Best dolphin pool cleaner – Reviews, Comparison, and Buying Guide

While you have fun with your friends, relishing Bar B Q with family, or swimming, rest assured your pool is being cleaned simultaneously. Dolphin is considered the best dolphin pool cleaner brand because it keeps the pool clean and sparkling while you have your poolside party.

Bring one of the best dolphin pool cleaner listed below and leave the cleaning part on this automated slithering device.

Dolphin Triton PS
Dolphin Triton PS
  • XL Filter Basket
  • Powerful Suction
  • Easy to Clean
Dolphin Premier
Dolphin Premier
  • Dual Brushes
  • Multiple Filter
  • Powerful Suction
Dolphin Nautilus CC
Dolphin Nautilus CC
  • Easy To Clean
  • Tangle-Free Cord
  • Dual Brushes

The automated cleaners have made the pool cleaning task an effortless exercise. It will collect all the debris and deposits without needing any of your help. Coming across many features and reviews of pool cleaners might have overwhelmed you due to difficult words and technologies.

This review is our little effort to help you recognize your needs with the buyer’s guide at the end and find the most appropriate product from our list of the most famous pool cleaners from Dolphin.

Best dolphin pool cleaner

Name  Brand Type Weight Price
Dolphin E10 Dolphin Above Ground 22.7 lbs Check Price
Dolphin Escape Dolphin Above Ground 23.9 lbs Check Price
Triton PS Dolphin In-ground 16.5 lbs Check Price
Nautilus CC Dolphin In-ground 16.5 lbs Check Price
Dolphin Premier Dolphin In-ground 37.2 lbs Check Price
Oasis Z5i Dolphin In-ground 40.5 lbs Check Price
Quantum Dolphin In-ground 27.2 lbs Check Price
Sigma Dolphin In-ground 35 lbs Check Price
Nautilus Dolphin In-ground 34.4 lbs Check Price

1. Dolphin E10 Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

Our list starts with the Best dolphin pool cleaner, which is excellent news for all the homeowners looking for a budget pool vacuum. This pool cleaner has set a performance bar among its fellow cleaners with its twin brush settings for various cleaning jobs and cutting-edge smart technology for navigation.


The E10 robotic pool cleaner comes with all the smart high-end features that may usually be found in enormously appreciated models. It is suitable for above the ground pools.

For added traction, while moving in the pool, the unit is mounted on big four wheels. It will also eliminate the need for excessive use of chlorine, which is healthier as well.

All the debris, leaves, and sediments at the base of your swimming pool will be collected and removed by this little automated thingy. There are relatively smoother bristles brushes for above-ground pool cleaning that won’t pinch or damage the lining of your pool.

The CleverClean technology is a smart mechanism that will scan and navigate your pool for understanding the layout.

Later the pool cleaning becomes a comfortable and effortless effort by dolphin E10, which is why it is appreciated as the best price dolphin pool cleaner. The vacuum will take the most appropriate path when cleaning.

Once done with its job, the top-access doors will open to remove the filter basket. The machine is designed keeping in mind the comfort of its users, so it quickly releases the water, and hence it is trouble-free to take it out of the pool.

The dual bristle brushes make sure no debris is left on the pool after the mechanical scrubbing action.

Why do we like it?
  • Highly budget-friendly
  • Displays features of high-end pool cleaners
  • Navigate the pool layout
  • Quick cleaning mechanism
  • An appropriate option for above-ground pools
  • Comes with a long power cord
  • Offers an average energy cost of 0.05 dollars per hour
  • does not require extra hoses or cords
Take a note
  • Comes with a limited 24 months warranty
  • The power cord may get twisted sometimes

2. Dolphin Escape Robotic Above Ground Pool Cleaner

Dolphin takes pride in their pool cleaner because they have made products for every home catering to their unique needs. The next product is highly suitable for those users who require more power than offered by E10.

The users looking for above-ground pools have highly preferred this machine for its mind-blowing cleaning performance.


If your pool size is around 30 feet in length, bring this machine without any second thought. The front wheels are larger, while the hind ones are smaller in size, and a track is rolling around them.

It looks like a small army tank moving and navigating your pool, hence provides a firmer grip on the swimming pool floor and walls. So, no slipping and energy wastage while floating on the water or putting force along the wall.

