Best vacuum cleaner 2021 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Why are we looking for the best vacuum cleaner 2021? The answer is simple. Our quest is for the BEST in a sea of Vacs because we desire to use it for a long time.

Am I right? The subtle whisper of your heart is not hard to understand.

So, Let’s move further.

Why do you buy a vacuum cleaner when there are other modes to clean your house as well?

A vacuum cleaner is preferred because of its efficient and deep cleaning mechanism, ease of use, complementary technologies. Those include Zero M, HEPA filtration, DuoClean, and much more to make the tedious cleaning exercise an exciting activity worth your precious time.

10 Best Vacuum cleaners for 2021

Name  Brand Color Power Source Price
Shark APEX AZ1002 Shark Espresso Corded Electric Check Price
Shark NV356E Shark Espresso White/Silver Check Price
BISSELL Cleanview Bissell Green Pet Corded Electric Check Price
Kenmore 81214 Kenmore Orange Corded Electric Check Price
Eureka NEU182A Eureka Blue Corded Electric Check Price
Eureka WhirlWind Eureka Blue Corded Electric Check Price
Shark NV352 Shark Lavender AC Check Price
Shark NV360 Shark Espresso Corded Electric Check Price

1: Shark APEX Upright Vacuum with DuoClean

Shark does not require any introduction when it comes to providing gadgets to maintain your house. When looking for the best vacuum for mixed floors, you will come across Shark. As it happens, believe me, you are on the right track to finding the best unit for your house.


Shark is embedded with some cutting-edge features such as DuoClean technology. Together with a duo of a bristle brush and a soft roller is the most appropriate combination in making it the best vacuum for carpet.

The DuoClean technology is well-liked because it deep cleans the carpets to remove large bristles as well. You cannot just stop here, clean all kinds of rugs, whether thick pile, low pile, or even the hard floor cleaning. This is a one-stop-shop for your composite floor house.

Is the weight of the bulky upright Vac scaring you? Look a little further, and you will find that Shark APEX comes with a powered lift away system, allowing you to convert it into a lightweight stick vacuum easily. Now, you can easily reach under the furniture and other hard to reach areas.

The cleaning head comes with the Zero-M feature.

Wondering what Zero-M is?

It means there are small fangs like protrusions, which removes the stubborn hair from the brush roll. This is one reason why we call Shark one of the best vacuum cleaner brands because they can’t go wrong when offering innovation.

The handle is ergonomic and houses all the touch controls for switching between different cleaning modes to suit different flooring types. You will find two rows of LED lights that do not add to the aesthetic section only but illuminate all the dark corners.

Shark APEX is a machine suited for whole-house cleaning thanks to its many attachments such as a crevice tool for cleaning difficult areas, a multi-tool for removing pet hair, and a motorized mini pet brush roll.

It comes with a 1,350-watt motor, which creates excellent suction power to give a thorough and effortless cleaning experience. The big rubbers are sturdier and glide smoothly over the carpets’ fur, and do not leave marks on the hard floor simultaneously.

Why we like it?
  • DuoClean and Zero-M makes it the best vacuum for carpet and pet hair
  • Zero-M also saves a lot of maintenance cost due to breakage and repairs
  • Highly affordable
  • High-quality and durable hose
  • One machine to clean from up the walls to under the furniture in your house
  • Rugged and adjustable suction power bestowed by a potent motor
  • The dust cup opens with a mere push of a button
  • An absolute must for long-haired dogs and wooden floors
  • A pretty quiet cleaning mechanism
Take a note
  • You may feel the cleaning head is a little broader for tight spaces
  • The unit is heavy, although you get the option to change it into a stick vac

Final words

This vacuum cleaner is a beautiful combination of unmatchable features coming in an affordable price tag. You will see how easy it is to manoeuvre around the furniture with this powerhouse due to its swivel steering, and cleaning the stairs is a walk in the park.

In-case you are interested to check robotic vacuum cleaners, please have a look at our detailed article on our best picks from Robotic Vacuum cleaners

2: Shark NV356E Navigator Lift-Away

Shark has taken this job of inspiring the homeowners with their vacuum cleaners. Yet another of their products presenting itself as the best vacuum for under 200. This upright vacuum cleaner offers to its customers a combination of high-end features with a steep price bracket.

