Best Robot Vacuum For Long Hair 2021 – The Ultimate Guide

Besides human hair, pet hairs are a mess too; they don’t pay attention to where they shed or track dirt. Thus, they make cleaning a continuous demand. Luckily, you can save your energy and time by using robot vacuums.  

Here are the 10 best robot vacuum for long hair in 2021 reviews that will help you choose a good option for your home.

Best robot vacuum for long hair for 2021

Name  Type Color Battery Type Price
RV1001AE Shark Black Lithium Ion Check Price
Roomba 981 iRobot Black Lithium Ion Check Price
Roomba i6 iRobot Black Lithium Ion Check Price
Roomba 675 iRobot Black Lithium Ion Check Price
ION AV751 Shark Black Lithium Ion Check Price
Roborock E4 Roborock Black Lithium Ion Check Price
Roborock S5 Roborock White Lithium Check Price
Roborock S6 Roborock White Lithium Ion Check Price
Roomba E5 iRobot Black Lithium Ion Check Price
ILIFE V3s ILife White Lithium Ion Check Price

1. Shark IQ RV1001AE – Our Best Pick

The Shark IQ Robot Self-Empty XL joins the comfort of a self-void base + IQ Navigation absolute home planning for complete, proficient cleaning with Shark attractions’ exhibition self-cleaning brush roll.


Salient Features:

Disregard vacuuming for as long as a month with this vacuum. A bagless, self-exhausting base holds as long as 30 days. Incredible pull gives profound cleaning capacity to take on enormous garbage, little trash, and pet hair on rugs and floors.

Absolute home planning and room selection guide your home and let you pick which rooms to clean at this moment. Line by-column cleaning deliberately cleans line by line and afterward explores space to space for complete home inclusion.

You can recharge and resume the shark intelligence level robot vacuum re-visitation of the dock, revive, and refocus.

Why do we like it?
  • Amazingly picked up the long hair.
  • Powerful to clean the pet’s hair.
  • Recharge and resume quickly.
Take a note
  • A bit louder on the hard floor.
  • At times get randomly pause.

2. iRobot Roomba 981 – HighTech iRobot

The Roomba 981 robot vacuum explores the entire space until the cleaning task is completed. This robot builds cleaning power on floor coverings, when it’s required most.


Salient Features:

It has impressive execution and ground-breaking power-lifting pull, conveys 10x the air power for improved performance. The advanced technology enables it to clean purposefully in neat rows and is one of the best vacuums to pick up long hair in 2021.

Ideal for homes with pets, special double multi-surface elastic brushes adjust automatically to remain in contact all the time while it cleans the rugs and hardwood floors

Robot vacuum sensors alert your robot about dirtier regions of your home, similar to high-traffic spots, and cleans them all.

Why do we like it?
  • Suction seems good
  • Vacuum adjusts well according to floor
  • The app seems to work well
  • Good battery timing
Take a note
  • Can’t use apps to tell what area you want to vacuum.
  • Sometimes works slowly.

3. iRobot Roomba i6+ Smart Mapping Robo Vacuum

Ideal for homes with pets – special double multi-surface elastic Brushes adjust and flex automatically.


Salient Features:

Move up to a more intelligent clean – the i6+ acquaints a select update with planning so your robot can get familiar with your home.  This robot gives excellent cleaning when, where, and how you need to assault wrecks at the time.

It pulls in obstinate soil and plays with a top-notch 3-stage cleaning framework and 10x force lifting attractions. You can control the robot vacuum with its home application or using the voice control.

A combination of vacuuming with mopping cleans the house neatly and in sequence.  Customize your cleaning schedule as per your cleaning routine. High-proficiency channels trap 99% of feline and canine allergens.

Why do we like it?
  • Best robot vacuum for long hair.
  • Effortless cleaning.
  • No more hair tangling.
  • Also includes mopping.
  • Have intelligent sensors.
Take a note
  • Sometimes it misses cleaning spots.
  • Suction power gets low sometimes.

4. iRobot Roomba 675 – Best for Long Hair

With its 3-Stage Cleaning System, it is beautifully designed to relax, lift, and suck everything from very small particles to big residue as well as dirt from carpets and hardwood floors.


Salient Features:

Being specialized in picking up long hair, it is the best recommendation for ladies. This makes it the best vacuum for long human hair that you will love. You don’t need to waste your time in the cleanup; opt for this smarter cleaning way. 

The intelligent sensors in the vacuum will detect every dirty region of your house and knows how to clean it. It will clean every part and corner of the house without falling or striking the obstacles. Exploring around the furniture and beneath the beds and sofas will be done.

Set your cleaning schedule, and the rest of all tasks will be done automatically by the cleaner. It will clean hard floors and rugs, and the head will adjust accordingly as per the floor demands.

