Best Robot Vacuum And Mop Combo 2021 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Robot mop is a smart cleaner that works to clean and mop all types of floors with its wet mopping. The jet spray system in all the best robot vacuum and mop combo of 2021 is the best addition to make them smart for use.

For this, in 2021 you may review our best picks of robot mop for cleaning of all hard places. This work tackles all the material with its soft and large size brush and also wet the area. 

Best Pick
Best Pick
  • HD Live Video
  • Laser Mapping
  • 3 Runtime
iRobot Braava Jet M6
iRobot Braava Jet M6
  • vSLAM navigation
  • Precision Jet Spray
  • Works with Alexa
  • LCD Display
  • Multi-Task Schedule
  • Higher Suction Power

The Robot mops are perfect for use due to many of the features and functions. But, the main thing in this type of robot mop is wet cleaning and mopping all the places quickly.

In case you are in hurry, Please take a look at our 05 best picks. If you want to check details of each Robotic vacuum, please scroll down to read our complete review and buying guide.

Best Robot Vacuum And Mop Combo 2021

Name  Brand Color Battery Type Price
Ecovacs OZMO Ecovacs Black Lithium Ion Check Price
Braava Jet M6 iRobot White Lithium Ion Check Price
ILIFE V8s ILife Grey Lithium Ion Check Price
Braava 380t iRobot Black Lithium Ion Check Price
Braava Jet 240 iRobot Black Lithium Ion Check Price

How does Robot Mop work?

It is the excellent shape and also perfect for all place of hardwood, laminate floors and clear all the dirt and dust easily. Moreover, the jet spray system with its large size tank of water filtration helps to spray the warm water over the surface.

This way, it tackles all the obstacles and cleans the whole area effortlessly.

Moreover, the robot mop is also best for use in the cleaning of all carpeted and pet areas to tackle the hairs of the pet with its soft and broad size brush.

The robot mop work with its battery and almost 2000mah battery is perfect set in it to give effortless use power for nearly 3 hours working speed.

The bet part, it has app compatibility to use it without babysitting all time and works to clean under furniture area with its navigation system. 

1. Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo T8 AIVI (Best Overall)

This is the best robot mop for use in the cleaning and mopping due to is the beautiful shape. Moreover, it is also set with its sensor system to give the proper mapping of all walls, stairs, floors of wood and carpeted places.

The working capacity of this mod is very good with is the perfect filter and has good running power to work for almost 3 hours. 


The AIVI technology is a perfect addition in the Ecovacs robot mop to make it perfect, and the sensor works to check all material like shoes, obstacles and extensions.

So, there is no need to clean the area before mopping. It is suitable for use and detect things and put them aside and works gently on the floor. 

Video programming system is another best function of Ozmo robot to make a video of all places with its app compatibility. Moreover, it is good to give perfect videos of pets, doors, windows and sound system is also set to use it without babysits. 

The mapping of the whole home with this robot mop is straightforward due to its functional dTOF sensor to give correct mapping at any angle to detect the places of all type of floors and carpet zones.

Moreover, a laser mapping system makes it useful to use the mop in all dark areas and give full detection at the millimetre level. 

The tank is with large size to use the robot mop for a considerable time. So, 240 ml water tank is best to give proper mopping at large are of 2000 square ft. Moreover, the battery life of the Deebot T8 is the perfect set with a battery life of almost 3 hours and gives the proper run time. 

Why do we like it?
  • Perfect filter system
  • High efficient battery life
  • 4x laser mapping power
Take a note
  • Video streaming is not HD

Why buy this product?

The Ecovacs Ozmo 8T is perfect with its laser mapping system to use for cleaning of the all-black area and give wet cleaning with its ideal filter to make proper filtration of water in spray form.

2. iRobot Braava Jet M6 (Perfect Filter System)

Jet robot mop is perfect with its jet spray system and smart to use at all places and rooms. The wifi connection setting in the IRobot mop is solid to give Alexa compatibility.

Moreover, the recharging of this smart mop is very good to make this robot mop best for use all time. Overall, the Braava M6 is perfect for cleaning of all type of laminate floors and all carpeted areas. 


It is the best white color smart robot mop of Braava to give proper cleaning, and jet spray system helps to clean the floor and remove all obstacles and pets hairs. The tackling power of this robot mop is perfect for pet hairs removal. 

The mopping is easy with this wifi compatible mop to make the cleaning of all rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. However, it is good to clean the all dust, dirt and obstacles. Moreover, the large size of all greasy parts covers with jet spray quickly. 

