Best Shark Vacuum For Pet Hair (2021) – Reviews and Buying Guide

A great many distinct types of vacuum cleaners listed one after another always seem like a labyrinth. What to do and where to go always remain like a question mark as you go through diverse types of vacuums at the shop. Scroll through the list of best shark vacuum cleaners for pet hair. We are sure you are not gonna leave without ordering any one of them.

I once heard that “Home is where the dog hair sticks to everything but the dog” and I am sure that you might have run over this too. That is why bringing a pet to your home would have been the thought you might have decided to wash off your mind. But as every turned stone can be placed back at its position so we have a solution to put this problem right too.

Best Pick
Best Pick
  • Strong Suction
  • Versatility
  • Crevice Tool

Upgrade Pick
Upgrade Pick
  • Highly Durable
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Powerful Suction
Budget Pick
Budget Pick
  • Powerful
  • Long Cord
  • High Suction

As the name “Shark” symbolizes ‘power’ so I am positive that all your doubts related to this vacuum would have vanished. After you scroll to the bottom you will comprehend that adding your pet to the list of your loved ones is not at all a problem when you have one of the best shark vacuums.

Having a great range of competitive vacuum cleaners manufactured by Shark listed in front of me I have at last came up with 12 of them:

11 Best Shark Vacuum For Pet Hair

Name  Brand Color Battery type Price
NV752 Shark Bordeaux Finish Corded Electric Check Price
NV356E S2 Shark White/Silver Corded Electric Check Price
Navigator Shark Grey Metallic Corded Electric Check Price
ZU561 Navigator Shark Red Peony Corded Electric Check Price
Rotator NV501 Shark White/Red Corded Electric Check Price
ZS362 APEX Shark White/Red Corded Electric Check Price
NV352 Navigator Shark Lavender Corded Electric Check Price
Navigator NV360 Shark Blue Corded Electric Check Price
APEX AZ1002 Shark Expresso Corded Electric Check Price
Rocket DeluxePro Shark Bordeaux Corded Electric Check Price
WV201 WANDVAC Shark Graphite Corded Electric Check Price

1. Shark NV752 Rotator Powered Lift-away

It is the best Shark vacuum for carpet and can perform very well on hard floor too. Sucking the pet hair from deep under the thick sewn carpets is something that a user, no matter what, looks forward to. If compared with the products of Dyson, Shark will no doubt top the charts with its 100% cleaning ability. Considering this model will surely make you reverse your decision of putting the carpets away.

Shark NV752 Rotator

Salient Features:

The Pod (a small vacuum bag) attached to it can be unhitched from the vacuum so that those regions which might not seem under reach can be thoroughly cleaned. This means that the pet hair which might have slipped under the low-lying furniture can be easily attracted towards the vacuum. This feature demonstrates that it is no doubt the best shark vacuum for pets and allergies.

It also contains a HEPA filter which has the ability to imprison almost 99.9% of the pet hair and fine particulate waste matter. Once you bring this best shark hair vacuum you will discern that the consumption of any sort of allergy pills will automatically decrease. Keeping the allergens even away from the ‘welcome’ doormat outside your home.

Seal technology is the part of its mechanism which seals all the tiny to large sized pet hair and make sure they do not fly back in the air.

The disposal bag in it can swallow large volumes of pet hair and debris at one time. You will be able to do a complete cleaning of your house in one go only so bid goodbye to your back pain for a holiday. Emptying the wastebasket, again and again, would not then be a part of you cleaning routine.

It is the best shark vacuum cleaner especially for the working individuals who might not get time for cleaning session in the morning. No worries as the LED light attached to it will enlighten the surroundings at night.

Only one finger press and the surface of the brush roll can be changed for the specific floor type either hard floor and indoor carpeted floor. This dwindles the human energy consumed at the time of cleaning.

Shark has assured a 5-year life of this vacuum which is long enough to satisfy the customer that their sacrificed money is worth it.

Some additional tools that are the part of the vacuum are the power brush that is exceptionally designed for sucking the pet hair and fine debris stuck in the form of solidified cakes. This will keep you away from rubbing off the hardened dust and the tiny hair stuck from the corners and the carpet surface.

