Best In Ground Pool Cleaners – Reviews, FAQs and Buying Guide

Who does not like to swim? But would you like to do so in a dirty pool full of debris and dirt? Of course not. Bring one of the Best in Ground Pool Cleaners and forget about foul odors, accumulated dust, or algae eating away the walls of your pool.

While buying, what should I look for? Which models are accepted to be the Best in Ground Pool Cleaners in the market? Today we are going to answer all your queries. Don’t forget to read the buyer guide and frequently asked questions lest miss out something on our best pool sweepers guide.

The pool cleaners’ automatic and hassle-free cleaning function is why people are mesmerized by them globally. They are easy to use, clean all the dust and debris from the pool. Moreover, in their presence, algae and bacterial particles won’t find a shelter anymore.

Looking forward to spending hygienic and quality time in the pool? We advise you to bring one of these three machines, or continue reading till the end and know all about the top 9 pool vacuum cleaners. Drop them in the pool and see the magic unfolding in front of your eyes.

Our Picks- Best In Ground Pool Cleaners

Name  Brand Color Weight Price
Triton PS Dolphin Black & Yellow 16.5 lbs Check Price
Nautilus CC Dolphin Black & Blue 19 lbs Check Price
Sigma Dolphin White 35 lbs Check Price
F9350 Zodiac Blue 21 lbs Check Price
Premier Dolphin Blue 37.2 lbs Check Price
Oasis Z5i Dolphin Blue 40.5 lbs Check Price
LL505G Pentair White 40.5 lbs Check Price
ABREEZ4WD Aquabot White 28.9 lbs Check Price
Aquabot X4 Aquabot White 28.9 lbs Check Price

Best Rated In Ground Pool Cleaners

Dolphin Triton PS Automatic 


Can you feel how satisfying it is to see a pool cleaner working and leaving behind a pattern of spick and span, sparkling floor? You need to have an imagination to have the feel. And all the users of Dolphin have got that inner eye.

Do you know why we included this pretty thing in our roundup? Without any doubt, its cutting-edge technologies. All the in-built Advance technologies are there to precise ensure precise and total cleaning of your pool.

Salient Features:

Water shooting out: Standing out like all the Maytronics is this Dolphin pool cleaner. Rest assured the water gushing out of the robotic vacuum is all clean and healthy with no trace of Bacteria and Fungi. Besides, the water shooting out of the machine is propelling it forward maintaining a fast action.

Control unit for weekly scheduling: With a control unit that allows you to make schedule cleaning for weekly, twice or thrice a week setting is real gem. Leave the vacuum in the water and it will wake up on its scheduled time.

PowerStream Technology: If you see your pool cleaner moving perfectly on the walls and floor, know that it is all because of the in-built PowerStream Technology. Anyways, it is too painful to see your pool cleaner slipping from the walls and anchored places. So, rest assured it is not going to happen with your device.

CleverClean Technology: This device is a powerhouse of technologies. The next inline is this CleverClean Technology. It won’t disappoint you as others have with their lousy cleaning steam leaving behind patches of uncleaned floor. This technology is at the hear of an automatic pool cleaner, helping it to map the area and choose the most appropriate path.

Tangle-Free Swivel cord: If you are tired of your pool cleaner getting entangled into its cord, now is the time to stop fretting because the swivel cord in this device has completely vanished that issue. Now the robot can make movement in any direction of even has the liberty to rotate with a 360-degree tangle-free cord. This is the quality of all the ultra-quality vacuum cleaner found in the market.

Top-Loading Basket: This machine offers you the best of both worlds. The basket is not just top-loading which makes emptying the collected fallen leaves easy, but the size is humungous suitable to the requirements of any sized pool. No more looking at a hoard of fallen leaves and a host of algae in your pool.

Dual Filter cartridges: Not stopping at the top-loading bucket, the robotic pool cleaner comes with Dual Filter cartridges setting. So, rest assured everything is going to get trapped, except of course your baby’s favorite pool toys of your little one. When it is filled, open the latch and dump everything out and it is ready to leave for its new job.