The Escape factually gives you an escape from all the headaches of a dirty and unhygienic pool. Its CleverClean technology takes a tour around the pool, learning its layout, and ultimately takes the most optimum route to clean it in as little time as possible. We don’t call this product the best price dolphin pool cleaner.

The is all done by an algorithm working in the background, helping the cleaner do its job in the best way possible.

It comes with two powerful motors to provide all the suction needed to clear dirt, residues, algae, grime, and rocks at the pool base, with its single Hyper Brush best for vacuuming and active scrubbing.

The motor uses the least power when working and consumes approximately 90% less energy than the traditional cleaners. Operating at 180 watts, the cost per hour is 0.05 dollars per hour.

Why do we like it?
  • Lightweight
  • Wheels are mounted on tracks
  • More than 40 feet long power cord
  • Cord is tangle-free
  • A giant filter carriage
  • SmartNavigation system
  • Fast cleaning
Take a note
  • Few customers may miss remote control
  • For a larger pool, you may need to clean the carriage often

Final Words:

The Dolphin Escape changes all your previous notions about robot vacuums for pools with its Hyperbrush technology and affordable price tag. You get a solution for sucking up difficult algae and debris at the same time with this power suction pool cleaner.

3. Dolphin Triton PS Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

If your pool is larger than 40 feet long in length or diameter, you may want to look at Dolphin Triton PS robotic pool cleaner with its larger than usual filter canister. It can continue cleaning for a long time before emptying its contents.

The cleaners from Dolphin have made pool cleaning an effortless job with as little maintenance required as there could be

Dolphin-TDolphin Triton PSriton-PS

Highly recognized by its customers, yet another product from Dolphin is offering you the PowerStream feature. The machines release gushes of water from the top and sides to have a more incredible grip on the walls and easy motion through the water.

The PowerStream feature is also the reason for its extraordinary scrubbing qualities, leaving your swimming pool clean and shiny every time you have fun in the pool. With the right product in hand, no need to think much before arranging a poolside party for your friends.

You will find fine and ultra-fine filters that remove all the sand and other debris and grime from your pool. The cable is swivel, so when the robot is taking rounds of your swimming pool, it won’t get tangled.

This is a pool robot by Dolphin, which costs under $1,000 and comes with a scheduled cleaning to clean the pool daily, on alternative days, or every third day. Sit back and enjoy your pool party and let the Dolphin Triton PS takes care of all the mess later.

The robot is more energy-friendly than other pool cleaners found in the market and displays 8X more efficiency.

They don’t require your pool pump for enabling movement, unlike suction and pressure cleaning devices. Besides, they are weightless and effortless machines when talking about usage.

Since it is an automatic machine powered by AI, so there is no need to keep a watchful eye on it while it completes its cleaning mission in two hours.

The machine flawlessly moves on the vertical surfaces for cleaning the waterline and deep cleaning the walls.

Why do we like it?
  • Comes with 60-feet long tangle-free power cord
  • Cleaning and maintenance of cleaner is a breeze
  • Bigger than standard dirt canister
  • Fine filter to clean leaves, buds, flowers, and bugs
  • Does not spit debris back to the cleaned pool
  • Water gets on the sides and top help the unit to move
Take a note
  • Does not come with Bluetooth
  • Does not clean steps; common to all robot cleaners

Final Words:

It may lack a smart navigation system, but by moving around the pool and taking rounds, it cleans everything from walls to the swimming pool floor.

This is an excellent unit to clean even the smallest sand particles with its sophisticated and extra-fine filters. Besides, the large filter basket is a feature that can not be ignored when it comes to cleaning pools.

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4. Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

If you want a pool cleaner that comes under 1000 dollars but has all the high-end features like Smart navigation, twin-scrubbing brushes, and automatic weekly scheduling, Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus robotic pool cleaner is a machine well-made especially for you.

It is Laced with all the features you may desire in your pool cleaner robot.  Nautilus CC Plus gives you smart navigation, a powerful motor, and suction to suck away everything unwanted. To know more about its working, continue reading till the end.


Many of you might be concerned about how the machine looks when it is placed near your pool. Does it add to the aesthetics or look like something sour to an onlooker’s eye?