Furthermore it has a pet multi-tool, pet power brush, 12″ crevice tool.

Why do we like it?
  • It has a sky-touching suction power
  • Best shark vacuum cleaner for pet hair
  • The outer and inner body of a high standard
  • Best shark vacuum for hair on the staircase
  • No or less damage caused
  • Can modify its brush surface for carpets and floor
Take a note
  • Can fall off if the hose is not properly pulled
  • Swivel tool may not seem that much polished

Final Words:

This upright vacuum cleaner is totally a game-changer. You can’t expect perfection because nothing can be expected to be perfect but considering all its features it is hard to question its performance. This is surely the best shark vacuum cleaner having the ability to trap the hair from deep under carpets. You will not have to drag the chairs and other low-lying furniture here and there while vacuuming. Its design enables it to attract a layer of dust and hair from underneath.

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2. Shark NV356E S2 Navigator Lift-Away

This is the best Shark vacuum cleaner and gives great results on firm flooring. It is overall a very powerful vacuum having the potential to suck hard the dust particles. Especially the pet hair from the floor.

It can be used in the form of an upright vacuum and can also be unfastened from its canister to be used separately so that it may clean those areas which might not be reachable. A great choice to replace the decision of selling your own tamed pet for the ones who suffer the most from allergies caused by the pet hair.

Shark NV356E S2 Navigator

Salient Features:

The capacity of garbage pail attached is about 2.2 quarts which eventually shows that it can suck a good amount of hair and dust right away.

The detachment of the canister is always just one button press away which will reduce the weight too making it more easier to carry and then you will be able to clean regions having even less than 30 degree angle as mentioned above.

So if you tame Australian Terrier or BichonFrise which are usually found making themselves comfortable at the corners or hard to reach areas. Let your worries enjoy a long sleep and bring this best shark vacuum for hardwood floors.

It contains a HEPA filter that seals all the pet hair and the fine particulate debris which abstains the pet hair, which is as light as a feather, to again disperse in the air.

Pet hairs might seem very cute only when they are in their right place: the pet’s body. This sealing technology acts as a shield against all the allergies which had before always been added to already long list of bothersome worries.

It is portable and can be easily carried from the kitchen to the other corner of your house, maybe your room. Carrying 13.7 pounds everyday seems nothing in front of those routinely allergies attacking you and the bundle of pet hair accumulated at the corners.

A profound suction of the carpets and the vacuuming of the floor is most probably the result you are gonna get which lately has been worthy of appreciation by most of its users.

Why do we like it?
  • Easy to put together the parts
  • High-geared suction power
  • The wastebasket has a large capacity
  • The best shark vacuum for pets and hardwood floors
  • Undoubtedly the best shark vacuum for stairs
  • Good quality of the material used
  • Long-living
Take a note
  • Cannot clean under ground-level furniture
  • The canister might trip over
  • It might give a rise to the sound pollution

Final Words:

It is by far the best shark vacuum for pet hair. Don’t let your mom run after your pet forcing it out of the house and instead do the cleaning through this vacuum. It has an exceptionally strong suction power for picking up pet hair messed all-around your home. The cost seems justifiable once you start using and you have to trust us on this. Especially the ones who priorities the fact that the vacuum should be smart-looking so this one’s for you.

3. Shark Navigator Zero-M Self-Cleaning

Some folks stop stroking their pet because of the hair rainfall but your tamed pets do not deserve to get deprived of the love. Instead, the act of bringing this best shark vacuum cleaner home would surely earn justification. It can function on carpets and give a pretty good result through its high suction power.

The whole world is based on give and take, the more input you give the more you will get. And in this case the more money you will spend the better will be the product on which you will get your hands on.

Shark Navigator Zero-M Self-Cleaning

Salient Features:

The garbage pail has the capacity of carrying the pet hair and dust of almost 2.8 quarts.

The zero-M self-cleaning advanced technology enables the vacuum to empty the wastebasket on its own. This makes sure that you do not get fed up with first removing the hair off the floor and then removing them from the dust cup.

It has an unbelievably powerful suction ability which helps it in sucking the hard stuck dust particles and pet hair and this eventually tells that it is the best shark vacuum for pets and allergies.