Why do we like it?
  • Swivel cord provides awesome ease of movement
  • Weekly scheduling feature
  • Dual-filter cartridges system
  • Huge top-open loading Basket
  • Intelligent navigation
  • Best for 50-feet inground pools
  • Saves energy
  • Clean standard-sized pool in two hours
Take a note
  • No quick-clean feature
  • May leave some leaves behind

Final Words:

This machine is not heralded as the best pool vacuum cleaner without any reason. Dolphin Triton PS Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner is an amalgamation of all the best features and not missing a beat when it comes to looks. The cleaned waterline will tell its observers what went into your pool, while you comfortably watch your favorite show

Best Value In Ground Pool Cleaners

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus

Best value in ground pool cleaner

I know you would be thinking that this is also a Dolphin product but I can’t help it, their products are worth mentioning whenever and wherever poll cleaners are mentioned. Surpassing their quality is requires working with sweat and tears. Ideal for 50 feet in-ground pools, the 60 feet long cord is enough for taking a whole round without any effort.

Salient Features:

Thorough cleaning: Most of you might be worried about manually scrubbing the walls, but why worry about such a trivial thing if you have a dolphin placed along with your pool? Bring a Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus and don’t worry about getting embarrassed in front of your friends due to dirty because it never going to happen.

Scheduling feature: No need to worry about making settings every time your pool needs to be cleaned. Do a simple thing and put the scheduling controls into use. You can save settings for daily, bi-week and tri-weekly cleaning arrangements. While you are away on work, you pool is getting cleaned.

Lightweight body: Floating like a light weight fish, don’t go after the extremely lightweight body of this machine, because it is a beast when it comes to performance. The 20 pounds is nothing compared to other heavy weight models who does not even perform at par.

Powerful motor: The power beast of a motor can manage cleaning in up to 4500 gallons of water. This is one of the reasons for us to include this product in this list of best rated in ground automatic pool cleaners.

Ergonomic handle: Leaving this in-ground pool cleaner into water is extremely easy. All thanks to the ergonomic big handle. But be sure to be gentle while putting it into water.

Why would you forcefully throw this thing into water anyway?

Immaculate filtration: If you see everything all the dirt and debris disappearing behind the cleaner on its track, there is nothing worthy of praise than the in-built Spring Filter sheets. They are made with a highly fine network of polyester fibers. Your pool will get rid of all the leaves and dead bugs and debris due to them.

The other set of filters is for more finer cleaning like micro-particles, algae, pollen particles. Swapping between them will come naturally once you get used to it.

Dual scrubbing brushes: These brushes are positioned in the front and at the back. If anything is missed from the trap of front brushes, it will definitely be trapped by rear brushes. So, nothing can escape from their grips. Their action will scourge everything, even from vertical surfaces.

CleverClean Navigation: Talking about efficiency and leaving CleverClean Navigation out? does not make sense. The robotic cleaner will ensure it is scrubbing every part, not go back to one area repeatedly and takes the best possible route. It ensures time and electricity conservation. Your pool id ready for a sudden in just two hours.

Swivel Cable: The company has done everything to ensure that the pool cleaner moves freely without facing hurdles. A tangling cord can be a big issue foe the robot because, after all it is using Artificial intelligence.

Like human beings, they can’t get up and untangle their cord. Hilarious to imagine right? Swivel cord ensures they don’t fight with their own cord, smothering their movement.

Why do we like it?
  • 60-feet long tangle-free cord
  • Smart Navigation technology
  • Dual and powerful brushes
  • Dual-filter system
  • Can climb walls
  • Provides energy and time conservation
  • Scheduled cleaning feature
Take a note
  • Navigate the pool every time it cleans
  • Cannot store the pool layout

Final Words:

Going through the features, it seems like they are never going to end. All the above properties are just a glimpse of what it can do in reality. The only way to enjoy this marvel of a vacuum cleaning by buying one for yourself.

Best Swimming Pool Vacuum

DOLPHIN Sigma Robotic Pool Cleaner


Presenting itself as one of the most recent launches of Maytronic’s line, Sigma has got everything to stand apart in a herd of sheep. It comes laced with many features not present in the prior models.