With its jet cleaner and mop system, it has full control to give proper functions for work at any place. So, you can set the appropriate schedule system in the smart design of robot mop to clean all type of rubbish area.

Moreover, a padded technology is perfect to use electrostatic force and cleaned with proper wicking all parts of floors. 

Why do we like it?
  • Smart shape robot mop
  • Easy to use with jet power
  • Functional and supportive filter
Take a note
  • The tank is small in size.

Why buy this product?

The smart Jet iRobot is the perfect setting with its pad technology with its broad size brush to clean all area easily with its powerful electrostatic force. Moreover, it is good with its filter system to give proper wet mopping.

3. ILIFE V8s Robotic Mop (Hybrid Robot Mop)

It is best to budget and perfect shape Robotic mop to provide good cleaning power at any laminate and carpeted floors. So, this ILIFE V8s is the best robot mop for carpeted floors.

The LCD of this V8s is perfect for giving reliable functions for all cleaning work. Moreover, the tank of 750ml is ideal for increasing the efficiency to use this ILIFE robot mop for a considerable time. 


This robot mop is hybrid in functions to give easy work of vacuuming and use to make perfect mopping. Moreover, the 3 Gen cyclon is powerful for cleaning to provide all proper procedures. The water filtration is also adjustable to work for water. 

The water tank of almost 750ml is best to give proper use of power for large scale level. Moreover, it has a sound jet system to use for all type of floors. Therefore, robot mop clean carpeted and laminated floors with its maximum efficiency speed functions. 

The LCD of this robot mop with its vacuum system is perfect in size to give easy use functions. Therefore, this also helps to read all things smoothly.

In addition to this, the suction system is too solid to use for cleaning of all pet places. Therefore, it is good to give all accessible functions that use for all type of cleaning.

Why do we like it?
  • The perfect brush for tackling
  • Remove all the greasy spots
  • Excellent with its battery power
Take a note
  • LCD icon is not transparent

Why buy this product?

This V8s system is hybrid for use and give the 2-in-1 function of both cleaning and mopping at a single time and also best in its price rate to buy it quickly. Therefore, it works at all type of floor to tackle the spots, rub and all the pet hairs.

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4. iRobot Braava 380t (Price Worth)

It is the best type of robot mop for laminate and wood floors. But, Braava is fully priced worth and low budget consuming product to buy it quickly.

The space is perfect for giving a maximum cleaning option with its full soft brush and using it for all type of mopping. Overall, 380t is the best robot mop in2021 for it all useful functions. 


The power and water capacity to store is almost of 0.25 gallons. So, it is suitable for wet mopping on all hard surfaces and clean and sweeps up all spots and grime from the floors. Therefore, the wet mopping with filtration is easy to use this robot mop for mopping. 

The edge design is unique to give full navigation and do all mopping under the furniture and make this compatible for cleaning of all large areas. Moreover, it is comfortable to use this mop for kitchens and help to remove off all dust and dirt easily. 

The battery life is perfect for making the system of robot mop efficient for use it all time and also help to use it all the time.

Moreover, the 2000MAH battery is set in this robot mop to make it perfect for the use of almost 3 hours for all kind of cleaning. It works with full speed and adds power and versatility in mopping without babysit. 

Why do we like it?
  • Price worth robot mop
  • The perfect brush for cleaning
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • The comprehensive battery of 2000mah
Take anote
  • Less durable made mop

Why buy this product?

iRobot Braava is best for its budget and price worth to buy it quickly. Moreover, this is fit with its best functions and helpful for the easy cleaning overall hard places. So, you can buy this robot mop easily with low budget.

5. iRobot Braava Jet 240 (Best Durable)

This is another best type of robot mop for all kind of cleaning and removes pet hairs easily. This is perfect and solid made with its simple composition and easy assembly.

The robot mop of jet 240 works functionally to give easy cleaning of all pet area and carpeted places with its maximum power. Overall, this robot mop is durably made to use for a longer time. 


The Jet has the compatibility of application to works and uses it without any babysit and works to connect with the android system.

So, this application compatibility makes its full function and controls the robot mop with your mobile and give proper mapping to provide excellent cleaning. 

The robot mop works to set automatic functions of cleaning, wet mopping, damp mopping and also best to give sweep option.

So, there is no need to fix it for the tackle of different things of dust, dirt and all pet hairs. But, the brush is perfect for giving effortless power to tackle and removing all items quickly. 