It is a geographically mobile vacuum which because of its light weight and sleek design can be carried anywhere with ease.

A continuous cleaning session can be carried out as the disposal basket can carry a great amount of debris in it. This means that you will not have to see the cleaning of your house is done in tits and bits and that seems annoying.

It has a total seal technology which does not permit the trapped dust and the pet hair to disperse again in the air. This decreases the allergies in the air and makes your environment healthier than ever.

Why do we like it?
  • This is the best Shark vacuum cleaner for staircases
  • A sky-reaching suction power is a guarantee
  • A perfect vacuum for profound cleaning
  • Not at all weighty and easy to carry
Take a note
  • Absence of LED lights
  • Slightly difficult to clean under low-lying fixtures

Final Words:

In a nutshell, the outcome of this Shark vacuum is totally pleasing. Shark’s products have been advancing on the ladder of success and have reached to point where they have facilitated the users with a suction slider. If your top requirement is a high suction power then adding this to your cart will be the finest decision.

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4. Shark ZU561 Navigator Lift-Away

It is the best Shark upright vacuum cleaner in the market. The thing that shows this vacuum in a good light is the Zero-M Anti-Hair wrap technology and the HEPA filter attached in it. The Sharks have made sure that the pet hair do not put a dirty impression of your house.

You are surely gonna say goodbye to all the regrets that might have surrounded when spending a whole lot of bucks on any other vacuum has been in vain.

Shark ZU561 Navigator

Salient Features:

It is definitely the best shark vacuum as picking up hair without letting them getting entangled together is one of the key functions. So if you are deciding on this vacuum than non-hair wrap is guaranteed.

It comes under the category of best shark upright vacuum cleaner and contains the power of sucking the pet hair off carpets and hard floor.

Switching to lift-away mode has become far easier than before. Unfastening the pod from the vacuum would enable cleaning surrounded with ease under furniture and on the stairs.

It has a total seal technology enabling it to function as anti-allergen acting as a shield against all the allergens such as pet hair. The HEPA filter might not even leave 0.0001% of pet hair or dust particles when it comes to cleaning. So, what are you waiting for, Christmas?

You might not be able to count the number of advancements in this best shark lift-away vacuum on your fingers. We are gonna introduce you to another feature is Swivel steering which permits you to clean even those areas which might not have been under your reach before and that might have ruined the look of your house.

Wait!! It is not yet the end, this jackpot also contains a suction control slider empowering you to modify the suction power on the basis of how concentrated a region is with pet hair.

Some extra tools to put more ease into cleaning are included for the cleaning of compacted spaces. Pet hair stuck at places as stubborn as a mule and for upholstery.

Includes Crevice tool, Hair removal, Multi-Tool, Wide Upholstery Tool.

Why do we like it?
  • Assembling surrounded with ease
  • Remarkable suction power
  • Cleaning is easier than ever before
  • Weight isn’t something to talk about for this vacuum; lightweight
  • Perfect is a small word as an appreciation for its cleaning
Take a note
  • LED lights are missing
  • The power cable might seem extensively long

Final Words:

Its features are un-debatable as you have read before as it seems to give a promising performance to the user. Hair entangling has always been a problem faced by many people when it comes to the usage of other vacuums. Instead, here we are talking about the best shark vacuum for pet hair so you need to put all the problems you are expecting aside.

5. Shark Rotator Professional 

Bring this best shark upright vacuum cleaner today!! Because then unluckily you might not be able to get your hands on this vacuum before your next-door neighbor.

The ever best performance will surely be attainable when it functions on rugs and hard floors. Its cleaning journey starts from pet hair and ends at pet hair but your desire of keeping all the debris away from the house does not go unnoticed by this best shark vacuum cleaner for pet hair.

Shark Rotator Professional

Salient Features:

The disposal has the capacity of 1.3 quarts which assures the cleaning of pet hair and dusts off the floor in one go. This capacity enables the vacuum to store a good deal of in the can.

This is for sure the best shark upright vacuum cleaner having a great power for the suction purpose. It can be detached from the pod which makes the cleaning more user-friendly and easy.

