet operation and gentle movement make it best for cleaning your pools. The bumper ring will help minimize the friction, thus instructing the cleaner about steps and a ladder for uninterrupted cleaning.

Why do we like it?
  • Unique gearing system.
  • Effective cleaning cycle.
  • Installs quickly.
  • Cleans bottom and depth.
Take a note
  • Suction needs improvement.
  • Connecting to the hose is somehow tricky.

Hayward 900 Wanda the Whale


One of the best robotic pool cleaners for algae is Hayward Wanda’s above-ground cleaner. As it operates automatically, it will decrease your work bundle and fulfill your cleaning needs as required. The advanced features installed in it make it superior to many others.

Salient Features:

Unique turbine system

The pool cleaner’s unique turbine system will make sure to provide a balanced water flow that helps keep the water clean and hygienic.

Advanced Steering

The advanced steering design and head contour design enables it to perform quiet operation effectively. A hygienic environment within the swimming pool is necessary for maintaining health.

Easy to Install

No tools are required in this cleaner; thus, it reduces cost also. It acts as a moving main drain as it improves and enhances the water circulation throughout the pool.

Why do we like it?
  • Comes with a warranty.
  • Install quickly.
  • No need to empty the bag.
  • Operates quietly.
Take a note
  • Doesn’t clean leaves.
  • At times it gets stuck.

Aquabot APRVJR Pool Rover Junior 


The majority of the cleaners work fine while cleaning the dirt and debris from the pool, but we didn’t find the answer to the question of how to get dead algae out of pool? Dead algae get stuck and cannot be easily rubbed off from its place. Pool rover does wonders here by performing incredibly.

Salient Features:

Clean all dirt

It is specifically designed to clean the above-ground pool, clean all the dirt, and debris leaving it contaminant-free. Even the smallest of the particles can be trapped in the filter with its filtration system. A fine micro-filter reusable filter bag is also installed.

Hydro-robotic Technology

The fine filtration and better water circulation will save your water, chemicals, and above all, it will save energy. The hydro-robotic technology in it ensures to have a good suction power with the powerful force.

Adjustable axle

Furthermore, an adjustable axle pin will reduce the chances of cable tangling and enhance the pool’s coverage area. This automatic robotic cleaner will vacuum the pool floor of any size or shape in minimum time.

Why do we like it?
  • Powerful suction.
  • Perfect for all shapes.
  • Have advanced technology.
  • Easy to use.
  • Finest filtration.
Take a note
  • It may need maintenance after some time.
  • At times it starts moving in a single direction.

Buying Guide – Best Above Ground Pool Vacuum For Algae:

Dust Capacity

Dust capacity is an essential factor while considering a suitable pool cleaner. The power of the cleaner is crucial; at the time, the dust inside the pool may exceed the capacity to put you in trouble.

Make sure that the vacuum cleaner doesn’t start leaking once it is filled.

Quality and performance

Out of all the ordinary models always prefer those models that are made of high quality. Only a good quality cleaner can give increased performance. The performance of the vacuum is dependable on the diving ability and suction power. The best pool vacuum is the one that covers proper height and dives in the pool for efficient working.


Before confirming any vacuum cleaner for your pool, decide about your budget. Other than looking for the vacuum price, look for the separate components of the vacuum. Otherwise, it may cost a lot while repairing.

Size of your pool

Confirm the size of your pool and look for a model according to the capacity of your pool. A proper hose length can reach the depth and corners of your pool without any trouble.


For cleaning the algae and dirt from the pool, a special brush and scrubber are necessary as they can help remove fine dirt and dust from the pool. The best pool vacuum cleaner is the one that works effectively with proper brushing.

FAQ’s – Best Above Ground Pool Vacuum For Algae:

Q: Can vacuum clean the algae from the pool?

Yes, you can clean the pool and directly discard the algae as it gets out from the pool. The best pool vacuum cleaner will pick up and remove all the algae and debris from the pool floor.

Q: Is it possible for the vacuum to eliminate the dead algae from the pool bottom?

Yes, there are some vacuums that will effectively clean the dead algae from the bottom through the brushes installed in them.

Q: How to vacuum dead algae out of above ground pool?

You can clean the dead algae through the active scrubbing brush installed in some vacuums.

Q: How much time will a vacuum take to remove algae from a pool?

By vacuuming it regularly and using appropriate chemicals, you can remove the algae from the pool, but it will take some time. It may take some days or weeks, depending on the type of pool.

Q: Does the vacuum for above ground pool cleans walls and corners also?

Yes, some of the vacuums with a reasonable length of hose can reach the corners and edges, thus cleaning it effectively. Similarly, only a few cleaners will clean the wall of the pool.

Final Verdict:

To maintain a healthy life for you and your family, a clean pool is necessary as it will disinfect it thoroughly, mainly algae-infested pools need proper maintenance. All our top picks are well designed, affordable, have unique features, and give an extraordinary performance. Choose the best pool vacuum cleaner and make your life hassle-free.

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