Let me tell you, Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus comes in a blue-black combination with a sleek and shiny body.

This is the bigger version of Dolphin Nautilus CC. Along with all the goodness of a CC pool cleaner, you get a more oversized power cord. This model can easily manage a pool of 50 feet and takes only two hours on average to comes back from its pool cleaning mission.

If you are worried about this machine going astray in your pool, let me remind you it comes with CleverClean technology.

This feature work to navigate the layout of your pool and choose the most appropriate cleaning route taking the least possible time and saving energy at the same time.

The pool cleaner can do somersaults, and with the tangle-free cord, it won’t get tied up into its tail. The wheels are held in the tracks that provide grip when cleaning the walls and ease of movement—no need to worry about the unit slipping here and there.

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus is housing Dual scrubbing brushes that will scourge away the stubborn dirt and debris along the wall, cleans the waterline, scrubs out the algae.

What else do you want from a machine that costs less than $1000?

Are you thinking about turning over the robot to remove the filter cartridges? Wait, there is no need to do that with CC Plus as it comes with a top-access easy-empty option.

To capture the fine dust and debris, you get an extra-fine filter. But don’t worry if you have leaves floating on your pool because the other filter is made to remove the bigger particles like leaves and twigs.

Why do we like it?
  • Long tangle-free power cord
  • Can adjust to weekly scheduled cleaning
  • More than eight times energy efficient
  • An easy filter replacement system
  • Smart navigation system
  • With CleverClean to ensure thorough cleaning of your pool
  • Suitable for pool up to 50-feet
Take a note
  • Very few customers had durability issues
  • A little expensive for some buyers

Final Words:

With an ergonomic and eye-catchy design, the CC Plus is one of those robot pool cleaners which are enticing enough to be brought home. With easy to change cartridges, installation and working with this cleaner are effortless, so it is recommended as the best dolphin pool cleaner 2021.

5. Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner

Buying a versatile dolphin pool cleaner was never this easy until we got our hands-on Dolphin Premier. What is better than having the flagship product of the brand? Dolphin Premier is one of those masterpieces by the company. 

The company has sent this product in the market to conquer the hearts will all its frilly features.


The highlighting feature among many others is its ergonomic and big handle that you can spot from afar. Its beautiful design and attractive colors do the rest. This sea-blue machine feels like merging with the water of your pool.

The force exerted by the scouring action of the dual scrubbing brushes is enough for all the stubborn algae until the last bit of it.

Leave the robot in the swimming pool and come back after a few hours to find everything, including the base, waterline, large particles, and vertical surface gleaming and free of debris.

Thanks to the powerful dual motor of 24V, the machine has enough suction and power for the 360 degrees cleaning of your pool. The unit consumes 90 percent less energy than the outdated pressure and suction cleaning units.

Is it possible that a flagship product comes without a smart navigation system? No, right?

The Dolphin Premier is no exception to it. There is a SmartNavigation system embedded into the machine, which is driven by an algorithm that does not leave any area of the pool unclean with its dual scrubbing brushes.

The machine has multiple cleaning options to clean the dirtiest of the pools. The oversized debris bag can be used when your pool is full of leaves and debris, twigs, bugs, and similar other large particles. The other two filters include Standard and Micro cartridges, which are recommended for everyday cleaning.

You will see how efficient it is in draining the water once it is done with the cleaning job and taken out of water. And best of all, you won’t find this AI-powered thingy struggling with itself due to tangles cord because it has anti-tangle swivel lead.

When required, there is no need to turn it on manually because the Smart control weekly scheduling will prompt it to go on duty at pre-set intervals. Besides, an indicator light lets you know when the media is full and ready to be emptied.

Why do we like it?
  • Three-year warranty with this machine
  • A 60-feet long cord
  • With strong suction ratings of 4500 GPH
  • Accompanied by a physical remote control
  • Two powerful motors of 24 V
  • Multi-media filtration system
  • easy to clean and maintain
  • Easy-carry and drop handle
  • For 50-feet long in-ground pool
Take a note
  • Does not allow Bluetooth connectivity
  • Expensive because of added cleaning efficiency

Final Words:

It is coming with an option to be managed with remote control. This pool cleaner has all the necessary features and some more to ensure effective cleanliness of your pool.