Shark NV356E S2 Navigator

NV356E Navigator comes with cyclonic suction using high-speed spinning air while the centrifugal force separates the dirt and dust from the spinning air. This mechanism keeps most of the dirt particles away from the filters improving their longevity and saving the necessary suction power.

It is powered by a 10-amp motor generating powerful suction for unsettling the most stubborn dust particles. The vacuum does not allow air to leave the system as it is restricted to a complete seal system.

Those prone to allergies will find it good news because Shark NV356E Navigator Lift-Away is the best vacuum cleaner for the home. It comes with the HEPA filter, ensuring the vacuum cleaner traps even the smallest of the particles.

You can detach the dirt canister, hose, and motor from the main settings and use it as the portable Vac for cleaning walls and upholsteries.

The dirt canister has a considerable capacity, and it is bottom empty, which is easy to clean when it is open. The Vac comes with the most amazing attachments. Such as a 24-inch-long crevice tool, powered brush for pet hair, mini dust brush, and much more supporting cleaning action.

A toggle switch to on/off the brush roll making is suitable for all flooring types and hence the best vacuum cleaner for home in 2021.

The lift-away feature coupled with the Dust-Away hard floor accessory to clean bigger chunks from the hard floor allowed the micro-fiber pad to simultaneously pull-up fine dust.

If you find that your motor has stopped working, the chances are that the motor overload protection is doing its job to turn it off when there is any blockade higher load on the brush roll. It is a corded vacuum cleaner so that you will get a 30-foot-long cord.

Why we like it?
  • A lightweight upright vacuum cleaner
  • Comes with a strong suction power
  • Controls to make adjustments into suction power contingent on flooring requirements
  • Easy to maintain and assemble
  • With swivel steering offering excellent maneuverability
  • The body seems highly durable
  • Cyclonic suction for dirt and dust separation
  • highly competitive and best commercial vacuum cleaner
  • Under $200
  • A dust away attachment for hardwood and tiled floor
  • The crevice tool easily removes spider webs from up the wall
  • No tools required for assembling the unit
Take a note
  • The crevice tool may sometimes fall off the vacuum body
  • For a bigger than usual house, the cord may not be very long

Final words

NV356E Navigator Lift-Away is a great machine for a complete cleaning action in the house, and you also want no extra pressure on your pocket.  This machine is made taking the commercial cleaning to the next level.

As you go through the features, there seem to be no end embedded technologies.

The limited budget does not let it compromise the working or features. With one purchase, you will get all the accessories and tools for cleaning but make sure you read the user manual thoroughly.

3: BISSELL Clean view Swivel Pet Upright

Suppose you are looking for anything LESS than the BEST in the most affordable budget. In that case, you should look somewhere else, because Bissell can’t compromise on the quality and working efficiency even in a constrained budget.

Your pets are your most incredible friends, but do you like their hair sticking out of everything as well? Not really, I believe.

We advise you to bring home the best vacuum cleaner 2021 for pet hair, so keeping your fluffy friends at home is a painless experience when it comes to cleaning their hair.

BISSELL Cleanview Swivel Pet Upright Bagless Vacuum

On the hard floor, the brush roll’s rotating cleaning action smoothly removes the debris without leaving and dirty scars on the floor.

The cleaning action in the Cleanview Swivel Pet is scatter-free due to side brushes that keep the dirt particle contained and push them towards the suction.

The side brushes come handily when you are cleaning edges along the walls, and make sure every nook and cranny of your house is spick and span.

The machine’s maneuverability is excellent due to the swiveling neck and reaching around the chair legs, and the corners of furniture are effortless.

The suction hose vacuum attachment is an excellent tool for cleaning hard to reach areas. You might have faced this problem of your Vac losing the suction eventually due to any clogged particulates.

But not in 2252 due to its multi-cyclone suction system, it does an excellent job of keeping the large particles separate from the smaller ones away from the fine filter. So, the machine does not lose the necessary suction.