Salient Features:

SmartNav 3.0: Let’s start this story of everything impressive by this robotic pool cleaner’s smart navigation technology. You would say almost all the Dolphin products are fitted with the navigation system. What is so different about it? It is the most updated and latest version. So, you can expect improved navigation and scanning ability. No chance of time wastage because your pool cleaner is unable to find its path.

Gyroscopic navigation system: Did you think they just stopped there? No way. Imagine what the duo of the smart navigation technology and gyroscopic navigation system can achieve. Unfathomable right? Don’t be surprised to see your RoboCleaner having a heightened sense of its environment. Enjoy its various tilting, climbing movements across your pool.

This is enough to make it the best In Ground Pool Cleaners, but let’s know more. I know you are thrilled to learn further.

24V DC motors: How could be so wrong in thinking sigma is just style and navigation? Let me tell you, it is a powerhouse. Do you know why? It is the first robotic vacuum cleaner to be fitted with three 24V DC motors. The Sigma is incomparable when it comes to crossing hurdles and fast cleaning action.

Powerful suction: The suction is more powerful than you can find in other models. Thanks to the tri-motor setting. Your pool will feel extra clean when this cleaner is done cleaning.

HyperGrip Rubber Tracks: Are you looking for the wheels on Sigma? Stop looking because you won’t find them. This machine is mounting on tracks like many high-quality pool cleaners. Finding your robot slipping on the floor or through the walls is both hilarious and painful at the same time. I know, weird to envision.

Independent quad scrubbing Tracks: Another remarkable feature of these tracks is the design to support movement in the opposite direction. The brushes rotate at high RPM, ideal for not leaving any dirt or algae behind their route.

Top-open Filter cartridge: Open the robotic cleaner’s top lid and find two filter cartridges comfortably housed inside the large collection bucket. Not just debris, algae, and leaves, many customers have reported that it can collect stray pebbles and stubborn sand particles as well.

Programmable cleaning schedule: Are you away this weekend, but your pool is full of algae and leaves? Use the programable cleaning schedule to make prior settings before leaving the house and return to find your pool is squeaky clean.

Why do we like it?
  • Easier to clean and replace the cartridges
  • Independent Quad scrubbing brushes
  • Tri-setting powerful motors
  • Ultra-edge navigation technology
  • A programmable timer
  • Powerful suction for powerful performance
  • 360-degree swivel cord
  • Can be connected to the MyDolphin App
  • Compatible with Bluetooth
  • Compatible with separately sold Maytronics’ caddies
Take a note
  • Like others, cannot clean steps with the same efficiency
  • May leave some spots sometimes

Final Words:

Remember, they are all machines that are not perfect because nothing can be. But we can assure you that it is best to get for the maintenance of your pool. Besides, what not to admire in this machine. It is everything that your thoughts let you imagine without going wild.

Best In ground pool vacuum for algae

Polaris F9350 Sport Robotic


A pool lover will understand the importance of a pool cleaner that changes the way your pool looks. With its powerful cleaning action, all the debris and dust will be cleaned in a short span of time. All the time you were putting into scrubbing will be spent watching your favorite movie or having fun with friends.

Salient Features:

Design: The Polaris offers an eye-catchy design. This machine will enhance the beauty of your pool with its blue casing and compact design. The material is of high-quality and can withstand different water temperatures.

Caddy: Why did we include it on our list? The answer is simple. It comes with its caddy, so the storage and transportation of this unit are not a problem. When it is done cleaning, you can quickly put it put with the ergonomic handle. The solid grip will ensure it does not slip out of your hand.

That’s all? Of course not.

Wheels: Moving underwater and on the floor is an easy breezy task with this machine, thanks to the oversized and sturdy wheel. The bigger ones ensure balance and are fitted at the front. In contrast, the rear ones are suitable for mobility. The AquaTrax tires certify they properly cling to the floor and do not slip while moving through hurdles.

Rotating Brushes: You might have seen vacuum cleaners getting stuck on the hurdles, but not with Polaris. You can easily see the front brushes turning and pulling away from the tightly attached algae and other persistent particles from the floor.

