Best Vacuum Cleaner For Hardwood Floors in 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Buying the perfect vacuum cleaner can be a headache if you have no lead to follow. Each one of you planning to buy the best vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors in 2021 might be looking for qualities such as a long cord, maneuverability, powerful suction, ease of use, and much more.

Vacuum cleaners are bought to help you keep your home clean without compromising your health due to bending and adjusting under challenging places. Their convertible feature of many canister vacs allows them to be used like stick vacs, even if they do not belong to the stick vacuum category.

If you have already been reading reviews, the chances are that you might get confused due to the left out details and risk making a wrong decision. To solve many of our readers’ dilemmas, we brought this review of the best vacuum for hardwood floors.

Shark Rocket
Shark Rocket
  • High Quality Material
  • Powerful Suction
  • For Hardwood floors
Kenmore Elite 31150
Kenmore Elite 31150
  • Power Brush
  • High Suction
  • Easy to Assemble
Shark NV356E S2
Shark NV356E S2
  • Powerful
  • Lightweight
  • Powerful Suction

If you are not in a hurry, we highly recommend you to read the full review. Otherwise, you will probably get your desired vacuum from our top 10 picks.

Best Vacuum Cleaner For Hardwood Floors 2021

Name  Brand Color Power Source Price
NV352 Shark Lavender AC Check Price
Complete C3 Miele Lotus White Corded Electric Check Price
NV356E S2 Shark White/Silver Corded Electric Check Price
NV752 Shark Bordeaux Finish Corded Electric Check Price
Deluxe 1161 Bissell Red Corded Electric Check Price
Ball Multi Floor 2 Dyson Yellow Corded Electric Check Price
Elite 31150 Kenmore Silver Corded Electric Check Price
PowerGlide Bissell Blue Corded Electric Check Price
Shark Rocket Shark Orange Corded Electric Check Price
Mite 3670G Eureka Yellow Corded Electric Check Price

1. Shark NV352 Navigator Lift Away – Upright Vacuum

If you search for the best vacuum cleaner for wood floors and have not come across Shark vacuums, it is not possible. They are hard to ignore due to their strong suction, manoeuvrability, powerful motor, and much more. Shark Navigator belongs to the same class of ultra-quality hardwood floor vacs, except it is much more. The only way to find out is to take a deep dive into the unfathomable pool of its features.

Shark NV352 Navigator

Salient Features:

2-in-1-Canister Stick Vac

Shark NV352 is designed as a two-in-one machine and can be used both as a canister and an upright stick vacuum cleaner. When you are cleaning difficult places, attractively designed stairs of your house or the nooks and crannies of the wall, detach the stick from the canister’s base and hold the canister in your hand.

Swivel Steering

When you can’t reach difficult places with your average vacuum cleaner’s stiff cleaning head, only then you will understand the benefits of swivel steering. With Shark NV352, cleaning around the corners, around the chairs, and other accessories in your house is excessively easy, without hurting your fingers and wrists.

Filtration System

With so many particles on our floor, one type of filter is never enough, so NV352 comes featuring dual filters. One is a washable foam filter, and the other is an excellent HEPA filter. Cleaning a filter is highly important for the overall performance. If you have any issues like allergies, a HEPA filter needs to be a must in your vacuum cleaner.

Cleaning Performance

Though it is the best bare floor vacuum, it can be conveniently used for other flooring types. Its exceptional performance on the bare floors is because the motorized brush can be turned off to prevent any scratches on the glossy floor. Meanwhile, the larger chunks like crackers will be easily lifted off by the suction, avoiding flinging them everywhere.

Thicker pile carpet

You might be bringing it as the best hardwood floor vacuum, but what if it gives you an intense cleaning performance on your thick pile carpets? I hope you will like that a lot. The brush’s on/off setting will help you transition from one floor to another exceptionally effortlessly.


The vacuum cleaner comes with accessories like crevice tools, a dusting brush, and an upholstery pet brush to clean the remnants of your pet’s presence in your house. With the upholstery tool, the delicate fabric can be cleaned without any harm. Later, your house looks spick and span in all corners. You might have to stubborn and long pet hair from the motorized brush to let it keep working.