The filters housing the multi-cyclone suction system are washable with simple tap water. If you still find the suction is losing power, you may wash the filter and achieve the same cleaning efficiency.

You get an extensive array of supporting attachments with Bissell vacuum cleaner making it one of the best vacuum cleaner brands 2021.

The extendable suction hose lets you clean the elevated areas such as windows and walls, that is why many users call it the best window vacuum cleaner. There is also an extension stick that will enhance your cleaning reach.

The dustbin size is more than 1 liters, which may be smaller for a bigger house but comes with easy empty options that will let you clean without messing with dirt.

Why do we like it?
  • The rotating brush roll bristles make it the best vacuum for tile floors
  • The multi-cyclone suction system saves the potent suction power
  • Long power cord for a standard size of the house
  • Extension wand lets you reach elevated areas
  • Extendable hose for cleaning windows
  • Comes under $100
  • The accessories can be stored on the vacuum cleaner
Take a note
  • The power cord may seem a little at the length of 27 feet for larger than an average house
  • You may need to empty the dustbin while cleaning the full house

Final words

I have been reviewing vacuum cleaners for some time, and I find Bissell one of the most competitive brands when it comes to offering affordable yet user-friendly vacuum cleaners.

This vacuum cleaner is one example of their commitment to providing a high-quality product, making it highly recommendable.

4: Kenmore 81214 200 Series

Upright vacuums are the need of this hour because they are affordable and offer powerful cleaning ability. But they are too heavy and maybe a less practical option for many of you.

 So, if you desire a machine that does not break your bank, is not insanely heavy, yet stands on its feet when it comes to efficient suction power, you need a canister vacuum.

Kenmore 81214 200 Series

Kenmore 81214 is one such option where the unit is housed in a canister. There are wheels under the canister, so the unit is easy to move. Besides, it is also not a very heavy machine weighing less than 20 pounds.

The vacuum cleaner does not occupy much space. This is a corded vacuum cleaner and comes with a long 24 feet cord. While your unit plugged in one corner of the house, you can take a round of the whole house.

The most defining feature of this Kenmore 81214 is the dual motors, which are highly powerful and produce monstrous suction power. The suction power is enough to clean all kinds of floors and remove dirt, debris, grime, and much more.

The excellent suction power makes it the best vacuum for carpet and pet hair and a preferred choice for all the pet lovers who want to get rid of stubborn pet hair.

The suction power, coupled with cleaning head brushes, gives you an excellent cleaning experience. The duo makes cleaning a painless process. The accompanying HEPA filters remove the tiniest of the particles, which can cause allergies.

It is a bagged vacuum, so once you are done vacuuming and ready to remove the dust, there is no need to get a spell of dirt because you only have to empty the bag, and you are done.

The bag can be used again. The canister vacuum has four height settings to reach different places and elevations.

The vacuum cleaner also accompanies attachments such as a crevice tool, a dusting brush, and a tool for cleaning the bare floor.

Why we like it?
  • Dual-motor for powerful cleaning
  • HEPA filter integrated into the unit
  • Affordable vacuum cleaner
  • Lightweight and easy to work with
  • Bagged vacuum to store all the dirt
  • On/Off switch on the unit for better control
  • excellent cleaning ability when it comes to pet hairs
  • Gives tough competition to those over $1000
Take a note
  • The 24 feet power cord
  • The attachments cannot be stored on the canister

Final words

Having a look at all these features, there is no denying that this is one of the most reliable and user-friendly cleaners that you can find in the market. This is a highly recommended machine for a full house cleaning

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5: Eureka NEU182A PowerSpeed Lightweight Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Often, we have a budget set when buying a product. Eureka is a budget option if you want to buy an upright vacuum cleaner without compromising the features.

Eureka NEU182A

It is easy to assemble, and the start is effortless. The floor nozzle comes with an adjustable height option. The hose is extendable and detachable and can reach into problematic and congested areas.

The vacuum cleaner is designed to keep the comfort of the user in mind with an ergonomic handle. The power cord is long enough to clean an average-sized room without switching to different plugs.

The dust cup size is enormous, with four liters of dirt holding capacity, so there is no need to clean the cup even after cleaning the whole house. There is a filter inside the cup as, if you wash it regularly, you can use it for a long time.