Seal technology is not all missing and its presence provides an anti-allergic home. The HEPA filter as always traps 99.9% of the allergens (pet hair) which you now can add to the list of expectations from the products of Shark.

No, this is not the end to the features but we have one more to be added to the list which is swivel steering and the rotator technology which enables a profound cleaning of your thick-piled rugs maybe placed outside your pet’s house.

The aura of quietness in your surroundings remains the same as it is an anti-noise producing a vacuum. Not just this but it is light in weight and easy to pick up.

Why do we like it?
  • Quiet cleaning
  • Easy to put all the parts together
  • Filter is washable
  • Best shark vacuum for hardwood floors
Take a note
  • Parts made of plastic might not seem very durable
  • It might turn difficult sucking the large debris

Final Words:

Conclusion everything, a long length of waiting is needed for Christmas so put your hands on this best shark vacuum cleaner, before your neighbor, today!! It is especially for those who tame pets and even find it difficult putting their feet on the rugs covered with a layer of pet hair.

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6. Shark ZS362 APEX DuoClean

In a long list of best shark vacuum cleaners this surely stands out being the most reliable when it comes to a long routine cleaning session. By shedding some light on its features we get to know that it contains a Pet Multi-tool, crevice, precision duster and much more.

After using this vacuum we are positive that you will surely throw some sentences of acknowledgment towards it.

Shark ZS362 APEX

Salient Features:

The duo clean technology is the part of its mechanism which sucks the pet hair stuck deep under the carpets and at the same time makes the debris vanish from the floor.

If your pet has the habit of jumping on low-heightened and spreading the hair they’re too so seal your worry indisposed of the wallet. This vacuum has a potent suction ability to pick up hair even from the surface of the furniture and steps.

This stick vacuum is the best lightweight shark vacuum making it highly portable turning the cleaning more easier. When cleaning changes into a slice of a cake then every house chore also from being like a mountain turns into a mole hill.

Shark’s products have been covering a journey from the lowest steps to advancing towards the higher steps. Proving this statement right becomes very easy when one notices the swivel steering enabling the vacuum to clean the small, congested spaces and around the feet of furniture.

A strong light-emitting LED lights fixed on the vacuum discloses the hidden pet hair and fine dust particles from under the sheet of darkness.

Its components are made up of durables abs, pp plastic, and a little quantity of metal and rubber.

It cuts the hair short by itself so that they may not wrap around the brush blocking the way of the remaining pet hair.

Why do we like it?
  • It is the best lightweight shark vacuum
  • Performs great on a hard floor
  • Sky-high suction power
  • Sucks all pet hair off the floor
  • Vacuums staircases like any other best vacuum
Take a note
  • The HEPA filter is missing
  • Absence of suction power slider

Final Words:

Putting everything in a 2cm box, we would like to mention that even if the vacuum does not contain the HEPA filter it does have a good suction power. The absence of HEPA filter is not at all a drawback as this absence gives a drop to the weight and the size of the vacuum when it turns handheld. The suction power is reaching for the sky and the disposal cup can also be emptied with extreme ease.

7. Shark NV352 Navigator Lift Away 

You might have just sat on the couch after sweeping away all the pet hair off the sofa too. Yes we know that it is really tiring using a vacuum which is absolutely not according to your interest. So why not try this? It contains the lift-away feature and undoubtedly performs well. There is a broad list of premium features attached to it including the brush tool and many more.

Shark NV352 Navigator

Salient Features:

The pod can be unfastened from the rest of the body which surrounds your cleaning hours with utmost ease. Not just this but this best shark lift-away vacuum also enables the user to do the vacuuming of staircases and the surface of the furniture.

The complete seal technology traps all the unwelcomed allergens and debris.

The light weight will permit you to easily move the vacuum all around the house without complaining about any sort of fatigue. The Sharks have made sure that the weight does not exceed 14lbs.

The brush roll has the ability to adapt to the different surfaces and you can change from profound high-piled carpet cleaning to hard floor cleaning within the sphere of convenience.

Swivel Steering enables you to clean around the furniture. In this way, you will not have to roam around your house holding the vacuum in one hand and pushing the furniture here and there with the other. This is enough to prove that it is the best shark vacuum to buy.