Why do we like it?
  • Affordable
  • Have Both HEPA and foam filter
  • Swivel steering for smooth movements
  • Constant suction due to cyclonic technology
  • Lift-away feature
  • Lightweight
  • The on-off setting of the brush
  • Quite cleaning
  • The motorized brush can be turned off
Take a note
  • It does not feature LEDs
  • The cord may seem a little shorter for big spaces

Final Words:

Bringing a trustworthy machine is all you want when buying an upright vacuum. With the controllable cleaning brush, the performance is errorless. Besides, it is a sturdy machine for its accompanying price tag. Even the lightweight does not miss a beat when it comes to performance.

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2. Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog – Canister Vacuum

Do you know what the best feature of a bagged Vacuum cleaner is? They are BAGGED! They won’t let any dust escape after the cleaning job, so fretting about getting a spell of collected dust is a tale of the old days. Besides, they keep all the allergen and bacteria fully sealed.

Though, Complete C3 does not need any formal introduction because what can be better than the machine’s performance speaking for itself. So, let’s know more.

Miele Complete C3

Salient Features:

Floor Cleaning

This machine is stuffed with all the useful features that can make it the best vacuum for hardwood floors and carpet. You can bring this cleaner as the primary cleaning device even for bigger homes.

Electro Plus Floorhead

Why is this machine suitable for pet hair? The answer lies in the Electro Plus Floorhead. Deep cleaning carpets with this floor head is child’s play now. You will see all the pet hair and litter vanish in front of your eyes with this motorized brush. The floor height can be adjusted according to different carpeting requirements.

Twister Floorhead

Are you wondering about the job of twister floor head of Miele C3? Remember we told you it is the best hard surface vacuum? Well, it is due to this floor head that is coming with gentle natural bristles that are perfect for cleaning bare and hard floors. I know you were afraid of a stiff brush leaving scratches on the floor. But now you can rest assured.

The swivel neck of the floor head is incredibly agile, and maneuvering it along tight spots and hurdles is effortless.


When you buy this machine, make sure you get all the accompanying accessories like the Upholstery tool, the crevice tool, and the pet brushes. After all, you are buying a complete clean device. When cleaning the delicate upholsteries, make sure to regulate the suction.

The Crevice tool leaves tight spots like edges, corners, and gaps clean. The tool is narrow to reach these areas because they shelter for cobwebs and persistent dust particles.

Disposable dust bags

AirClean 3D Efficiency GN Type disposable bags are one notable feature of Miele C3. They ensure properly storing dirt, avoiding any dust particles from leaving the machine once they are trapped. The indicator on these dirtbags will signal when it is time to replace them, so keep an eye on the indicator.

HEPA class 13 air filter

Milele boost of its best filtration system with HEPA class 13 air filter. The timing strip is highly user friendly, indicating when it is time to change the filter. You might know that a dirty filter not only impacts suction power but motor as well. The filter is lined with a layer of activated charcoal, perfect for removing foul smell from your house.

Suction settings

Do you know what is great about bringing Miele Complete C3 home? The variable suction settings. Though all the other features are also great, suction settings make it a priceless vacuum cleaner. The six settings are for every cleaning job of your house, from hardwood floor to carpets to upholsteries and whatever you can think of.

Why do we like it?
  • Bumper strip for protection against walls
  • Noiseless vacuuming
  • Exceptional filtration
  • Powerful suction with variable settings
  • Bigger cleaning head suitable for big areas
  • HEPA filter lining with activated charcoal
  • Highly flexible cleaning hose
  • Best vacuum for hardwood floors and tile
  • Suitable for pet owners
  • Vortex Motor System
Take a note
  • Cannot detach the canister
  • It is not a cordless vacuum cleaner

Final Words:

If you are looking for a premium-quality vacuum cleaner for your whole house’s spotless cleaning, we suggest you stop here and bring Miele C3 hope because looking here and there will anyway waste your time.

The vast range of cleaning options is a death sentence for all the dust and debris on various areas of your hardwood floor to nooks and crannies of elevated areas.