Waste Chamber: The Unit is housing a big waste chamber that can hold a massive quantity of debris, and the accompanying filters can clean particles as small as 100 microns. This machine is a death sentence to silt and pollen particles.  Moreover, the filters are easy to remove and clean.

Power cord: The cord is 60 feet long, so there is no need to think twice when putting it into a large pool. Though the cable is of outstanding quality and fully insulated, it may tangle sometimes. Ensure that you only release as much as you want.

Active Motion sensor: How do you think this tiny thing maps its territory? Sensors right? A robot without sensors is like trying to make water without oxygen.The efficient use of the Active Motion sensor makes it the best rated in ground automatic pool cleaners. It scans the area and memorizes the layout of your pool, including any hurdles.      

Vortex cleaning technology: It ensures that all the dislocated algae and particles remain suspended in the water until they are sucked up by the machine. You won’t find the unit going to one place multiple times because technology ensures one pass is enough.

Dual cleaning cycles: When you are making settings, either set it to the fast 1.5-hour cycle or a 2.5-hours long cycle. The latter is a full clean cycle designed for cleaning the whole pool, including the waterline. The water jet can deliver 4200 liters of water per hour. Rest assured the expelled water is thoroughly disinfected.

Powerful motor: The incoming jet will distribute the chemicals and circulate the water in the whole pool evenly. The powerful motor of 150W is enough for fast and spick and span cleaning action. The back-face water jet will support during upward motion while cleaning walls and other sloped areas.

Why do we like it?
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Pleated brushes for scouring task
  • Wheels provide a firm grip
  • Dual-cleaning settings
  • Both quick and complete cleaning option
  • An enormous capacity of the waste chamber
  • Long power cord
  • Innovative lifting system
  • Bring the unit to the pool edge with a button
Take a note
  • The cord may tangle sometimes

Final Words:

A versatile pool cleaner with all the best features is what you get on buying this pool cleaner. The Smart and efficient machine is all you require to adjust the tedious pool cleaning task in your busy routine. There is absolutely no need to supervise it while you send off on a mission.

Best Automatic Pool Vacuum – Editor Choice

Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner


Would you like to buy a robotic pool cleaner who is at your service whenever you call? Do you know the gratification of finding a jam-packed filter cartridge with the dirt and debris of your pool?

Or you prefer doing this arduous job yourself?

Most people make the wise decision of choosing the erstwhile option.

With Dolphin Premier, you will have everything to get enticed. Let’s know more. Because you want to invest in efficiency, powerful suction, intelligence, so learning more in-depth is essential.

Salient Features:

Cleaning efficiency: Maytronics is one brand of pool cleaners that has done everything to not disappoint its customers. At the heart of all the features of the best pool sweepers is its cleaning efficiency. Leave this machine in your pool with complete trust and reliability. The twin DC motor will make this machine a powerhouse.

Twin-Scrubbers: Fueled by the power of the motors, the twin brushes will scrub your floor to remove any algae or bacteria clinging to the bottom. Meanwhile, it will protect your floor from scratches. Just like Dobby, the house-elf was safeguarding the secrets of the Black family.

My apologies. It is all doings of J.K. Rowling.

Working mechanism: At one time, 4,500 GPH of water is going inside the automatic device. The water jet coming out is all clean, and credit goes to the series of filters doing their job most impressively. All this disappearing dirt and debris will be found in the cartridge later.

Cleaning the Wall: if you wonder how it moves up the walls, look at its sturdy tracks and imagine them coupled with a back-facing water jet. Can you feel the forward propelling produced resultantly? The tracks won’t let the machine slip on the vertical surface.

CleverClean Navigation: Why are you buying a robotic pool cleaner? To tail it where it goes and put it on the track? Of course not. Their intelligent navigation and area coverage is what makes them super unique. The pool cleaner will use many sensors to understand its surroundings and clean all the nooks and crannies of your pool without rebuking from you.

The purpose is to find the most optimal path to efficiently clean in the set schedule. Like all the pool cleaners, the only downside is it might not perform as well on stairs.