There is an upholstery and crevice tool attached, presenting you the best functional vacuum.

Why do we like it?
  • Highly appreciable suction power
  • Best Shark vacuum cleaner for pet hair
  • The interior and exterior made up of a top quality material
  • Exceptionally resilient vacuum
  • Vacuuming on stairs gives good results
Take a note
  • The vacuum might get a little heated up
  • When unloading the can the dust might disperse in the air

Final Words:

This should not surprise you that many of the owners are highly satisfied with this vacuum. Iits exceptional features can grab anyone’s attention then it will easily make space in your house. The features we mentioned above make this model absolutely worthy of buying as a smooth vacuuming is promised. The pet owners especially would love how good this vacuum gives the results.

8. Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe NV360

There is one more shark product for the road which is by far the best shark vacuum cleaner. Welcome an anti-allergen environment at your home by biding goodbye to all the pet hair creating an intolerable mess.

It is a dual-action cleaner enabling the user to clean the bare floor and suck the pet hair from deep under the long threaded carpet. The brand Shark has always been remembered in good words by the users of this shark navigator NV360.

Its features without any explanation are enough to prove that it is surely the best shark vacuum for pets and allergies.  

Shark Navigator

Salient Features:

The pod can be detached with ease so that those areas which have been deprived of cleaning since a long time (hard to reach regions) can be reached.

The HEPA filter placed neatly in the vacuum catches 99.9% of the allergens which eventually makes your home anti-allergen without any effort. The complete seal technology puts all the pet hair in the vacuum only, away from the contact from any of your house surface.

The complete weight only accounts for 12.5 pounds. This gives you a chance to take in a deep breath of relief as the weight has always been the concern of many of the people using any other vacuum.

This is the best shark vacuum to buy as it contains the swivel steering which permits you to vacuum around the feet of the fixtures placed at your house.

The disposal cup has a great capacity which enables the user to have a prolonged session of cleaning without any intervention. This saves time and energy.

Why do we like it?
  • Assembling is surrounded with ease
  • The high suction force applied
  • Best shark vacuum cleaner for pet hair
  • Can vacuum on stairs
  • Long-life
Take a note
  • The cleaning might turn difficult on high-pile carpets
  • The hose might seem a little short in height

Final Words:

It is one of those vacuums which carry sky-reaching ratings as the pulling of the pet hair is an effective process. It gets the most appreciation because the canister can be easily turned vacant which makes the cleaning session for the owners less tiring.

Considering all these features I am sure your heart would be calling for this vacuum. If you think there should be more vacuums in our list for you to choose so here you go.

9. Shark APEX AZ1002 DuoClean

Adding one more to the list we would like to introduce you to the best shark vacuum cleaner which can be used to suck all the pet hair off the bare floor.

Cutting all the stuck hair short yourself is absolutely a tiring process, what about buying a vacuum that cuts the long pet hair short on its own?. Yes, you guessed it right! It has the Zero-M technology enabling it to draw the pet hair out of your house without letting them trap.


Salient Features:

Presenting you the features *drum rolls*. In just a few minutes it can take the shape of one of the best shark lift-away vacuum as the detachment of the vacuum from the canister is completely possible.

DuoClean technology adds to the efficiency in the mechanism by deep cleaning the rugs and vacuuming the hard floor.

Sit back patiently as we have another groundbreaking feature which cleans the brush roll from all the pet hair that might get trapped between the tiny spaced bristles. This is known as the Zero-M self cleaning technology.

The signature feature that can be found almost in every shark vacuum is the HEPA filter. The complete seal technology enabling it to trap the pet hair in the vacuum providing an up to the mark results.

The LED lights are fixed on the handle and the nozzle to lighten up dark regions. This allows visibility in the absence of any other light.

This best shark vacuum cleaner has been affected by the advancements and developments in this contemporary society. We can corroborate this by jotting down one more feature which is the Noise Reduction technology. It makes sure that the noise produced is lowered and is soft to the ears.