3. Shark NV356E S2 Navigator Lift-Away – Upright Vacuum

Hard floors give extra sparkle and glow to your floors. They look highly attractive but cleaning them can become cumbersome in the absence of the best upright vacuum for hardwood floors. So, spending some time to know about the various accessories of the potential machine is highly recommended.

When going shopping, it is highly likely that you will meet Shark NV356E Navigator as the vacuum cleaner for your house. For that matter, we present you with its highly advanced features to save your precious time.

Shark NV356E S2 Navigator

Salient Features:


If you notice Shark filling up its dust bags with more dirt and debris from around your house, it is due to your precious vacuum cleaner’s inefficiency. So, the best advice is to let it do its job without making any fuss. The suction is powered by a 1200-watt powerful motor. It is a corded machine with 30 feet long power cord.

LED lights

You can easily navigate the dull and dimly lit corners of your house with Shark NV356E Navigator because the LEDs provide ample light to illuminate everything for you. You might start seeing dust you never noticed before, so get ready for a thorough cleaning session.

Size and weight

Who does not want to tow a lightweight vacuum cleaner? Probably every one. But don’t be fooled by the compact and slim body of this vacuum cleaner. This machine is a powerhouse packed in a slim body. It can undoubtedly match the cleaning performance of bigger machines.

Cyclonic Technology

Many unit fails to deliver the constant suction power, for they are not featuring Cyclonic Technology. The technology will ensure you get the same suction power throughout the cleaning process making it the best floor vacuum.

Best vacuum for wood floors

Cleaning hardwood floors and carpets with the same machine might be challenging because average market-based vacs’ suctions does not allow it. Shark NV356E Navigator belongs to those from the opposite category.

Lift-Away feature

Due to the lift-away feature, cleaning surfaces at different elevations is effortless. The canister can be detached from the base unit, and you can easily reach the most formidable places with the cleaning head mounted on the stick. Whether cleaning the stairs or the corners, every type of cleaning comes naturally with this cleaner.

Brush rolls

At the far end of the vacuum stick is the brush roll, suited for carpeted and hard/bare floors. Instead of creating a mess with the pet hair and scattered chucks, it picks them nicely while pushing them towards the dust bag due to the powerful suction.


Just like other models from Shark, HEPA is the primary filter in NV356E Navigator as well. The filter ensures that nothing dangerous to your health is left lying on the floor and lingering in the corners. The sealant technology ensures once trapped, everything stays inside.

Why do we like it?
  • HEPA filters
  • Long power cord
  • Cyclone technology
  • Lightweight
  • LED lights
  • Powerful motor
  • Lift-away feature
  • Turns and swivels on a dime
Take a note
  • The rotating brush may get clogged with hair
  • The brush size is a little small

Final Words:

In the end, it might not be difficult for you to evaluate that this vacuum cleaner has everything that it takes to stand out due to its features. From the powerful motor to the fine HEPA filter and the lift-away feature, this machine portrays convenience at all pints.

4. Shark NV752 Rotator Powered – Upright Vacuum

Shark vacuums are highly reliable, so they are among the first choices for many house owners. When you are reviewing hardwood floor vacs, it becomes highly challenging to include a few of the best among them because they all are exceptionally well-performing.

Shark NV752 is also keeping with the legacy of its manufacturers. Features like a suction regulator, Lift-away technology, powered cleaning head are few among a vast variety of goodness offered by Shark NV 752.

Shark NV752 Rotator

Salient Features:

Constant suction power

One feature that is a pride moment for Shark vacs is their unit’s ability to retain suction power throughout the cleaning process. Nothing is more annoying than to feel that the machine is losing suction when required to clean difficult spots in your house.

Suction regulator

You might be enticed to beautify your house with many different floor arrangements such as various piled carpets, tiled, and other hard floors. But ruining them won’t take much effort if your cleaning tool cannot manage the suction power accordingly. A hard suction is a death sentence for the loosely held fibers of your thick piled carpets. At the same time, a low suction won’t do anything on hard floors.

Lift-away feature

If your stairs and upholsteries catch extra attention from dirt particles, the lift-away feature will deliver convenience. Besides, cleaning high spots become next to impossible if you are holding the whole unit. The wand can be detached from, and you can handily carry the canister in your hand.