Multiple filters: You have dirt, debris, gunk, algae, leave, or any particles allowed to think by your imagination, this pool cleaner can remove everything. Why is it so? It is all because of its four filtration options. Among other best features, that is what it has contributed to be a part of our list of top 10 pool vacuum cleaners.

Traps large leaves: Where many vacuum cleaners say No, Premier has a competitive advantage. It is remarkable when it comes to removing large leaves from your pool—either floating on the soggy clump at the bottom.

Remote control: Though it can not be connected to the app or controlled by Bluetooth, you get an infrared remote control the cleaner from afar, without going knee-deep into the water. Personally, we don’t think it is necessary because there is a user-friendly control system already coming, so why buy a remote separately.

Why do we like it?
  • Four-filtration options
  • Powerful dual motors
  • Swivel cord
  • Dual scouring brushes
  • Powerful suction
  • Back-motion water jet for wall climbing
Take a note
  • Does not support Bluetooth connectivity
  • Does not clean stairs similar to others

Final Words:

If you get everything mentioned above, what else do you desire in a robotic cleaner? The option left is for it to start speaking and having breakfast with you. Just Kidding! This model is performance personified. With the tangle-free swivel cord to four filtration options, everything is spot on.

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Best Pool Vacuum For Sand & Dust

DOLPHIN Oasis Z5i 


How does sipping comfortably through a glass of lemonade sound in summer? Or do you want to go hunting the leaves and floating chunks in your pool? The choice is yours. Either buy Dolphin Oasis or miss out on all the summer fun. Acting according to its worth, it is going to deliver above-average performance.

Salient Features:

An Investment for the time to come: If you look at this cleaner as an investment for years to come, justifying a little high price won’t be an issue. Otherwise, you can buy cheaper ones, and they will cost you more Dolphin Oasis Z5i in one time can will. So, either think long term or get ready to spend in installments.

Powerful dual-motor: If you see your cleaner gliding through the water and effortlessly crawling on the walls, rest assured that it is fitted with an adequate dual-motor system of Dolphin pool Cleaners. The sight is amazing when the algae and gunk are left with no place to take shelter.

Wall-climbing action: The wall-climbing action of this robotic cleaner is unmatchable. It runs with such force that propelling up the vertical surfaces is a walk in the park. Its tracks provide the remaining grip. The to-and-fro motion at the brim of the pool will leave the waterline sparkling clean.

Filtring 4500 gallons of water per hour: The powerful dual-motor system confers it a capacity to let 4500 gallons of water pass through it per hour. This water is passing through two filters. One is designed for fine particles and the other for.

Dual brushes for removing algae: Dual-scrubbing brushes are moving in complete tandem with the motor’s power and the suction of this unit. Their job is to scrub the floor, dislocate the stubborn particles such as algae clasping on the pool floor and walls.

Powerful suction: Once the brushes are done doing their job, next comes the powerful suction that traps away all the disengaged gunk, algae, and floating leaves towards the filters and the storage bucket. The fine filter won’t even let the tiniest of the organisms to lay sprawling in your lovely pool. Remember, it is your pool, and they can’t take over.

CleverClean Technology: How does it manage to not go astray in your path? The answer is simple, due to its CleverClean Technology. It scans your pool’s layout, and intelligently chooses the optimal route using all the embedded sensors. You won’t find it bumping its head against the hurdles instead of surpassing them magnificently.

360-degree tangle-free cord: Paying so much and finding your robot tangled in its own tail? Not a chance. How could you even think about it? Twisting and turning in the pool is effortless, and the swivel ensures it. The wire is also kept away from the suction power to avoid choking the machine.

Why do we like it?
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Power full dual motors
  • Powerful suction
  • Dual scrubbing brushes
  • An investment for a long time
  • Tangle-free cord
Take a note
  • A little expensive
  • May get stuck to the drains sometimes

Final Words:

If you desire a machine that removes all the burdens of manual controls and intelligent navigation technology, there is nothing better than an Oasis Z5i. CleverClean Technology is ensuring everything is clean when you take this cutesy army tank out of the water.

The ergonomic handles and the lightweight vacuum cleaner will let you do that pretty quickly. What are you waiting for? Rush to the online store before they go out of stock.

