Best backpack vacuum – Top 10 picks and buying guide

While looking for a more powerful vacuum than a traditional unit, you may stumble upon the best backpack vacuum. They provide five times more cleaning performance, are less noisy, avoid backache, and are portable.

Traditionally, people were using them for commercial purposes, but now they are becoming preferable for household use.

A backpack vacuum is becoming a preferable option for its lightweight, portability, and improvement in the user’s posture.

These considerations make it superior to bulky options like upright and canister vacs. Additionally, the tailing cord does not get in your way as in traditional vacuum cleaners.

To help you choose the most suitable backpack vacuum for your house, we have arranged this review keeping close coordination with experts and users of the machine. 

Below are top picks, have a look and choose the best one for you

Best backpack vacuum – 10 best vacuums

Brand  Model Color Battery Type Price
Atrix VACBP1 Black Corded electric Check Price
Hoover C2401 Black Corded electric Check Price
Powr-Flite BP6P Comfort Pro Black Corded electric Check Price
Powr-Flite BP4S Pro-Lite Blue Corded electric Check Price
Makita XCV05Z Persian Green Battery Power Check Price
GV Blue 8 Quart Blue Corded electric Check Price
GV Qt Quart  Red Corded electric Check Price
Pro team ProVac FS 6 Grey Corded electric Check Price
Pro team Super CoachVac  Grey Corded electric Check Price
Sanitaire EURSC412B Red Corded electric Check Price

How Backpack Vacuums are different from traditional vacuums?

As the name implies, they can strap to your back due to their lightweight. There is no need to push them along with you while working. The accompanying attachments and tools cater to the needs of all types of floors and above surface areas. 

The backpack vacuum cleaner has traveled far from the basic unit of the past. Now you get all the accessories and technologies of a standard household vacuum, such as a HEPA filter, sealing technologies, and dust bags, to name a few.

1. Atrix HEPA VACBP1 – Backpack Vacuum

When using a backpack vacuum, it is essential to look at the dimensions of the unit. A larger and longer unit may not pass through the doorframe.

With the dimensions of 12″ w x 20″ h x 9″ d, this unit is neither too tall nor too short. Additionally, the item remains cools even during vigorous cleaning sessions. Let’s have a more detailed look at this vacuum.

Atrix HEPA Backpack

Weight of the machine

This is a lightweight and low-profile machine that makes it easy to use for people of various heights. The weight is a little more than 10 pounds. When the device is clasped on your back tightly, the weight spreads equally around your natural center of gravity. This ensures balance and ease of operation.

Extension wand

The extension wands are excellent accessories to clean ceiling and other hard to reach areas. The rod of this machine is a highlighting feature with its extendable length of 22″-37″.

You might be struggling with cleaning the ceiling fans and curtain rods, but not anymore. The Atrix HEPA Backpack Vacuum with a lot of useful nozzles and extensions is here for you.


Other attachments include the furniture tool to remove stubborn and clingy dust from the furniture. Furthermore, the presence of a crevice tool ensures that you have an attachment to clean narrow areas.

The air-driven turbo brush successfully removes pet dander and hair from carpet, upholstery, and stairs. Besides, you also get a round brush in the package.

Strong suction

The suction power of this machine is strong, imitating the high-quality best backpack vacuum in the market. The dirt and debris on the hard floor stand no chance in front of the suction power of this machine.

Harness and support

Due to the presence of shoulder and waist belts, the machine firmly rests on your hips while you comfortably move around and clean. You can convert the cleaning hose from left to right hand without any issue.

Applications and use

The makers have designed this machine as the best professional vacuum cleaner. Use it for domestic cleaning, warehouses, restaurants, or anywhere you want.

Each layer traps bacteria and allergen particles of a specific size. In the end, the exhaust air leaving the backpack vacuum is clean and hygienic. Besides, the blower adapter will convert the vacuum into a blower to blow away dust from highly dusty areas like your garage.