By removing all the algae, it makes your pool more hygienic for you. All these features make it a highly recommended product.

6. DOLPHIN Oasis Z5i Robotic Pool Cleaner

Living up to our promise of providing your pool cleaner for every household, the next on our list from one of the most trusted brands Dolphin, is Oasis Z5i robotic pool cleaner.

Each one of the products on this list is the best dolphin pool cleaner of 2021. Read on to know if it is the one for your backyard pool. A glimpse of the features will tell you all about it.


The machine comes with a significant Drop-Go handle. Once inside the swimming pool, it will do all the leg work to clean your pool spick and span. After a session of 2.5 hours, your pool will be ideal for your summer evenings.

This is an exceptionally suitable machine for a pool of 50 feet in length, leave this intelligent machine and forget about debris and dirt giving you nightmares.

The installation is an effortless process. Just plug this machine in the main supply, drop it in the pool, and you are ready to enjoy your favorite book, watch a movie, or anything else you want.

With Oasis Z5i robotic pool cleaner, don’t even think about manually cleaning your swimming pool because the intense cleaning action will leave no place in the area with any debris or stubborn algae. The dual scrubbing brushes disengage the dirt and debris, and the rest action is carried out by the powerful suction of the device.

The greater mobility of the Oasis Z5i is due to the powerful dual motors. The power of the dual motors settings also bestows the suction power.

One of the many things making it an exceptionally competitive option is the presence of a two-fold filtration system. You will find two different micron filters in the cleaning unit to ensure the pool cleaner effectively captures large and small particles. The filter-cartridges are top access, so replacing them is effortless.

Like all other high-end pool cleaners, the company has fitted this device with CleverClean Smart Navigation technology. This will map the pool, decide on the most suitable, and give a thorough cleaning without leaving sand particles on the swimming pool floor.

Why do we like it?
  • Can sense obstacles and decide on the best cleaning path
  • Comes with CleverClean Smart Navigation system
  • Extra-long power cord
  • Comes with the automatic scheduling option
  • Dual extra-large cartridges
  • Energy-efficient device
Take a note
  • It takes approximately 2.5 hours to clean a big pool
  • Expensive

Final Words:

Embedded with all the goodness of a smart pool cleaner, this device is everything you have been looking for cleaning after your poolside fun.

When you buy the device, don’t forget to install the MyDolphin App to handle the machine for spot cleaning with a click from your smartphone. This is the best pool cleaner if you desire a powerful cleaner that is reliable and dependable.

7. DOLPHIN Quantum Robotic Inground Pool Cleaner

With Dolphin, it is clear that not all the best things are expensive. DOLPHIN Quantum robotic pool cleaner is one such option that does not break your wallet. Having features like Power Jet 3D Mobility and many others, it is outperforming others that are in the same league.


An exceptional ability to climb on vertical surfaces, it is powered by an innovative technology called PowerJet 3D Mobility. With this technology installed, the unit expels jets of water from the top and from sides that increase mobility, and also, these gushes help clean the pool.

This ease of movement is all thanks to the thrusts generated by water jets. They will also clean the tiles, swimming pool floor, and waterline.

The wheels are surrounded by sturdy rubber tracts that allow traction and avoid slipping while moving on the swimming pool floor and the wall. They also ensure easy cleaning and movement around the corners.

The body looks beautiful, and the design and the color combinations are highly eye-catchy. The cleaning action is carried out by dual scrubbing brushes that spin at twice the speed of standard brushes. So, they will pull out even the most stubborn dirt and algae off the surface.

Filters being one of the essential features of any robotic cleaner, is well-taken care of by the Dolphin in Quantum as they have fitted dual micron filters in the device.

Additionally, they can swap between the different filters based on cleaning requirements and can be changed quickly.

The extra-large basket is ideal for collecting twigs and leaves. Besides, it houses one of the largest cartridges that can be fitted in a pool cleaner, so there is no need to empty it again and again while it is on its cleaning operation.

You will be delighted to find out that dolphin Quantum pool cleaner comes with SmartNav 2.0, buttressed by a highly intelligent navigation algorithm.

It will calculate and navigate the dimensions, size, and layout of your pool and choose the most optimal cleaning path. At night the forward-facing LED light of the Quantum looks attractive.