Best Value Pool Vacuum

Pentair LL505G Kreepy Krauly 


A swimming pool is a great place to spend your evenings. They are refreshing and adds aesthetic appeal to your backyard. The clear blue water has everything to entice you to dip your feet and submerge into thoughts of good old days.

Do you like cleaning your pool as much as you like swimming? Probably not. But their cleaning cannot be compromised either. The only option left is to buy a pool cleaner like Pentair LL505G Kreepy Krauly Legend. Knowing its features will tell you why it is essential for your pool.

Salient Features:

Design of the unit: Is there a point in buying a pool cleaner that fails to balance itself and keep on tipping? It can be extremely frustrating finding one like that in your pool cleaner. The easiest solution is the hydrodynamic structural layout of Pentair.

Four-wheel Chassis: The four-wheel chassis at the base of the unit is providing extra stability along with an attractive design. The wheels are large enough for smooth movement on the floor. Even on hurdles and impediments, it is not going to lose its balance.

Booster Pump: The problematic days of using a skimmer to clean your pool are over. You won’t want to ruin your summer evening doing this grueling job. As this is a pressure-side cleaner, buying a separate booster pump is essential to build the required pressure.

Assembly and installation: Majorly, the unit comes entirely assembled, except for the installation of the hose. The accompanying user manual is a must place to visit before installing the hose and dropping the machine in the pool.

Powerful cleaning mechanism: Once you toss the pool cleaner into the water, it only takes one to three hours to completely clean a medium-sized pool with a hose size of 30 feet. Once done, the pool is left sparkly clean with pristine water.

Tremendous suction power: With a bigger than average intake neck, the LL505G Kreepy Krauly features an intelligent dual-jet system. The pool cleaner won’t get clogged even when cleaning a thicker pile of algae and dirt particles. But do you think it will only clean algae and dust? Not a chance, even the pebbles, and twigs won’t find a shelter.

Duck-billed valve: Once collected, the debris is trapped for life until you clean it yourself. All thanks to the duck-billed valve located above the throat system. Moreover, the collection bucket is large enough to store a large pile. Emptying the pail is even more straightforward, open the main head, click open the lid and empty the bucket into the main collection basket.

Maintenance: The unit is made to last for a long time. With regular maintenance and cleaning, its longevity will increase by two folds. So, either you spend on a quality product or waste your money on low-quality products. Besides, it is the most affordable cleaner that you can find in the market.

Why do we like it?
  • Customizable hose to fit the size of the pool
  • Sturdy and big wheels to maintain balance
  • Powerful suction
  • Out of the box pre-assembled unit
  • Fast cleaning action
  • Affordable
Take a note
  • Spare parts are expensive
  • Need a booster pump to work

Final Words:

All the features embedded in this machine correspond to the durability and amplified performance of this pool cleaner. Besides, Pentair is an established brand when it comes to pool cleaners. There is nothing that can prevent you from buying this unit with full reliability and trust.

Best Economical Pool Vacuum

Aquabot ABREEZ4WD Breeze 4WD 


Do you like to swim in a pool full of algae on the floor and dirt floating along with you? The whole concept is too creepy to imagine. Otherwise, you are left with two options.

Either go with the manual labor, take a skimmer to clean your pool, or make a smart choice to bring home an inground pool cleaner that will do your bidding on a touch of control.

Salient Features:

Tetra-drive wheels: Instead of tracks, the machine is mounted on four wheels. But don’t worry about the performance because they are big enough to provide easy movement and balance when passing through hurdles and impediments.

In the past, the customers had complaints about the units embedded with wheels, but luckily, the company has eliminated them. The wheels provide an extra-ordinary grip and traction for your uneven pool as well.

Working cycle: The Machine has been excellently designed to complete all the cleaning jobs of your pool in 3 hours. Nothing other than powerful suction and filtration are worthy of given credit for this amazing performance. The water jet is propelling 4200 gallons of water per hour. Meanwhile, all the unwanted particles are being trapped.

Top-open large waste bucket: The basket is oversized and placed at the top of the unit. Unlike the buckets in the belly of the pool clean, it is easy to open and empty. On the days when your pool has attracted a copious amount of waste and dirt, this unit will give you peace of mind. 