Why do we like it?
  • Strong suction
  • HEPA filtration
  • Tool holder on the belt
  • Cord included in the unit
  • Low-profile vacuum
  • Have many cleaning options
  • Blower adapter
  • Adjustable harness belt
Take a note
  • The cord is a little short
  • A little loud due to suction power

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2. Hoover Commercial C2401 – Backpack Vacuum

You cannot neglect the Hoover brand when discussing lightweight vacuums. They have been in this business for a long time now.

Hoover Commercial Lightweight Backpack Vacuum weighs just over 9 pounds, and it spreads evenly on the back without putting undue strain.

You can buy this vacuum if you do not have too high doorways because the compact body lets you slide through them flawlessly.

Hoover Commercial

Dust cup Capacity

The dust cup size and capacity are an essential feature in a powerful vacuum. The 6.4 quarts offers an enormous dust cup capacity to clean the whole house without stopping midway. The clear lid allows you to see what is happening and how much dust and dander collect inside while you work.

Length of the cord

A longer cord prevents you from the hassle of plugging and unplugging the cable.  The cord length of 48 feet is ample to clean the whole house without changing many plugs.

Though too long, if it is still not sufficient for a massive house, you always get this option of attaching extension cords.

Comfortable harness

Among other things, what makes it truly the best backpack vacuum is the presence of a smart and comfortable harness.

It diminishes the annoyance of experiencing any undue pressure on the back but at the same time clasps the machine tightly. The shoulder straps do not put any strain, while a sturdy and padded belt rests the weight of the canister on the hips.

A combo of bag and bagless

It corresponds to the desires of people preferring both bagged and bagless backpack vacuum cleaner. Hence, the presence of a clothed dust bag adds to the versatility of the machine.

You can remove and clean this bag or use disposable ones. We endorse the use of disposable bags for pet hair and dander. On the contrary, keep the clothed bag inside for routine cleaning.

Features and Accessories

The brand does not shy away from providing essential tools and accessories to its customers. Thus, you get a 60-inch locking hose for reaching under the bed and for cleaning the fan. Moreover, you get a turbo floor tool, a long crevice tool for edges and tights area, and an upholstery tool for keeping the upholsteries inviting all the time.

Filtration system

The filtration system in this lightweight backpack vacuum is bolstered by a HEPA filter, which offers a successful exodus of allergens, fleas, and pet dander. The exhaust exhales clean air into the atmosphere.

Finally, coming to an end, this is an excellent vacuum cleaner for both home and commercial spaces.

Why do we like it?
  • Incredibly easy to use
  • Cannot fill the dust cup after cleaning the entire house
  • Powerful
  • Versatile vacuum cleaner
  • Excellent swivel head
  • Useful additional accessories
  • Easy to vacuum ceilings
  • It makes dusting areas easy
  • Lightweight
  • Amazing at what it intends to do
Take a note
  • It takes some time to get used to
  • It may not have a height adjustment feature

3. Powr-Flite BP6P Comfort Pro – Backpack Vacuum

The backpack vacuums successfully relieve you from the back issues. They come with accessories that prevent unnecessary bending and has a design that offers augmented comfort and user-friendliness.

The Powr-Flite BP6P Comfort Pro is a mirror replica of its name. You can expect a comfortable cleaning experience from this vacuum cleaner.

Powr-Flite BP6P

Suction power

Having a lightweight does not imply compromising on the suction power of the machine. After all, suction power is what makes it highly powerful. Can you imagine a suction power due to a 1200-watt motor with just 62 decibels of noise level? Well, it is possible now.

High comfort

A backpack vacuum without comfort and user-friendliness has very little to offer. Therefore, comfort is a high priority feature in this vacuum. The harness of this machine with numerous settings make it suitable for people of different stature.