The cup releases its content from the bottom, so carry the cup with the accompanied handle and take it to the emptying bin.

It is one of the most lightweight options you can find in the market with ten pounds of weight. The brush roll with a dynamic motor can suck up the most stubborn dirt and dust from different floors. The floor-head can be adjusted according to the needs of varying flooring arrangements.

On the front is a yellow dial, which can be regulated to change among different settings for various piles of carpets, both high and low. One of those settings is for hard and bare floors, making it the best vacuum for brick floors.

The hose is extendable and stretches up to three levels of its actual height. The integrated handle can increase the upright vacuum cleaner’s total length to more than 7 feet without connecting any attachments.

Why do we like it?
  • The cord is 25 feet long
  • Multiple floor head settings
  • The 12.6 inches wide nozzle for quick cleaning
  • Big wheels for smooth movement on the floor
  • Easily detachable handle and hose
  • The filter is washable and long-lasting
  • The hose is long and extendable
  • Affordable price tag
Take a note
  • You may not like the whistling sound when vacuuming
  • The cup may be clogged sometimes

Final Words

Eureka is a full package. The compilation of all these features in one machine is proof that the company has well-integrated its customers’ needs.

Have a round with this vacuum, the debris in your house, even deep in the carpets, won’t find a place to hide.

6: Eureka WhirlWind

Eureka WhirlWind is one best vacuum cleaners in 2021 when it comes to canister vacuums. These vacuum cleaners are getting attention because they are easy to tow along and perform well on equally hard and carpeted floors.

Eureka WhirlWind

You will see a powerful 1200 watt motor fitted into the unit, which is the reason for the powerful suction of this vacuum cleaner.

Their powerful motor is one reason for their versatile performance. The high-pressure suction will first disengage the dirt from low pile carpets’ fur and then pull inside.

It performs best to remove the surface debris from high file furry carpets. There is no beater brush, so it excels in its cleaning ability on hard floors as it leaves no marks or scratches.

There is a two-in-one dusting and crevice tool to clean dust from even the most stubborn area in your house. The accessories are integrated within the structure in the handle of the vacuum cleaner.

You can easily disconnect the handles and attach other accessories effortlessly.

The filter is reusable and long-lasting, and it traps all the large and medium-sized particles allowing them to not escape from the exhaust. However, it does require regular maintenance for longevity.

The size of the dust bin is one of the most prominent features. With 2.5L capacity, it is sufficient for you to have a whole round of the house without emptying. The cut can be easily detached when it is full.

The only thing you may feel a little lacking is the short power cord with a 16-feet length. But one look at all the features with the most affordable price tag, and you will be enticed to ignore this altogether.

Although the cord is a little short, the company still has embedded it with the feature of automatic rewind, which is all convenience through and through.

There are two buttons one is for power, and the other one is for rewinding the cord. Both are highly user friendly. The controls on the base are easily locatable due to their significant size, and you can efficiently operate with the mere push of your toe.

Why do we like it?
  • Comes with an extendable four feel log suction hose
  • Customers find this unit a highly attractive addition to their house
  • Powerful and adjustable suction
  • Mighty motor
  • Lightweight, so it is highly user friendly
  • The crevice tool and wand brush are integrated into the unit
  • Comes with the automatic cord rewind function
Take a note
  • The power cord is a little short
  • Few customers did not get a crevice tool with the package

Final Words

Could you imagine getting all these features at such an affordable price? Finding the best vacuum for sand on tile floors is a hard nut to crack sometimes because of the humungous price brackets, while other leave marks on the floor while they are cleaning.

With Eureka, there is no need to worry about either price or dirty scars on the floor.

7: Shark NV352 Navigator Lift Away Upright Vacuum

If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner, you might have gone through the best vacuum cleaner 2021 reviews. But sometimes, an information overload is what causes the biggest hurdle in making the right decision.

Limiting down the options become imperative so you can focus on the few best options.

Shark NV352 Navigator

With Shark NV352 Navigator, we have done precisely that for you. If you are looking for a budget option then this vacuum cleaner belongs to the approachable budget line of the shark vacuum cleaners.