Why do we like it?
  • The snaplock filtration to open the cartridge from all sides
  • Comes with HyperBrush dual scrubbing feature
  • Supported by Maytronic’s most intelligent algorithm
  • Smart Navigation technology
  • PowerJet 3D Mobility for improved propelling
  • Eight times more energy efficient
  • Less costly than others
  • Highly attractive design
  • Powerful motor and suction
Take a note
  • Seems a little heavy
  • A little over $1000

Final Words:

It offers higher power and suction, a giant filtration cartridge, and a smart system for navigation and improved aesthetics. It is coming with all the features to make it the most advanced pool cleaner and giving a tough competition to many others present in the market.

8. DOLPHIN Sigma Robotic Pool Cleaner

With Sigma robotic pool cleaner, Dolphin is claiming to introduce a product that well matches its higher price tag. After going to their features, we can back that statement with full confidence.

So, if you desire a product that is near to perfection, bring Sigma home. It is faster, more efficient, and cleans better than others. The triple motor system is the highlight of this product.

Let’s dive into the full review, and at the end, you will also relate with us.


The robot is propelled around the pool by a powerful motor, and the powerful suction collects all the dust, debris, and other particles.

Sigma robot vacuum is fitted with the company’s most recent SmartNav navigation system to ensure even more efficient navigation and scanning of your pool. Using the SmartNav 3.0, the robot will remember your swimming pool’s dimensions, mark the possible hurdles, and look for the best possible cleaning route.

In all, this process will also save precious time and get your pool ready in as little time as possible. You won’t find it going astray or wandering here and here with no work to do, and ultimately it will save a lot of energy.

The smart system will ensure that the pool cleaner does not go where it has already been cleaned. The amplified location awareness is fueled by the inbuilt gyroscopic navigation system, making it the best dolphin pool cleaner 2021 and becoming the pioneers of introducing the technology in any pool cleaner.

Concerning motor, Sigma has left many behind. It comes with a tri-motor arrangement, which are commercial-grade Direct current motors with high RPM. And thanks to all the motors, it has one of the highest suction power rotating at 4500 GPH that you can find in a pool cleaner

This model can also be controlled with the smartphone by installing the MyDolphin App. You can also select a scheduled cleaning setting for daily cleaning, once in two days or once in three days.

So, sit in your comfortable living room and enjoy the latest Tv show while this smart device is cleaning the pool.

There are no wheels on Dolphin Sigma. Instead, there are tracks, so there is no need to worry because the robot can easily pass through hurdles and provide a better grip against the slippery surface.

But their unique feature is that they move independently of each other, allowing the robot to turn entirely around. The dual Active Scrubbing Brushes takes over the job to clean all the places by putting enough force on the stubborn algae and debris deposits.

Why do we like it?
  • Gyroscopic navigation system
  • Triple motor
  • Tracks for better grip
  • Independent movement of tracks
  • Dual active brushes for thorough cleaning
  • Smart Navigation system
  • Powerful suction
  • weekly schedule
  • Controlled by app
  • Monster cartridges
  • Bigger wastebasket
Take a note
  • Although pricey, worth the features
  • trouble cleaning the steps, though common in all cleaners

Final Words:

This model positively justifies its more significant price tag with dual filters, a high-end gyroscopic navigation system, and supported efficient dual scrubbing brushes. The triple motor is sufficiently robust and energy-efficient to ensure that no corner of your pool is left unclean.

9. Dolphin Nautilus Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

Do you have a steady power supply in your house? If yes, you are good to buy the Dolphin Nautilus Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner. The long cord will let it clean all your pool without changing the sockets now and then until all the pool is cleaned.

You can send this robotic cleaner on its mission with just one button.


Once you have made sure you have a power outlet to plug this machine, having a look at all its features will help you make the right decision.

Many robots bump into walls and hurdles because they can’t find their way, and hence, they get lost in the gushes of water. But not with Dolphin Nautilus comes with a Smart Navigation system, which will help it efficiently map the walls, dimensions, and possible hurdles in your pool.

You won’t fund this machine running here and there aimlessly. As you drop the device into your pool, it will navigate the pool, find the best cleaning path, and then start using its Dual scrubbing brushes.