Why do we like it?
  • Senses & eliminates dirt quickly.
  • High-quality material.
  • Effectively clean with no worries.
  • Suitable for hard floors.
Take a note
  • A Little bit noisy.
  • The bin needs to empty frequently.

5. Shark ION AV751 – Powerful Suction

This robot is designed with a Tri-Brush System. Its has side brushes, channel brushes, and one multi-surface brush roll that cleans on all surfaces and edges. Utilize the application or voice control to begin cleaning from anyplace.


Salient Features:

This vacuum has three different brushes that include channel brushes, side brushes, and multi-surface brushes. The brushes are designed specifically to pick up residues and dirt. Set your timetable in the vacuum app, and it will automatically start and stop the cleaning process.

The long hair of ladies usually cause a problem, but this best robot vacuum for long hair resolves all issues. Built with sturdy and durable material, this robotic vacuum will stay with you for a more extended period.

Its high capacity battery will enable it to run continuously for 120 minutes without interruption. Clean your home with a straightforward voice control system that you can operate through Google or Alexa

Why do we like it?
  • Works super fast.
  • Good for ladies.
  • Practical and easy for working moms.
  • Easy voice control.
Take a note
  • At times start moving randomly.
  • Doesn’t work as well for rugs.

6. Roborock E4 – Thorough Cleaning

The Roborock E4 is another best vacuum to pick up long hair. This robot vacuum itself decides an internal plan that keeps it in a specific route. A strong suction will help to pick up every fine particle leaving nothing behind. 


Salient Features:

Unlike standard cleaners, it has advanced technology for cleaning. It has 10% quicker development, a smart route, and a Z-shape course that cleans your floors rapidly and productively.

Whether a hair is stuck in the rug or is on the floor, its strong suction power will pick up hair with its force. If you own a salon, this best vacuum for a hair salon will not leave any residue. It can clean a large area continuously with its long-running battery. 

Customize the cleaning schedule as you want. You can select the cleaning zones from your app and make spot cleaning simple, easy for you.  

Why do we like it?
  • No tangling for hair.
  • An excellent option for long hair.
  • Suction power is excellent.
  • Accurately cleans the spot.
Take a note
  • Works fine but App sometimes causes problem while operating.
  • Battery timing cause issue sometimes.

7. Roborock S5 Robot Vacuum and Mop

The Roborock S5 moves from one place to another to clean continuously. With its strong suction power and mopping system, it cleans every corner without leaving any spot. When it loses its charging, it will automatically come to the charging dock for recharging.


Salient Features:

The built-in smart technology in this vacuum will navigate your home’s layout and plan the best route and cleaning schedule. It will do the cleaning without any interruption, and its sensor will identify stairs, obstacles, and furniture.

This best vacuum for long hair is the best option for large houses, hard floors, low-pile carpets, and all other types of floors. Its ultra-high battery will run continuously for up to 150 minutes. It also generates a real-time map for computing complete information through its laser sensors. 

Control your vacuum through the app or Googe assistant. You can also do map saving, barrier-tape, zone cleaning, scheduling, spot cleaning, and direction control within your app.

Why do we like it?
  • Ideal for the home with pets.
  • High capacity battery timings.
  • Easy to use.
  • Super Effective & a must-have for busy moms.
Take a note
  • Updated version needed.
  • Sometimes work slowly.

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8. Roborock S6 – Multi-Floor Mapping

No more worries about handling the dirt and residues, as Roborock will defeat all of them with perfection. Its mapping technology knows how to navigate in-home and find the easiest route to clean the room according to its shape.


Salient Features:

The versatile steering of Roborock will ensure proper cleaning throughout the surface. Set the boundaries and no-go zones for each level of your home in your app. No matter what floor you have, this vacuum will clean it.

Along with vacuuming, it also does mopping that will make your home spotless. Choose the pattern and area to be cleaned, set the timetable accordingly. The intense pull of this vacuum will pick up residues from the break of the floor also.

In a balanced mode, it operates quietly and doesn’t disturb your sleep or work time. We all know that picking the hair from salon isn’t an easy task, but this best vacuum for a hair salon will make your salon look perfect.

why do we like it?
  • Fast cleaning.
  • Methodical amazing SLAM cleaning.
  • Pretty smart and cleans well.
  • Quiet and powerful.
  • Works great for hair salons.
Take a note
  • Edge brush got stuck sometimes.
  • At time cause problem on high pile carpets.

9. iRobot Roomba E5 (5150) Robot Vacuum

Enhance your overall experience of cleaning with this E5 iRobot Roomba. The mapping technology will navigate the home layout and will clean according to the map of your home. Make your life easy with its unique features.