Powered Brush roll

The main motor of the system is powering the brush roll as well. The powerful brush roll will pull away all the persistent dirt particles, leaving no pet hair behind on the floor. You can even clean under the bed and other furniture with this powered cleaning head.

Sealed Filtration system

This Shark machine is using a sealed HEPA filtration system. HEPA filters are already brilliant for capturing minute particles, and the sealed system ensures that once trapped, nothing escapes from the clutches of the machine.

Array of attachments

Shark NV752  is also bringing many attachments in the final package bought from Amazon. It would be best if you cared to find a pet hair attachment, the canister caddy for hassle-free transport of the unit, dusting brush, and Genie, motorized brush, etc.

Why do we like?
  • Fingertip access controls
  • LED lights
  • Multiple settings for hard floor and carpets
  • Easy to maneuver
  • 30 feet long power cord
  • Anti-allergen Sealant technology
  • Washable filters
  • Large dust cup
Take a note
  • The rotating brush may get clogged with hair
  • The brush size is a little small

Final Words:

To sum it all, this one unit offers a wide variety of cleaning options due to its multiple settings, easy controls, powerful suction, and accessories. Now you have one tool for carpets, upholsteries, pet hair, stairs, and hard floors. What else would you like in a vacuum cleaner? Difficult to think of more options, right?

5. Bissell Deluxe Canister Vacuum – 1161

Though they are powerful, efficient, and user-friendly machines, the canister vacuums do not get their due share of love and appreciation. So, it goes without saying that Bissell Deluxe Canister Vacuum is included in our list of the best vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors 2021. We are going to have a keen look at its most admired features.

Bissell Deluxe Canister

Salient Features:

Body and design

The first thing that goes unnoticed in this vacuum cleaner is its sleek body coming draped in a decent color combination. The portability is all due to the lightweight and compact structure of this machine. Now you can easily clean multiple floors of the house without getting weary.

Incredible machine for hardwood floors

To maintain the lustrous surface of your hardwood floor might be tiring, but not anymore with Bissell Deluxe. The powerful motor bestows an incredible amount of suction that will pick up everything in front of your bare eyes. Even the cracks will feel squeaky clean.

Do you know what else makes it the best vacuum for hardwood floors and tile?

The brush roll is featuring soft bristles. They will gently clean the floor without spreading the spillage here and there.

Bigger floor head

The machine is ideal for large spaces because of the 10-inch size of the cleaning head. So, if you find it tidying up the area free of debris in fewer passes, this is all the virtue of floorhead.

Variable Suction

The variable suction controls let you change the settings according to the flooring requirements. For instance, you can’t choose the highest suction power for high-pile carpets because that may pull the soft bristles out. But choose this setting for low-pile carpets.

4-Piece Accessory set

On purchasing this, you also get accompanying accessories like a dusting brush, a tool for low pile carpets. Don’t worry, you will also get a crevice tool if you are worried about fissures getting extra attention by attaching dust. Any one of them connected to the extendable wand will let you reach all the tough spots.

Retractable cord

You may feel the cord with 16 feet of length is a little short, but the plus point is retractable. So, the winding back is a matter of mere a touch of control with your foot on this device.

Pet hair

To all the customers, it is noteworthy at this point in time that this machine is mainly developed to perform best on hardwood floors. So, if you see it performing a little below the level of excellence for cleaning the pet hair, know that it is not a fault instead of a deliberate setting.

Why do we like it?
  • A quiet and decent machine
  • Lightweight
  • Various suction settings
  • Maneuverable neck
  • Multiple accompanying accessories
  • Retractable cord
Take a note
  • A little shorter power cord
  • It does not come with a pet brush

Final Words:

Designed primarily for hard floors, it will leave your bare floor glossy thanks to its gentle bristles. Housing in the category of entry-level canister vacuum cleaners supplies excellent features to give tough competition to similar vacs in this category.

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6. Dyson Upright Vacuum Cleaner, Ball Multi Floor 2

For many, the name of Dyson is enough when they want to buy a vacuum cleaner. Do you know when a brand name becomes synonymous with a product category? When the company keeps on delivering high-quality products.