Why do we like it?
  • Assembling is easy
  • Best shark vacuum for pets and allergies
  • Long-living
  • Vanishes the pet hair from the stairs also
  • Sky-reaching suction power
Take a note
  • The dust might stick to the dust bin
  • The vacuum is a little weighty having 16lbs

Final Words:

On a final note, this vacuum surely wins our Best Shark Vacuum for Pet Hair 2020 award. After this, you would surely give a second thought to this cleaner. By the way, it doesn’t even deserve a second thought as the features have been so much of a source of convenience that you will surely buy it after thinking about it once only.

10. Shark Rocket DeluxePro

You might have got fed up of pushing your vacuum hard on the floor to get rid of the pet hair. We are here to wash away all the worries. Shark is yet again giving you an opportunity to wave good bye to all the allergens and pet hair by bringing this best shark vacuum in the market.

As we will gradually be taking a closer look at the features you will get to know that Shark has done a great favor by putting such a mechanism in this model.

Shark Rocket Deluxe

Salient Features:

The suction slider does a great job by enabling the user to change the power of the vacuum. The regions like thick carpeted floor get vacuumed thoroughly and those like bare floor where the suction power can get wasted the power can be dropped. The speed at which the brush rolls spin decrease and increases according to the suction force set by you.

If you are getting two of your tasks complete by only one machine then nothing can seem better than this. This vacuum is 2 in 1 permitting the user to the clean the hard floor and the carpeted floor at once.

Cord length is just 25 feet which give you the chance to use it for small cleaning sessions as well because wrapping the cord, again and again, is not less than a waste of time. As the cord length is short a small touch to your house can be quickly given before your guest arrives.

It is the best handheld vacuum for pet hair and carries motorized floor nozzle including wand, duster crevice tool and pet multi tool.

Why do we like it?
  • High suction power
  • Best vacuum cleaner for dog hair
  • Can function on the hardwood floor
  • Anti-hair mess staircase
Take a note
  • The crevice tool might fall off
  • The results on the carpet might not seem that satisfactory

Final Words:

In a nutshell, buying this vacuum has always been a source of pleasure for the users as they think that it is worthwhile to bring it home. The most appreciated feature is the suction slider. It can be as powerful and fast as a tornado or even much slower and it can be changed according to your requirement. Spending money for this vacuum is just like getting those bucks back in the form of a vacuum.

11. Shark WV201 WANDVAC Handheld Vacuum

The reading has been long but we are positive that it is worth it. let’s end the list with one of the most versatile cleaners popular for being the best Shark vacuum for pets and allergies. This one surely gives out incredible results when it comes to long and tiring cleaning sessions. Considering this vacuum too would also bring benefits as this is yet another unbelievable creation by Shark.


Salient Features:

The suction power it carries is beyond belief and picks up pet hair from deep under carpets. So you don’t have to roll the carpets and put them away when deciding on this.

It is the best handheld vacuum for pet hair having a weight of just 1.4 pounds adds ease in your cleaning tasks.

The nozzle has been made in such a way that it picks up large particles of debris whose cleaning might remain under doubt if you continue using your old vacuum. Not just this but it has the ability to pick up fine dust particles. Do not worry if your house is prone to large quantities of dust resulting in an obnoxious looking mixture of pet hair and debris.

The duster crevice tool enables the user to clean the car interior and the narrow spaced regions. There is another tool called the multi-surface tool giving an ability to the vacuum to clean upholstery, carpets and many other types of flooring.

It can clean a path of width 3.6 inches which means it is not going to take you long getting rid of the pet hair and dust particles.

It has a unique and an innovative design because the motif it has cannot be found in any other vacuum. The compact design makes it more sleek looking and adds to the décor of your house if placed somewhere neatly.

Why do we like it?
  • Using it is quite easy
  • Incredibly high suction power
  • Long living battery
  • Best Shark vacuum cleaner for pet hair
  • The filter can be pulled out and cleaned
  • LED light attached together
  • Speedy charging
Take a note
  • The HEPA filter is missing
  • Might seem a little overpriced

Final Words:

Wrapping everything in a box we would like to say that this is a powerful vacuum sweeper always ready to *shoo* the pet hair out of your house. For many of the folks, their cleaning sessions are always like an emergency siren ready to go off as soon as possible. These teeny tiny cleaning sessions before you show your house to the brochure or before you go to your workplace are possible with this vacuum.