Weight of the machine

This best backpack vacuum for home use cannot miss being a lightweight machine as it goes on your back. This is a perfect unit because it weighs even less than 9 pounds. All the tools can fit on the belt. Grab them whenever you want.

Cleaning performance

You can conveniently call this unit lightweight and dependable concerning cleaning performance. It also has an endorsement of Gold Seal of approval from the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI).

It successfully gets rid of pet hair and dander from the carpets and upholstery. The Presence of HEPA filtration with five stages ensures the air exhausted outside is clean and appropriate for breathing.

Tools and accessories

You can never think of going into the battleground without your weapons. Similarly, the accompanying accessories are your weapons for your fight with dirt devils. Due to the upholstery tool, pet hair, and dander, see the way out of your living space.

Additionally, it comes with a hard floor and carpet accessories for thorough cleaning. The chrome wand is bending at two sections, and the extendable hose is pressure-proof.

Finally, as with all the machines and tools, it takes time to adjust to the harness’s fitting and adjustment. Once done, this machine proves to be your dearest friend.

The accessories and tools are for your utility and help you in achieving seamless cleaning in the house. Be aware that it is not a machine designed for quick spills. Instead, the power and suction are suitable for thorough and in-depth cleaning jobs in domestic and commercial settings.

Why do we like it?
  • It does not feel heavy
  • A plethora of tools
  • 50-foot-long power cord
  • Easy-to-use harness
  • Straps offer a tight grip
  • Ability to reach elevated places
  • Tools for tight spots
  • Crush-free hose
  • HEPA filtration
Take a note
  • It takes time to get used to
  • It May not help you with wet spills

4. Powr-Flite BP4S Pro-Lite – Backpack Vacuum

Finding the best vacuum cleaner requires looking at its features thoroughly and matching them against your needs. If a device does not suit your requirements, you can not call it the best backpack vacuum for you. It might be for others, though.

But Powr-Flite BP4S Pro-Lite is one vacuum cleaner that corresponds to countless people’s needs with varying requirements. Let’s have a look at how it does so.

Powr-Flite BP4S

Weight and size

This vacuum cleaner is neither too large nor too long. Instead, it has a perfect size for a backpack vacuum. The storage bag is ample for cleaning a large area without emptying it.

Simultaneously, the size makes it easy to carry and use for a long time without any fatigue. It weighs only ten pounds. Thus, you can imagine how light it would feel mounted on the back.

Tool kit

The availability of the tool kit ensures that you have all kinds of weapons before you start your fighting mission with dirt devils. With the onboard crevice tool, you can reach gaps, corners, and tricky edges on furniture and walls.

Additionally, the floor cleaning brushes make it super comfortable when disengaging dirt and debris from carpets. The integrated double bend wands help you clean the floors without bending, avoiding backache in the process.

Additional tools

Furthermore, you get a 7″ crevice tool for narrow corners and cracks, a 14″ Powr-Glide carpet tool for cleaning the carpet floors. Additionally, a 14″ hard floor tool with brush lined mouth makes it suitable for hard floors. The 4′ hose is log reaches all the far and near areas without bending to the floor.

Harness and support

The harness is self-adjusting that snugs to your back flawlessly. Moreover, the four-point adjustment features make it suitable for people of varied stature and height. Thus, create a custom fit according to your fitting.

Cord length

Though it may not offer the comfort of the best cordless backpack vacuum, the 40 feet power cord is also enough for cleaning large areas.

Filtration system

The filtration system includes many-fold filtration buttressed by paper filter bag and micro filter cloth bag. Moreover, a pre-motor filter and exhaust filter ensures that the exhaled air is fresh and perfect for breathing.

Concluding the whole story, Overall, it is a decent unit for commercial use that can also efficiently for domestic cleaning. Besides, this unit is more portable than traditional canister vacuums.