These brushes will scratch away all the unhygienic algae and other deposits from the walls, floor, and waterline of your pool.

This pool cleaner displays efficient and reusable, extra-fine cartridge filters to remove even the smallest particles from the pool once you are done swimming or having a poolside get-together.

The power cord is 60-feet long and anti-tangle, so you won’t find your machine tangling in its cord or the operation getting paused because the cable is stubbornly tangled.

There are dual motors of 24V of power, which is the reason for its swift movement through the water and the machine’s powerful suction.

The filter cartridges are sturdy and easily replaceable. When moved out of the water, it may feel heavy due to water and dirt. But otherwise, the unit is reasonably lightweight.

Why do we like it?
  • Saves 90% energy than other suction cleaners
  • Excellent navigation to scan and map the area
  • Does not make much noise
  • long non-tangled cord
  • Does not need any pump to move
  • Powerful and dual motors
  • Effortless plug-play working
  • Filters are reusable
  • Easy-clean filters
Take a note
  • May require multiple cycles for deep clean
  • Difficulty in climbing walls at 90 degrees

Final Words:

With the ability to clean pools of all shapes and sizes of approximately 50-feet in length, the device can clean your pool in three hours. With all the high-end technologies making it an outstanding offer, nothing can pose a hurdle in your way of buying this machine.

Besides, it is easy to clean and maintain the filters. These robotic pool cleaners do not get stuck in your pool’s drains if they are a little above the surface.

Buyer’s Guide – Best dolphin pool cleaner

Things you need to consider before buying the Best dolphin pool cleaner

Pool cleaners are excellent devices to keep your pool clean. Whether it is the summer breeze or the autumn leaves are falling, the pool needs to look spick and span and ready for a sudden poolside fun or a get together with friends and family.

While others can imagine, but if you are a pool owner reading this article, there is no denying that cleaning the leaves and debris is a too tiring task.

You can’t clean your pool every day when autumn leaves are falling, but you can buy a pool cleaner to do that job for you.

We have compiled a roundup of all the best models of the most admired pool cleaner brand Dolphin. But Before you jump to any conclusion, we advise you to look at this buying guide to buy the best dolphin pool cleaner 2021.

Why do you need a pool cleaner?

Cleaning a pool means removing all the fallen leaves, both dry and soggy, the debris, dust, and sand on the pool floor. Not just that, the most challenging part is scrubbing off the algae off the walls and cleaning the waterline.

All this requires a lot of time that you may not be able to spare in your busy routine. So, most pool owners rely on robotic pool cleaners integrated with smart AI technology that do not require any instruction and supervision when the cleaning job is underway.

How does a pool cleaner carry out his cleaning mission?

It may merely look that a small robot is working and cleaning your pool. But there is a combination of many systems that bring about the efficient working of this intelligent device.

A track is wound around the cleaner’s wheels, similar to what you might have seen in many devices. These tracks provide grip on the slippery surface, unlike simple wheels.

When you leave the robot in the pool, the in-built AI technology in the SmartNavigation system scan and navigate the pool. It does so to understand the dimensions, size, and positioning of hurdles in the pool.

Once the navigation is done, the device finds the most optimal path for its cleaning action.The water is pulled inside by the powerful motor’s suction, and the pool gets rid of all the debris and leaves from the bottom to the top.

Make sure the filter bags are clean and well maintained. The scrubbing brushes at the base clean the algae and other stubborn deposits on the floor and walls.

Electric or suction pool cleaner-which one to choose?

Electric pool cleaners are connected to the main power supply, so as long as you have electricity, there is no need to worry about pool cleaning. They are power efficient and requires 90% less energy than traditional suction and pressure cleaners.

Moreover, they are controlled by the remote control and automatically shut themselves when the cleaning path is complete.

However, the cleaning mechanism in suction and electric pool cleaners is the same. The powerful suction lets them climb and stick to the vertical surfaces.

But suction cleaner is old technology and does not come with any smart and innovative system to make them intelligent machines. They may also find it challenging to move around the corners and may get stuck.

So, if you prefer a smart device that does not require human supervision, going for an electric cleaner is the best advice we can give.

Should you prefer wheels or tracks?