Ultra-quality filter mesh: There is nothing small or big that this unit cannot clean from your pool. However, you need to be ready for an extra clean pool. The filter will painlessly trap the particles as little as two microns and stubbornly floating algae.

360-degree Swivel cord: Most wheeled units lack the swivel cord, but not a chance in Aquabot ABREEZ4WD. The long swivel cord of 60 feet is everything you need to leave this unit in the pool and have rest.

Extendable suction ports: The goodness of this cleaner does not just end at the tangle-free cord. You also get an extendable suction port. It can be pulled out or pushed back in depending on the layout of your pool.

Cleaning mechanism: Do you know why this unit has been included in our collection of best rated in ground pool cleaners? The obvious answer is its superb cleaning action. You will find the pool floor vacuumed and all the persistent algae scrubbed away from the walls and down below.

The debris and dislodged algae are moved towards the collection bucket by the forward and backward movement of the rotating brushes. 

AquaSmart Gyro system: An automatic vacuum cleaner without a navigation system? Is that even possible? Absolutely not. The AquaSmart Gyro system is ensuring the proper navigation of your pool because a completer cleaning is started. Finding your pool cleaner in the same spot is annoying anyway.

Why do we like it?
  • Water filtration also distributes the chemicals
  • AquaSmart Gyro system
  • Long Swivel cord
  • Extendable suction
  • Efficient and quick cleaning
  • Outstanding balance due to tetra-wheels settings
Take a note
  • Only for in-ground pools
  • The brush rolls worn-out after excessive use

Final Words:

Is Aquabot ABREEZ4WD  perfect? Absolutely not, because nothing can be. Besides, I don’t think anybody looks for the ideal. Instead, anything is best if it suits your requirement and does the needful exceptionally well. And that is what Aquabot ABREEZ4WD offers to its customers; a superb performance will all the frilly features.

Best Economical Pool Vacuum

Aquabot ABREEZ4WD Breeze 4WD 


All this buzz surrounding the pool cleaners can’t be without any reason. Today you are going to know why Aquabot X4 is liked so much.

No sorcery or beating around the bush!

It is all due to the high performance of the accompanying features like swivel cord and robust motor. I know this sneak peek is not enough of food for your curiosity so let’s get started.

Salient Features:

Mapping technology: Let’s start with the most amazing feature in a pool cleaner. Their navigation and scanning ability is what is causing a revolution in the home cleaning section. Scanning the place to find the best optimal route is needed to conserve electricity and precious time. So pool cleaners are all about goodness through and through

Artificial Intelligence: Just like the robotic vacuum cleaners, the pool cleaners also come buttressed by an algorithm that controls its functions and bestows it all the intelligence it so boosts about on the ground.

High-performance motor: One of the worth noticing features of this unit is its powerful motor that runs the pump. The unit can filter 20,000 gallons of water in four hours, which is not bad. You won’t find your motor making excuses for not working as it fulfills all the best industry standards.

Cleaning performance: Though there are plenty of ways to dirty a pool, just one way to efficiently clean it spick and span. All thanks to this pool cleaner. The user manual is going to be a big help when making controls and settings.

Adequate quality filtration system: The filters as so delicate that even the smallest particles like pollen and algae do not stand a chance, along with more giant leaves and twigs. All the garbage from your pool is captured inside the cleaner.

Double collection basket: All the collected debris and leaves is pushed towards the two large collection buckets. The size is enough to accommodate 190 cubic inches of particles and silt from your pool. Imagine how clean the pool will look afterward.

Mobility: This robotic is running with four big wheels, which are not any less efficient than tracks. Climbing on the walls and passing the hurdles occurs in the blink of an eye.

Caddy: This robotic cleaner with its caddy is competing to be human, so transportation is effortless. With the accompanying swivel, twisting and turning becomes a child’s play.