Why do we like it?
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Convenient harness
  • Plenty of tools
  • Long cord
  • Four-stage filtration
  • Highly agile
  • Double bend wand
  • Easy-to-detach canister
  • Broad sweeping heads
  • Not as loud as one would expect
  • The convenient placing of switch
Take a note
  • Does not have an onboard storage
  • Switching tools takes a little time

5. Makita XCV05Z 18V X2 LXT – Backpack Vacuum

The best thing about this machine how small and light it is. You never guess its suction power and cleaning performance from its compact body.

On the whole, the size feels like a Primary level students’ school bag. If you are looking for a lighter yet flawlessly performing machine, this review is the right place for you.

Makita XCV05ZX

Harness and straps

The harness is the first thing that you may notice in this unit. The shoulder straps are coming to the front of the body, and then there is one strap resting over your lower abdomen. Towards the back, this part of the harness rests the unit on your hips rather than the lower back.

Cordless design

This is a cordless vacuum cleaner. Thus, the freedom of movement is exceptional as long as there is enough battery charge. The motor generates 53 CFM of suction and static water lift of 28.5″. 


This is a portable machine, yet it does not compromise on power. The elimination of long and cumbersome extension cords makes it an excellent device for cleaning insides, airplanes, schools, hotels, etc.

Filtration system

Going with the expectations, you get HEPA filtration in the machine. The popularity of HEPA filtration lies in its ability to trap particles as small as 0.3 microns. These micro-particles can be hazardous for health if not taken care of in a timely and correct manner.

Battery time and controls

The controls come on a small remote like unit that you can hold in your hands. There is a low speed that helps you clean for 90 minutes with a five-amp battery.

Whereas on the high speed, you get approximately 60 minutes of powerful cleaning time. It comes with dual 18V Lithium-ion batteries. The long battery time truly makes it the best backpack vacuum. The control remote also has a flashlight that can illuminate your way.

Accessories and tools

The presence of a 39-inch flexible hose ensures that you can clean the narrow and deep areas with a direct charge of suction. Other accessories include a bendable pipe and telescopic extension wand.

Finally, we can say that this is one of the best cordless backpack vacuum with a lightweight design and long battery time.

Why do we like it?
  • Highly portable
  • Lightweight
  • Cordless, so management of cords
  • Plenty of useful tool and accessories
  • HEPA filtration captures 99.97 particles
  • Easy to replace the filter bag
  • half gallon filter bag
  • Easy-access controls
  • LED light
  • Dual Speed
Take a note
  • A little expensive
  • A little less suction power

6. GV 8 Qt Quart Light – Powerful Backpack Vacuum

Today we will tell you how to make a smart choice when buying the best backpack vacuum for your house or commercial space. The purpose of bringing a backpack vacuum is to achieve higher comfort, extended reach, and ability, not to mention the powerful suction and excellent filtration abilities.

Today we will review a machine that offers all these utilities in one body. Knowing the features, you won’t help to endorse us.

GV 8 Qt Quart

Today we will tell you how to make a smart choice when buying the best backpack vacuum for your house or commercial space. The purpose of bringing a backpack vacuum is to achieve higher comfort, extended reach, and ability, not to mention the powerful suction and excellent filtration abilities.

Today we will review a machine that offers all these utilities in one body. Knowing the features, you won’t help to endorse us.


Weight of machine

The weight of this machine is 10 pounds, which is considered reasonably lightweight for such a vacuum. Mounting a bulky vacuum is impossible, so the makers have worked around designing this machine according to this consideration. 

Cord length

The cord length is 25 feet long. This might seem a little short, but for a vacuum of such caliber and performance, connection an extension cord does not seem like a severe tradeoff.

Accessories and attachments

Overall, the unit comes with seven tools and attachments to enhance the performance of this machine. The extendable metal wand increases your reach many folds. The flexible hose is newly upgraded into one, which offers more durability and extends your reach from three feet to 11 feet.

There is a multi-floor turbo brush, which makes it highly suitable for cleaning pet hair from upholstery and carpets. Additionally, there is also a specialized pet hairbrush.