Buying Guide: Best Shark Vacuum for Pet Hair

Continue reading as we are about to suggest to you some tips which are really important to consider when adding any of the above vacuum in your cart. Vacuums are one of those devices which if once bought then they are expected to support you for next 5 to 7 years. Then why not choose a vacuum which gives you a good company during cleaning sessions?

For hair or dust?

The thing that you should carve on your mind is the use of the vacuum. Most of the vacuums function better when used for dust particles and others might give you more good results when used to vacuum the regions concentrated with pet hair. According to your aim of buying the vacuum, you will have to decide on this.

Ease of use:

Welcoming ease in your life is the first step towards betterment and keeping this in mind I am sure you would go for that cleaner which is easy to handle. With this the cleaning session becomes more precise and convenient.

Type of filter:

You might find HEPA and Anti-Allergen filters both in one vacuum. And in some one of them one of the filters might be missing. Both of them provide an up to the mark cleaning and there is not much difference. But here it completely depends on the personal opinion of the user. So considering which of the filter you think is more convenient you will have to buy the vacuum.


The amount of the weight might affect your health, for some weighty objects lead to spine problems and some body types are resistant towards heavy vacuums. So keeping this in cogitation choose the vacuum accordingly.

Suction power:

For many of the folks this feature is the most important of all. And it should be because a vacuum’s performance is judged depending on the suction power they carry. This is the power of suction which enables deep cleaning on carpets and sucks the pet hair off the floor. We have mentioned on how much you should prioritize this guideline the rest depends on you.

FAQ’s – Best Shark Vacuum for Pet Hair

Q1) Which is the best Shark vacuum for pet hair?

Ans) Although all of the vacuums come in the range of best shark vacuum cleaner if we will considering the principle of the specification. The vacuum that stands out is the Shark ZU561 Navigator Lift-away Upright vacuum.

Q2) For better vacuums is Shark the brand to choose?

Ans) When compared with other brands Shark has surely stood out. Talking about a 7th sky-touching suction power Shark is the only brand that slips in the mind. The thing that important is that whether the vacuum has been able to fulfill your purpose or not. If yes then nothing can seem better than the vacuums of Shark. Shark’s vacuums are not just a cleaning machine. It is a complete jackpot having most of the user-friendly features that might not all be easily found in only on vacuum even.

Q3) Which is the best Shark vacuum for hardwood floors and carpeted floors?

Ans) The Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV352 is foremost the best for both: the bare floor and the carpeted flooring. Stepping on carpets with bare feet usually results in pet hair sticking on the ends of the toes or hanging hair giving you a tickling sensation. For getting rid of all these unbearable sticky pet hair this vacuum is a good choice. Considering others is again fruitful because everyone’s perspective is distinctive to each other.

Q4) What is the difference between a stick vacuum and a handheld vacuum?

Ans) Stick vacuums are usually for smaller regions as they have a vertical shape that can reach for narrower spaces in your home. Gives better performance when vacuumed on bare flooring because its mechanism is made in such a way that it turns out to be hard floor friendly.

The handheld can only be carried by hand and are lighter if juxtaposed with the stick vacuum. They can be used to clean the floors slabs and even the interior of cars. They can also function on smaller regions.

Q5) Is upright vacuum more suitable for pet hair or stick vacuum?

Ans) For pet hair especially upright vacuum is more suitable as all types of pet hair from carpets, hard floor and other different surfaces can be sucked with good suction power. 

Final Verdict:

So, after this, we will be leaving you alone with your own decision. Considering all the vacuums we have listed we are positive that the long list has been a little bit of a value for you. Shark has given its best in impressing all of you and has included many of those features.

The get-together that the pet hairs at your home have been enjoying. I hope, will be finished in just a few days and you will be waving goodbye to all of them as they get sucked by the vacuum. If you keep all the guidelines glued to your mind then the puzzle of the decision-making process will be solved in a short time.

Pulling the pet hair from your mouth which has almost been chewed during eating is the most terrible part of the whole ‘pet hair’ problem that you have been facing. Fill and fatten your wallet up and I am sure that you will be able to bring home the best shark vacuum for pet hair. Happy Vacuuming!!    

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