You may not find many high-end technologies in this machine. But the customers have preferred this machine because of its primary job of cleaning. You can effortlessly clean all kinds of floors and other areas with its accessory kit.

As the introduction implies, the vacuum cleaner comes with a lift-away function, and you can use it as a stick vacuum by detaching the dirt container from the floor unit. While in that position, you can clean stairs, upholsteries, and many more areas.

The Cord length of 25 feet is excellent, sufficient to clean large areas. As you buy the vacuum cleaner, you will see four accompanying accessories such as twin crevice tools, a brush roll, and a brush for cleaning pet hair.

You will find more height and ceiling with the extended 24-inch crevice that adds extra reach to the cleaning wand. You may have to rewind the cord yourself because it does not come with an automatic cord rewind feature.         

This vacuum cleaner will not invade your wallets, yet it comes with high-end features such as dual filters. One is a washable foam filter, while the other is a HEPA filter. The HEPA filter ensures that all particles, even the smallest bacteria, and allergen elements, are also filtered into the machine.

While working on the bare floor, turn off the motorized brush to eliminate chances of scratches on the tiled and other hard floors. The unit works equally well on carpeted floor, incredibly thick pile carpets, with its thorough cleaning capabilities.

Why do we like it?
  • Significant edge to edge cleaning capability
  • Powerful suction to clean all types of floors
  • Both HEPA and foam filter are washable
  • Can be used as a stick as well canister vacuum
  • Comes with tools to clean pet hair
  • Highly eye-catchy lavender color
  • Can clean carpets, sofas, and car seats effortlessly
  • The lift-away makes the vacuum even lighter
  • The best vacuum cleaner in 2021 for carpet
Take a note
  • Does not comes with costly high-end technologies in this budget option
  • The power button is at a strange place
  • Difficult to detach the canister

Final Words

Comparing the price with the performance, it is the best vacuum cleaner for the price. The combination of high suction power, powerful motor, lift away features, and an array of attachments adds more value than the price tag can afford when it comes to a high-end brand like Shark.

8: Shark NV360 Navigator

We may not be talking about the best water filtration vacuum cleaner 2021. Still, Shak navigator’s efficient cleaning competence is not less than them in any way, making it the best vacuum cleaner for home.

Do you know why we prefer Shark so much? Stay with us to know all the secrets.

A vacuum cleaner that cleans all the surfaces, even the congested and challenging to access areas, is the need of every household. So we recommend you to bring it home.

Shark Navigator

Shark NV360 presents an excellent candidate for the best upright vacuum cleaner spot due to all the cutting-edge technologies embedded in this machine.

When you work with NV360, you will realize how lightweight and smoothing its operation is. With a highly maneuverable cleaning neck, no dirt or debris will be left on the stairs when Shark takes a course there.

The canister on the vacuum cleaner comes with the bottom empty feature, making it highly effortless to empty the dirt bin.

Unless you have the right vacuum at home, cleaning is a tiring and lengthy process. But not anymore. With NV360,  the lift-away feature will let you detach the canister from the main body and clean the elevated and surfaces under the furniture.

It may not be the best wet vacuum for tile floors, but it not just any vacuum cleaner either. Shark NV360 is a corded vacuum cleaner, but there is no need to frequently plug and unplug the wire because the power cord is 25 feet long.

Nobody wants to dirty themselves with dirt when they bring home a vacuum cleaner. Shark ensures that you don’t with the Complete seal anti allergen technology, which seals all the dirt. The HEPA filter guarantees all the particles down to the smallest one are captured.

You can not talk about the best vacuum cleaner in 2021 without mentioning the added accessories and the required frills of a unit.

You can use all these attachments without worrying about charging the battery because Shark NV360 comes with all the conveniences of a corded vacuum.

With Shark NV360, there is no need to buy different devices for cleaning various surfaces because the suction power is enough to clean all surfaces. Besides, the attachments leave no place for debris to hide.

The accompanying appliances are a powered brush for pet hair, a wand to be used under the device, a crevice tool, and a dusting brush.