Filtration system and blow port

There is an exhaust port where you can attach the hose to blow and inflate something. Moreover, there is a four-stage filtration system that offers ultra-level dust capturing ability. At the end of the cleaning., the filtration system ensures the air leaving the unit is fresh and free of allergens or other dangerous particles.

All this happens due to HEPA filtration buttressed sealing technology, locking all the particles inside the unit.


This unit is suitable for professional and household cleaning due to its lightweight and thickly padded straps and supports. You can use this machine on all floors like carpets, hard floors, tiles, etc.

While working, you won’t get exasperated with the loud noise of the machine as it is made with keeping quiet operation in mind.

Dust cup capacity

The dust cup capacity is eight quarts, which is thrice the capacity of a standard vacuum. Rest assured that you won’t be making rounds of the waste bin in between the cleaning process.

Why do we like it?
  • Professional cleaning
  • Lightweight
  • Thick padded straps
  • 4 Stage HEPA filtration system
  • 8-Quart bag capacity
  • Quiet operation
  • Compact design
  • Ease of use
  • Great for cars, boats, etc.
  • Saves time
  • Ensure clean air to breathe
  • Easy-to-change bags
  • Good quality hose
Take a note
  • The cord could be a little long
  • Cable management may be a little difficult

7. Powr-Flite BP6S Comfort Pro – Backpack Vacuum

Among other features and qualities, this unit made its place on this list due to its economical price. A costly unit is difficult to acquire for many users who want comfort and quality cleaning.

The makers have included all the necessary features that can make it the best backpack vacuum. Thus, there is no way of ignoring this unit.

Powr-Flite BP6P

Suction power

There is no denying that this is one of the most powerful backpack vacuum cleaners with a Powerful 130 CFM and 110″ water lift. The suction power of the machine helps it t pick all the caky debris from the floor, thus leaving the surface shiny.

HEPA Filtration

These machines, by comfort Pro, have been designed to offer maximum user comfort and cleaning efficiency. The presence of HEPA ensures the air in your house is worth breathing in.

The presence of a five-layer HEPA filtration system having a pre-motor, post-motor, and exhaust filter can trap all kinds of particles.

Noise level

Though the suction power is enormous, but when it comes to noise level, the machine won’t tear your ears off with 62 dBA—besides, this noise level is the best among many vacuums in the market.

Harness and straps

The harness comes with multi-point adjustment features. Thus, you can clasp it tight according to your build. The shoulder straps come with a padded lining, and the harness offers a cushioning effect for the back. Therefore, wearing it for too long is not cumbersome.

Cord length

If the cord length is not sufficient, it can limit you to cleaning small areas. Or, you have to switch between one plug to another continually. Both of the above situations are equally annoying. However, the 50 feet length of the cord offers you flexible movement even in a large space.

Attachments and tools

A ton of attachments and tools is synonymous with versatility. The 17 inches crevice tool is extra large and allows you to clean narrow and deep areas. Moreover, there is a 5-inch upholstery tool, a 3-inch dusting tool, and a power glide carpet tool of 14-inch. 

Finally, coming to an end, there is no hesitation in declaring that this small backpack vacuum is increasingly becoming the best backpack vacuum for hardwood floors because of the powerful suction and attachments coming with the central unit.  For the carpets, the suction might be light too intense.

Though there are so many accessories, there is no need to fetch them when needed because they can comfortably reside on the belt.

Why do we like it?
  • Extremely quiet
  • Powerful suction
  • Highly recommended for hard floors
  • Tons of attachments
  • Five-layer HEPA filtration system
  • Long power cord
  • Tools are easy-to-attach
  • Comfortable harness and straps
Take a note
  • Best for hard floors
  • It may be challenging to switch from right to left

8. ProTeam ProVac FS 6 – Commercial Backpack Vacuum

There are so many places in your house that get messy and need extra attention. However, you may fail to do so in the absence of the right gadgets and tools.