When buying a robotic cleaner, you will either find tracks or wheels. The Tracks are a preferred option over wheels because they provide comfortable traction over the slippery surface and an added ease when cleaning the corner and along the wall.

The residues and debris may get in the wheels, but not in tracks. However, one thing needs to make sure that you don’t leave the robot in the pool for long when there is direct sunlight because it may impact the tracks’ plastic and track wheels.

Do you prefer a pool that cleans the waterline as well?

Most of you would want to ensure all the parts and areas of your pool are immaculate when the robot comes out of the water.

But many cleaners may not have this function in them. So, if you prefer a cleaner that does not clean the water, you may have to adjust to the algae growing on the wall.

Do you want to have a Scheduled cleaning feature?

Many of you might want to avoid making settings every time you need your device to clean the pool. So, in the market and especially in the Dolphin pool cleaners, you will find the Scheduled cleaning feature, a pre-set setting.

The cleaner goes on its cleaning mission at the set time. It may be daily, twice, or thrice a week. This setting ensures that your pool is always sparkling, and there is no need to think twice before making sudden poolside plans

The power cord of the pool cleaner

In an electric pool cleaner, the power cord is one of the most crucial aspects to look at. The power cord’s length will ensure that it can go around the pool, and there is no need to switch between different plugs for a complete cleaning exercise.

Most of the dolphin cleaners come with a long power cord, which is ani-tangle as well.Also, make sure the accompanying power cords meet all the security standards like in Dolphin as you have to leave it in water.

Choosing a smaller cable for a bigger pool will be of no use because it will tangle the cleaner or cause the robot to stop working.

FAQ’s – Best dolphin pool cleaner

If you still have some unanswered questions about the robotic pool cleaners, check these FAQs to find all the answers.

Can I keep my robotic pool cleaner in the pool?

Yes, you can keep the pool cleaner in water, but it is preferred to take it out of the water and store it under the shade. This is because the harmful rays can damage the tracks and wheels’ plastic and rubber if the exposure is prolonged.

How should I maintain and service my vacuum cleaner?

Though pool cleaners do not require much maintenance, certain things should be taken care of. For instance, clean the filters every week, empty the basket when it is full, clean the inside to improve its life, and make sure the hose is neat as well.

The rubber parts such as tracks and others may have reduced life if left under the UV rays for too long.

How do I clean the leaves with my pool cleaner?

Generally, the pool cleaner comes with dual filters and sometimes more. One of the filters is for cleaning the leaves and bigger particles from your pool. But make sure the collection basket is emptied correctly to make space for new debris and leaves.

Why is Smart Functionality a critical aspect to look at in the pool cleaner?

The smart technology will allow you to connect your pool cleaner with the smartphone to control from afar without sogging yourself in the water.

Secondly, intelligent robots have smart technology that senses and scans the pool to understand their area and dimensions for the most efficient cleaning.

Is a pool cleaner worth spending money on?

Pool cleaners are highly useful devices because cleaning the pools is a challenging and tedious job. Besides, it also takes a lot of time.

These devices can easily clean large pools thanks to their powerful motor, scrubbing brushing, and highly efficient suction.

What is the average life of robotic pool cleaners?

If they are maintained and cleaned correctly and not left in the sunlight for prolonged intervals, they can last over ten years. The variation in the number of years is not just about the technology but personal use as well.


After all this information, feeling a little overwhelmed and confused is natural. You might be scratching your head because looking at so many Best dolphin pool cleaner options makes the decision even more difficult.

We suggest you relax and think about your budget and all the features you require based on your pool’s dimensions. Also, keep in mind how often you need to clean your pool because not all of you will have the same cleaning requirements.

Because you want a pool cleaner that satisfies your needs at the end of the day, putting some thought is imperative.

This roundup has one suitable device for every household looking for an efficient cleaner for their pool. The budget-conscious users can pick Dolphin E10, which has all the necessary features yet very affordable.

Similarly, if the price is no issue and you desire all the high-end features, what can be better than Dolphin Sigma.

For an overall best model, you may go back and look at Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus, suitable for a pool of 50 feet, having a long power cord, and equipped with all the essentials for efficient and thorough cleaning.

We hope that sincere effort with this piece of information will help you find the most appropriate product.

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