Moreover, the company provides the vacuuming unit with a five-year warranty and encouragement to contact customer care if there is any issue while using.

Why do we like it?
  • Powerful suction
  • Lift-away feature for easy cleaning of hard to reach areas
  • The canister is detachable
  • HEPA filtration and complete seal anti-allergen technology
  • An extensive array of attachments
Take a note
  • When compared with other Shark products, the cord may seem shorter

Final Words

Buying a vacuum cleaner is not an easy breezy job as there are so many things to consider, but reviews are experiences of other users always helpful. Shark NV360 view is one such effort for all our readers to make this tiring job an effortless exercise.

Buyer’s Guide – Best vacuum cleaner 2021

Now we are done with choosing the best vacuum cleaners for your house, but you can’t just choose any one of them. Because looking at your needs is very important because otherwise, it is a futile exercise if it does not fulfill your requirements.

So before choosing anyone from the list, we suggest you go through this buying guide and make the most informed decision for your house.

Buying the most suitable vacuum cleaner for your house depends upon its size, the kind of accessories and furniture you have decorated your home with, flooring arrangements such as the bare floor, carpeted floor, or a combination of both?

If you choose the right product, it will not only save money but relieves you of the burden of cleaning and tiring yourself as well. Whichever product catches your attention, make sure it fulfills the maximum of your criteria because it is no surprise that we need to make small tradeoffs to adjust our requirements with the available products in the market.

Do you prefer a bagged or a bagless?

In the market, you will find both bagless as well as bagged vacuum cleaners. In bagless options, you get a canister to hold the dirt, which you can later empty, so there is no need to replace bags. A bagless vacuum cleaner is less expensive. Besides, they are a more environmentally friendly option.

On the other hand, a bagged vacuum cleaner is preferred for those who are dealing with allergies and other bacterial diseases. You only have to dispose of the bag when it is full without getting a spell of dust when you clean the dust canister.

So both these options have their pluses and minuses, but what holds the utmost importance is your requirements. In the bagged vacuum cleaner, a HEPA filter’s inclusion is an added benefit that ensures all the trouble causing tiny particles are trapped.

Is a cordless vacuum more to your liking or a corded one?

The two main variants of a Vac are cordless and corded vacuum cleaners. Most people prefer a corded vacuum cleaner because it is connected to the main power supply. They can clean as long as they want.

But with the wired option, you can only clean around a limited area as long as your cord goes. But the upside is that power cords are long enough to allow maximum reach.

Besides, if you are mindful about your utility bills, it may not be the best option for you.

On the contrary, a cordless vacuum cleaner is best for not so big houses where people can clean an entire area with one charge. You can also keep spare batteries to avoid any downtime.

A cordless also let you focus on the cleaning job without fidgeting with the cords.

The maneuverability of your unit

Is Maneuverability one of your concerns when buying the best vacuum for mixed floors? Maneuverability is the ability to move freely and navigate around many hurdles, such as furniture and other accessories in your house.

If the cleaning head is made so that it is difficult to move, there is no point buying the unit. Besides, it will also get stuck in your carpeted area.

Some vacuum cleaners also let you change the height of the brush roll to fit different floors. A lower setting is ideal for the bare floor, while a higher setting is recommended for the carpeted floor because otherwise, the brush will pull against the furs of your carpet, or the pile may get tangled.

Weight of your vacuum cleaning unit

Sometimes the weight of a unit adds to its construction’s sturdiness, while most of the time, it may not be preferred because weighted causes undue fatigue and stress in the muscles.

If your house is spiraled across many floors, you may look for a weightless vacuum cleaner. Out list many of such options. They are easy to carry up and down. But most of the time, you will notice that high performing units carry some weight.

Eureka NEU182A is one of the many excellent lightweight vacuum cleaners on the above roundup.


Price is one of the most crucial considerations when buying anything. More often than not, we work with a planned budget and look for features within that range. Most of the high-end vacuum cleaners cost more than $200.

However, you will be surprised to see many exceptional budget options in the above mentioned list of Best vacuum cleaner 2021.

With the present inflation rate, finding a product with excellent features on a budget is a hard nut to crack. But Shark NV356E Navigator Lift-Away is one of the most competitive product from a high-end brand under $200.