The ProTeam Backpack Vacuums ensures that you have all the necessary and appropriate tools to clean everything from bare floors to tight spots in the house.

The story does not end at tools only. Additionally, if excellent filtration media do not reinforce the devices, all the trapped dust goes back into the air. Would you like to experience such a mess? If not, bring the best commercial backpack vacuum such as ProVac FS 6.

ProTeam Backpack

Padded Harness

In a backpack vac, the presence of a suitable harness is unquestionable. In the current vac, the FlexFit harness is padded to avoid any friction or pressure against the body. The cushioning effect makes it easy to wear for a long time.

Fetching the right accessory and tools when there is a need is highly annoying. ProVac FS 6 eliminates this hassle by adding compartments for accessories in the belt.

Plenty of useful tools

The right vacuum with all the necessary accessories makes your life stress free. One of the most important reasons this machine made to the list of the best backpack vacuum is integrating various tools into the whole set. These tools eliminate the need to own multiple devices for thorough cleaning of the house.

Cleaning pet hair and dander from upholstery is a nightmare. Therefore, to ease the burden, the upholstery tool ensures your sofa is always a welcoming spot.

Imagine the places you can reach with a fifty feet long power cord. With such an option, the sky is the limit if you embark on a cleaning mission. Additionally, there are carpet and hard floor attachments and also a gentle dusting brush.

Filtration system

The filtration is based on four levels of filtration with a HEPA filter. This highly detailed filtration mechanism ensures the dust and debris of even micro size gets trapped. 

Pollens, flea eggs, dust mites, and other bacteria particles find no escape with such filtration. If you are experiencing any allergies, bring this machine with full confidence.

Cleaning performance

The makers have designed this machine for domestic use. Still, the accessories and above par suction system also makes it perfect for commercial use such as restaurants and high traffic areas.

It offers 43% more efficient performance when cleaning dust and food debris. The lightweight of the machine, coupled with design dynamics, puts less strain on your body when cleaning for extended hours.

Finally, coming to an end, we can reliably say that it ranks amongst the best commercial backpack vacuum. From cord length to the filtration system, everything helps it to take up the cleaning task of commercial and domestic space sufficiently. The included tools reduce cleaning time and simultaneously enhance the maneuverability of the unit.

Why do we like it?
  • Highly maneuverable
  • Useful accessories
  • Long cord
  • Multi-layer filtration system
  • Hard floor and carpet attachments
  • Quick cleaning saves time
  • Padded harness
  • Lightweight
  • Telescoping aluminum wand
Take a note
  • The plastic joint may not be of acceptable quality
  • It does not have an adjustable handle

9. ProTeam Super CoachVac – Backpack Vacuum

People looking for a vacuum for office, restaurant, or even homes essentially come across this vacuum. This meetup is all due to its features and the offered utilities that potential and current users feel attracted towards this unit.

The presence of a highly efficient multi-stage filtration system ensures even the tiny particles are successfully trapped in its clutches.

ProTeam Commercial

Motor and suction

The internal motor is rated at 1118-watt and produces 150 CFM of airflow. You can imagine the suction power produced by such a powerful performance. With this lifting ability, take off all the dust and debris from the hard floor and narrow corners around your house.


All the suction and motor power still do not make it too weighty for use. Additionally, when you are working on this machine, the noise level does not feel unbearable. You can work while your pet plays nearby.

Filtration system

The presence of an excellent filtration system goes without saying when you want to buy the best backpack vacuum for carpet. All the loose dust, pet dander, and hair leave the surface without a tug of war due to the suction power and filters.

The 10 quarts filter offers more improved cleaning than a canister vacuum- clean a large area but with changing fewer bags.

HEPA filtration

The HEPA filter has multiplayer filtration for trapping all the dust and debris, leaving no dangerous particles. The presence of such a filter becomes essential for people dealing with allergies.  Moreover, it is Certified Gold by Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI). So, you can reliably use it on rugs as well.