The flow of jet spray is excellent to make this robot mop best for its performance. Moreover, it is also used for the cleaning of all massive places of homes, apartments, and even for codons.

Therefore, this is best durable made with its unique quality and also gave maximum power for work. 

Why do we like it?
  • Solid performance
  • Jet spray system
  • Easy cleaning process
Take a note
  • Pad button is not correctly set.

Why buy this product?

This is the best quality made robot mop in 2021 and best for all user due to its maximum speed and durability to use it for a long time. Moreover, this is efficient in its power supply and best for use at all large places with its full navigations.

Buyer’s Guide – Best Robot Vacuum And Mop Combo 2021

Despite you want the perfect robot mop for home use to get excellent moping and cleaning the floors of the kitchen and bathroom and also with carpet floor.

Then, it would help if you considered some essential things before choosing the best robot mop in 2021, and this will help you to use it for a long time. 

Single Function

A robot mop with its combo package of complete vacuum and robotic mop system to clean and give easy mopping is the best choice. So, the wet mopping system is mostly preferred for perfect cleaning and makes work easy.

The robot mop work to spray the water and wet the floor to clean to remove the entire rub and dust from it. Moreover, these robot mops agitation and scrub up all spots on the floor. 

Battery Life 

It is the essential point that needs to check how much time your robot mop works and use with its battery power. Most of the robot mops have the battery life to use them for 1 to 2 hours.

But, it is good to check the battery of the mop with its perfect robotic system and then buy it for use.

However, the new model comes with an automatic system to use for cleaning. After that shut off after running the whole battery.

Above mentioned products also best for use with perfect battery life and use them with the ideal way for apartments and codons. 

Map Sensor 

A sensor is a necessary option the robot mop to check all the places of scrub, carpet, and wall to give the proper map. So, it works efficiently without any troubleshoot.

Robot mop is also good due to its best sensor system to provide simple power for workers to use for all type of wood carpet and even for laminate floor.

But, all the newest model of robot mop in 2021 gives perfect mopping with excellent mapping to use at all places for easy cleaning without babysitting. 

Setting Of Robot Mop 

The system setting also helps to use it easily. Therefore, try and check the simple system with easy recharging and work efficiently all time to do perfect cleaning over the floor with its wet mopping and cleaning.

The water flow with a simple spray system is good to give extensive support. Moreover, you can prefer to check the model with perfect compatibility of smartphone and also with wifi connectivity. 

App System 

It is a good thing in the robot mop to check that application of no-go zone helps to use the robot mop all time.

So, if you are away and want to clean the wood floor or carpeted floor, then this application compatible robot mop in 2021 helps to use them all time with complete safety option.

Safety is necessary to make an easy way of cleaning. But, most of the robot mop is also safe to use and give maximum cleaning with this application compatibility. 


FAQ’s– Best Robot Vacuum And Mop Combo 2021

What type of robot mop options available?

The three different types of robot mop options are available to use for all kind of mopping and cleaning of all floor. These three robot mop systems areRobot mop and vacuum hybrid is to work in a single way like 2-in-1 system. 

A single jet function robot mop to give cleaning and mopping over the floor with a wet mop system. Dual cleaning system to buy both robot and mop separately to use for cleaning and use them 

How to test Robot Mop?

The testing of robot mop is evident to check its working functions, navigation, performance, work speed, with perfect battery life. The robot mop has a mapping sensor that helps to give proper mopping on all type of laminate and wood floors. 

What is best to hybrid or not to hybrid?

Despite the single function hybrid robot not vacuum the floor and mop up. But, the dual feature and manual functions robot mop give absolute vacuum power to clean. The mop also scrubs up all spills from the carpeted, wood and laminate floors. 

Is iRobot Roomba 960 is best for pet floors cleaning?

Yes, this model iRobot Roomba 960 robot mop in 2021 is best for cleaning of pet hair to mop up. In Addition to this, it tackles the pet hairs with its full suction power and also with its smooth and broad size brush. 

Final Verdict:

In 2021 robot mop with its robotic vacuum is best for use to give proper cleaning and to mop in one time. This is small in its size and use for cleaning all massive places.

Therefore, if you are looking for the best robot vacuum and mop combo in 2021. This article will help you select the best one for use in all type of mopping.

Furthermore, if you wanted to buy the best price worth robot mop for laminate and all wood floors. Then the iRobot Braava 380t is the best choice to buy it with its low price. However, all other products are also best to buy and use with many new features and functions.

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