Why do we like it?
  • Thorough cleaning including the waterline
  • Tetra-wheels drive for excellent balance
  • Great value for money
  • It comes with a swivel and caddy
  • Swivel cord
  • Excellent navigation system
Take a note
  • May not clean the steps sometimes
  • It does not come with remote control

Final Words:

Suppose you get a robotic pool cleaner that does not require any supervision, a swivel preventing any possible fight between the unit and its cord, a powerful motor, and rotating powerful brushes to clean the algae and sweeps the floors. Would you still keep on looking? I think not because you have everything in one place with Aquabot X4. Hurry up before you miss out on this opportunity due to insane demand.

Buyer’s Guide – Best Inground Pool Cleaners

Size of the pool

Start by looking at the size of your pool. You might be thinking about a manual pool cleaner if the size is not too big. On the contrary, for a large pool, a robotic pool cleaner is highly recommended. Besides, an automatic pool cleaner can also save time when you are in a hurry for a sudden plan.

Type of waste to be cleaned

When your pool is located in an area attracting excessively larger particles like leaves and twigs are falling into the pool, a pressure side pool cleaner is preferred. This type of cleaner is powered by the water pressure of your pool to propel into the pool.

Wall climbing

You might prefer your pool cleaner to climb on the walls. They are chosen to clean the algae along the walls and waterline. For this purpose, look at the tracks and wheels of your pool cleaner to ensure they can cling to the walls of the pool. Besides, the manual of your pool cleaner also indicates its wall climbing ability

Cleaning time

If your pool size is large, you might need to prefer a pool cleaner with faster cleaning. Many of the cleaners mentioned in our list can effectively filter more than 4000 gallons of water per hour, which is pretty good. The pool cleaner’s overall cleaning time is an essential aspect to look for while buying the pool cleaner.

Navigation technology

When you buy an automatic pool cleaner, you might not want something bumping in the walls and hurdles so, the best way to ensure this is by looking for in-built navigation technology. This technology selects an optimal cleaning path to ensure no going to one area repeatedly.

Size of the collection bucket

For all those with a large pool, you might need to look at the size of your inground pool cleaner’s collection bucket. Cleaning the bucket mid-way when there are many areas left to be cleaned can be a headache and may altogether cancel the idea of an automatic pool cleaner. The inground pool cleaners on this list have a conveniently large size of collection bucket.

FAQs – Best Inground Pool Cleaners

Why is it necessary to frequently clean the filters?

The clogged filter will impact cleaning performance. If the filter is not cleaned correctly, it will affect your cleaner’s suction power and, ultimately, the motor.

Do I need multiple cartridge filters in my pool cleaner?

Your pool is prone to have particles of many sizes, from dirt and dust particles and algae to leaves and twigs. Multiple filters are required to clean particles of various sizes. The standard filter will pick up the bigger particles, while the fine filter will clean the minor particles.

Should I look at the technology being used?

A pool cleaner is extremely efficient due to the integrated ultra-level technologies. So, it is imperative to check technologies like SmartNavigation technology, exceedingly sensitive sensors, and Vortex technology. 

My pool cleaner moves backward when left in water. Is this a problem?

Leaving the automated pool cleaner into the water, if you see it moving backward for few seconds, do not get confused because this is how it makes sure it is in the right medium, such as water.

What is the benefit of a swivel cord?

The designs of a swivel cord ensure that the cable doesn’t get tangled. The swivel present on the line will help in its twisting and turning movement in the water.

How does a pool cleaner clean the walls?

Most pool cleaners release a backward-facing jet of water to create a forward propelling force. A robotic pool cleaner will clean the waterline of your pool with interesting upward and downward motions. The vertical movement is hassle-free, and cleaning is swift.


Owning a pool feels excellent. You can arrange pool parties, put your feet in the water, and relax or soak yourself after a hectic day. The luxuries are vast. What many of you may not like is the cleaning side of a pool.

What if you get a magical machine that does all the cleaning on your behalf and that too with a mere touch of a button on the control unit? Would you still like to drop your ideas of having a backyard pool? I highly doubt that.

But you may find it challenging to make the most appropriate decision when finding the best inground pool cleaners. Why is it so? Because many will claim to impress, yet may fail upon use for some time.

This guide will solve this issue for you because each one of these remarkable machines is carefully selected and reviewed as unbiasedly as humanly possible.

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