The inclusion of accessories is crucial if you purchase a machine for cleaning more than the house floor. In this unit, the presence of a 2-Piece Wand, Xover multi-surface floor tool, crevice tool, dust brush, upholstery tool ensures you clean everything from floor to ceiling in one go.

Now cleaning the high traffic areas, small or large, is no headache because you have procured everything required.

Harness and support

The harness enhances comfort. It has an adjustable shoulder strap and integrated tool belt for securing all the tools in your reach.

The makers have ensured that all the weight distributes evenly around the user’s natural center of gravity, enhancing movement and balance. You won’t feel undue fatigue and strain even after using it for extended hours.

Finally, coming to an end, this is a highly user-friendly machine that will help will reach the corners in the ceiling where the spiders rest comfortably. The tools and accessories can take up any challenging task from the floor to the top and in between.

The fact that you can use and wash the filters saves you a lot of money. Additionally, the cords won’t tangle or become kinky. These and additional features make it worth mentioning among the best backpack vacuum.

Why do we like it?
  • Handy for cleaning car and studio
  • Long cord
  • Extendable wand
  • Additional accessories
  • Long crevice tool
  • Freedom of movement
  • Durable
Take a note
  • It feels a little heavy

10. Sanitaire EURSC412B – Backpack Vacuum

This is a fine product made by the Sanitaire brand. They are in the business of providing quality products for a long time now. When machines make a loud noise while working, they become unbearable. Therefore, this machine was included in the list to provide an option known for its quiet cleaning.

But, not just the noise level, it has many other features that make it worth mentioning to our esteemed readers.

Sanitaire EURSC412B

Noise level

With just 69 decibels of noise level, this is one of the quietest backpack vacuum cleaners you can find. The comfort offered by the weight is certainly more than an upright or canister vacuum cleaner. While you are cleaning in the house, your kids can play with the pets without scaring them off.

Four stage HEPA filter

Your house deals with loads of foreign particles such as allergens, fleas, dirt, etc., due to so much pollution and grime outside. They mainly come with foot traffic or after your pets come from a walk.

To deal with all this, you need to have a system to remove all these major and minor particles successfully. The HEPA filter offers an excellent utility in this regard with its precise multi-layer filtration system.

Cord length

Cord length is an essential consideration for a unit running on an electrical supply. With a shorter cord, you always deal with the irritating problem of switching to the nearby plug whenever going from one room to another. The power cord of this unit is 50 feet long, so rest assured you will not deal with such an infuriating issue here.

Attachments and Tools

This dirt sucking tool comes with many accessories and tools to enhance the overall cleaning performance. The presence of tools let you access hard to reach areas, narrow edges, and elevated spots such as ceiling fans and windows.

Sanitaire EURSC412B comes with an easy to maneuver hose, which extends your cleaning reach as well. The double-bend metal wand comes in two pieces that quickly connects with the hose. Snapping the two parts of the rod together to achieve the length is a walk in the park.

You also get an attachment with a brush, and the other one is without a brush. You can switch between the two according to the requirements. Additionally, there is a round brush for vacuuming blinds, drawers, any other place.

Comfort and useability

The floor attachments allow for cleaning all types of floorings in your house. The harness is pretty easy to put on. The shoulder straps are thickly padded to amplify user comfort and prevent biting into your skin.

The handle behind the canister makes it the best backpack vacuum because carrying it from job to job becomes highly convenient. You can also put the cord around it for easy management.

Suction power

The suction power of this vacuum is 120 CFM, which makes it one of those small backpack vacuum cleaners that offer powerful suction for removing dust. It will conveniently pick-up pet hair, crumbs, dust, and debris found on the floor.

Make sure you monitor the filter bag of this vacuum, and when it reaches the max level, change it to avoid loss of suction. There is a fine clothed filter bag as well. We recommend you to wash that bag from time to time to retain excellent performance.