Do you care for accompanied attachments and accessories?

Some people pay special attention to the vacuum’s accompanying attachments as they are looking for the best vacuum cleaner for home, not just carpet or the bare floor.

Most of the excellent quality vacuum cleaners come with attachments such as a powered pet brush, crevice tool, dusting tool, etc. Shark NV352 Navigator is one such option coming with all the necessary attachments.

Do you have to deal with pet hair?

Our pets are an essential part of our lives, but it is nothing less than a tiring job when it comes to cleaning their hair.

Many of the excellent vacuum cleaners in the market come with accessories and tools to remove pet hair. With these tools, cleaning the pet hair off different surfaces is a piece of cake.

Other times vacuums come with integrated brushes in the primary cleaning nozzle to deal with shedding pet hair. DuoClean and Zero-M technologies are such mechanisms designed to deal with pets and other kinds of hair on the floor.

Shark APEX Upright Vacuum with DuoClean, is one vacuum cleaner to have all these cutting-edge features.

Upright/canister or a Stick/lift-away—What is your preference?

In the market, you will come across many different vacuum cleaners. Before you get confused with the wordings, let me briefly describe each one for you.

An upright vacuum is one that has the ability to stand tall and straight, and there is an ergonomic handle to hold while cleaning.

Mainly the dirt bin is placed in the middle while the cleaning head is at the far end. It is preferred due to its high navigation and maneuverability.

The stick vacuum cleaner is a kind of upright vacuum cleaner because the stick holds on its own, and they are slim vacs. The slender body does not lack in power or cleaning ability, but they are somewhat pricey options.

Then comes the Canister vacuum cleaners, which are also known as the cylinder vacuum. They are preferred because they are smaller in size and need less space for storage. Their height is also less than an upright vacuum cleaner.

There is a lift-away vacuum cleaner that combines both an upright and a canister vacuum cleaner. Here you get the ease to detach the canister when cleaning elevated areas, stairs, and other hard to reach areas and hold the canister in hand.


FAQs – Best vacuum cleaner 2021

Can I reuse the vacuum cleaner bag?

The bag is reusable after carefully emptying the content from the end. The bag is folded a few times and sealed with glue.

You can carefully unwind the bag to empty the content in the bin. Later, you can fold it again and staple it with a pin. It is preferred and an environmentally friendly option if you reuse your vacuum cleaner bags.

Can I use a vacuum cleaner on my tiled floor?

Yes, the vacuum cleaners can be used on the tiled floor as well. The tiled floor may look easy to clean, but many a time, it is housing allergens and bacteria. A vacuum cleaner is the best manner to clean these tinny invisible particles.

However, when you are using, make sure the beater bar is lifted and your vacuum is bare floor mode. Otherwise, you may feel scars on the surface.

Can I use my vacuum cleaner as a blower?

This is one of the hidden secrets of many vacuum cleaners these days that they can blow out air along with sucking in dirt and debris. This blowing option will make your task of digging out stubborn dust quite easily.

With the vacuum cleaner blower, you can clean any mess you want, but avoid when you are prone to allergies.

How does a vacuum cleaner work?

The vacuum cleaner uses a motor that rotates a fan, which sucks in air and the small dust and dirt particles. The other side of this sucking mechanism is attached to a dirt canister or a dirtbag where negative pressure is created, and debris is collected.

What is the average life of a vacuum cleaner?

According to the reports of the consumers, the vacuum cleaners last more than eight years. But it also depends upon their maintenance and personal use like all other electronic gadgets in the house.

Final Verdict

Being unbiased is one of the most challenging jobs because we humans hold our preferences, like, and dislike, and they get into our minds when making a judgment. This goal can only be achieved if we have sincere intentions of helping others.

We have presented a comprehensive list, and you may find it challenging to choose among the many best options. But if you go through the buyer’s guide, reaching the most informed decision will be a walk in the park.

This is what we have tried with this review, keeping in mind the only goal of providing the possibly unbiased opinion with our review of the best vacuum cleaner 2021. We hope that now you can make the most appropriate decision for your house.

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