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Salient Features:

High suction power and premium different stage cleaning system will ensure flawless cleaning throughout the surface area. The corners, edges, and the area under the furniture are cleaned thoroughly.

The intelligent sensors will know how to move around the home without falling or striking the furniture. The anti-fall sensors will detect the stairs so that you can use them easily on different levels of your home.

Set your cleaning highlight, and schedule your routine on the app. It will permit the robot to do the cleaning daily without your help. The head will adjust according to the type of floor automatically.

Why do we like it?
  • High performance.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Best vacuum for long hair.
  • Perfect for all surfaces.
  • Battery life is excellent.
  • Set-up and control are effortless.
Take a note
  • Sometimes miss the spot.
  • Charging timings bit low.

10. ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The tangle-free suction of the ILIFE Pro robotic vacuum ensures to pick up both short and long hair easily. It is one of the best robot vacuum for long human hair. The slim, compact, and stylish vacuum are handy and easy to carry.  


Salient Features:

The pet haircare technology will pick up all the hair without tangling on the brush. Its unique features include a programmable schedule, self-charging, and smart sensors for anti-fall.

This device will clean everything under furniture, bed, and everywhere where dirt hides. The low profile design makes it easy to clean corners and edges. The anti-fall sensors in it will detect stairs that prevent it from falling.

Its high capacity battery has a good running time of 100 minutes that ensures continual cleaning. The large wheels in it will provide smooth cleaning through different surfaces.

Why do we like it?
  • Works Smartly.
  • Best for a busy life.
  • One of the Best robot vacuum for long hair.
  • Highly Effective.
Take a note
  • Can Miss some areas.
  • May Get low on battery quickly.

Buyer’s Guide – Best Robot Vacuum For Long Hair 2021

Are you experiencing difficulty choosing which robot vacuum to purchase? You will probably find the primary considerations when searching for a robot vacuum for long hair to buy in the accompanying short guide.   

1. Good Quality Filter

The filter is one of the primary considerations when purchasing a robot vacuum cleaner. A decent filter will likewise effectively catch things, for example, little residue particles, dander, dust, and allergens, consequently lessening the danger of ailment.

2. Self-Cleaning Brushes

Self-cleaning brushes are a magnificent component to have in a robot vacuum, especially if you need a vacuum that you can utilize each day. Such brushes keep on doing their task; once it is loaded with the hair, it cleans itself. Self-cleaning brushes make life much more comfortable as you don’t have to do anything. 

3. Pull Power

Pull power or suction power is consistently a primary thought when purchasing a robotic vacuum cleaner. As long hair needs more energy to pick up, so the suction power in vacuums designed for lifting away, those hair needs to be more. Attractions power is an especially significant thought if you have rugs.

4. Robot vacuum applications

Everything except the most fundamental robot vacuums is smart home enabled. They’ll associate with your remote switch and work with a devoted application to assist you with controlling your cleaning schedule. So you should search for this component moreover.

5. Multi-Surface Brushes

Today, by far, most robot vacuums have multi-surface brushes. One brush extricates trash and even hair. The subsequent one gathers up all the dirt, residue and debris, and hair. The best part is that it deals with numerous kinds of surfaces.

6. Remote Controller

Most models accompany a controller to change the settings or direct the vacuum around the room. In any case, if the robot needs a lot of handling by its proprietor, you may find that utilizing an ordinary vacuum cleaner is the more powerful (and less expensive) approach. You may connect your cleaner through the app or Alexa also.

FAQ’s – Best Robot Vacuum For Long Hair 2021

Q: How do robot vacuums work ?

Robot vacuums explore your home utilizing their work in motherboards that help guide and store your floor plans. Sensors keep it from catching items and deciding the most proficient cleaning way.

Q: Is there maintenance and cleaning required?

You need to finish standard support and cleaning of your mechanical vacuum cleaner, so it keeps going for quite a while. All models accompany a manual to help drag out its life and mileage.

Q: Can you accomplish robot vacuums work without management?

Truly. Most excellent robot vacuums come stacked with a few sensors that permit these gadgets to plan and explore the territories themselves.

Q: How much time a robot vacuum will take in charging?

It, by and large, takes around 2 hours for a robot vacuum to completely charge. Contingent upon the brand and model, a wholly energized robot vacuum can ceaselessly work for 1 to 2 hours.


With these close by, you won’t need to stress over getting long hairs any longer. With customized highlights, smart design, and extraordinary abilities to manage this particular undertaking, they are – as we would like to think – the best robot vacuums for long hair on purpose.

We hope you’ve discovered the guide helpful and that you had the option to find your fresh out of the new long hair robot cleaner!

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