Finally, wrapping up, we can’t help saying this is a backpack vac that amplifies cleaning ability with its features. From the power cord handle to powerful suction to copious attachments, this machine is full of convenience. Its loaded features make it highly recommended.

Why do we like it?
  • Powerful suction
  • Many useful accessories
  • Washable filters
  • Quiet cleaning
  • Highly comfortable
  • Portable
  • Padded harness
  • Long suction hose
  • Double-bend long wand
  • Equally suitable for hard and carpet floors
Take a note
  • It May is not efficient for picking up pollen

Consider these points before you buy the Best backpack vacuum

Size of the area

Backpack vacuums are powerful machines, so they can easily clean a large area. They are highly maneuverable, so the presence of furniture and hurdles pose no issue. They excellently manifest their power and ability in larger areas.

Their onboard accessories make them comprehensive cleaning tools for all parts and areas of your house. They are best recommended for bigger rooms and homes with long staircases. For smaller spaces, they might be costly due to their potent power.

Length of the backpack

Many backpack vacuums come in towering heights, while others have a shorter profile. So, before you buy one, have a look at the size of your doorframe.

A long backpack machine may not be practical for a house with narrow and short doors and low ceilings. Additionally, a more protracted vacuum may put you off balance, while a wider one spreads the weight across your back evenly.

Users’ comfort

The reason to buy this kind of machine is to achieve more comfort than a traditional vacuum can offer. The harness and the straps on the backpack vac should be according to your body frame and shoulders. So, they fit the machine perfectly on your back.

You get the best backpack vacuum when the unit sits on your hip instead of putting pressure on your lower back.

Corded and cordless units

The market will offer you both cordless and corded variants. A cordless vacuum gives you the liberty of going wherever you want without any hassle of dealing with power cords. Besides, you might not always find a plug near the area where you are cleaning.

Though plugging and unplugging might be an annoyance, the freedom of a corded machine to vacuum for long as you want cannot be achieved with a cordless backpack vacuum. Besides, the battery timing of a cordless device is always limited.

If you choose a corded vacuum, make sure to find a unit with a long cord or buy an extension cord. On the contrary, if you have a big house, you can always keep separate power packs for uninterrupted cleaning.

 Filtration system

Regardless of the type of vacuum, the presence of decent filters and technologies is an unmissable element. A sound filtration system ensures all the dirt, dander, and pet hair leave your safe abode.

Luckily, the presence of HEPA filter in many high-end backpack vacs ensure all the dust and microorganism go through many layers of filtration until even the microscopic particles find no place to escape.

Suction power

Traditionally, industrial backpack vacuum was made powerful because of their use in the commercial capacity. Thus, the presence of a strong suction power goes without saying. But be cautious! The strong suction also means more noise and taking care when cleaning delicate areas.


FAQ’s – Best backpack vacuum

Can we use the backpack vacuum on carpets?

Backpack vacuums have all the features just like canister vacuums, except the canister rests on your back. Additionally, like the traditional vacuums, you need to look at the specifications and features to decide if it is suitable for carpets. For instance, make sure you have a moving bristle brush or other tools to clean the carpets.

Are backpack vacuums suitable for homes with pets?

One of the significant issues with pets is that they shed hair. But you can remove their clingy hair with the powerful filtration and suction power of the vacuum. If you find the right attachments, such as a turbo brush, it is the best backpack vacuum for pet hair.


Backpack vacuums are great machines. They offer the comfort of a lightweight weight machine while their suction power is many folds more than the traditional vacuums. Now a day, they are increasingly becoming the choice of homeowners and professionals alike.

But there are chances of making a wrong decision if you lack proper information. For this purpose, we gathered all the information about the best backpack vacuum present in the market. We hope to help you get the most reliable unit in the ocean of false products claiming to be good.

Happy shopping!!!

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