Ball Multi Floor 2 is one of those products people buy blindly. But knowing about the features before buying is a healthy exercise, which is why we wrote this review.

Dyson Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Salient Features:

Looks and design

A lighter and compact body of this upright canister does not imply any compromise in the cleaning section. The double toned combination of grey and bright yellow gives it a sunny bright look when used in the house.

Double layer cyclones

The dirt is collected and managed in a highly hygienic way. The captured dust is out under the centrifugal force to filter out even the smallest of the particles. The unit displays a decent suction power of 250 air watts, which is an improvement to many other models available in the market.

Distinctive Ball design

The ball at the base of all the upright vacuum cleaners from Dyson bestows them an individuality. The machine looks like a figure from outer space. The purpose of this ball is to provide excellent maneuverability to this upright vacuum cleaner.

Self-adjusting brush roll

You will find a brush roll with spiraling bristles. The height of the adjusts according to various requirements of the hard and carpeted floor. The brush head registers 12 inches, while the power cord is this unit is 31 feet in length.

Supporting accessories

The machine features three accompanying accessories such as a crevice tool for cleaning corners and edges, provides added length to the wand, and allowed directed cleaning.

Moreover, there is a dusting brush to clean highly delicate areas with ample suction to remove the stray dust.  Finally, there is a tool to clean the stairs because the main cleaning head may not be appropriate for stairs.

Why do we like it?
  • Extendable wand
  • Easy to empty dustbin
  • Long power cord
  • Cyclone technology for filtration
  • Adjustable cleaning head
  • Suitable for all floorings
  • Multiple accessories for thorough cleaning
  • Distinctive ball design
  • Attractive color combination
Take a note
  • Pet hair may get stuck in the dust canister
  • Some people may miss the lift-Away feature

Final Words:

Overall, Dyson is a perfect machine for those in search of a powerful vacuum cleaner. The lighter weight provides excellent portability across many types of floors. The inclusion of multiple accessories ensures the availability of all the necessary tools when needed.

7. Kenmore Elite 31150 – Pet Friendly Bagged Upright 

Kenmore is not a new name for upright vacuum cleaners. Their vacs are being used across the globe with full trust and reliability.

Elite 31150 is one of its many high-quality products. However, the performance is unmatchable when it comes to being the best hard surface vacuum.

Kenmore Elite 31150

Salient Features:

Design and Body

The first thing that catches your attention when you look at this vacuum cleaner is its design. The unit does not feel like a sour to your eyes when lying in one corner of your lounge. Not just a chic design but the features and functions are highly promising for a vacuum cleaner at this price.

Tri-layer HEPA filter

Kenmore 31150 is the best model for folks dealing with allergies because of the triple layer HEPA filter present in its filtration system. The particles down to the smallest size of 0.3 microns are not even visible to the naked eye are cleaned with this smart machine. The filter has the certification from the Asthma Allergy Foundation of America.

Powerful Suction

The power of the filter is nothing if not bolstered and coupled with excellent suction power. The suction allows the unit to collect all the particles that you leave during your manual cleaning routine. The suction is all thanks to 12-amps 3D induced motors with is energy efficient as well.

Hard floor suitability

The suction settings can be managed according to the different floors, from hard floor to carpet. These multiple settings make this vacuum the best vacuum for hardwood floors and carpet. Still, the suction won’t lose power due to its Power Flow Technology.


The unit does not only feature HEPA filter best for removing allergens but also pre-motor filters and disposable dust bags. The old days of getting a puff of air while emptying the vacuum cleaner are gone with Kenmore 31150.

 Pet HandiMate

This unit has been rated as the best for pet hair due to the accompanying Pet HandiMate. This tool works to remove pet hair that is later suctioned in with the bagless vacuum’s suction power. The brush roll in this tool is run with an integrated turbine. All the stubborn hair and dander are readily eradicated from the narrow seams and creases of the car seat, sofas, etc., leaving everything perfectly immaculate.

Ease of use

Though the unit seems slightly heavy when lifted, the maneuverability is flawless due to the perfect cleaning head. The unit is highly user-friendly, so much so that it can be moved single-handedly as well.

Multiple Height adjustment settings

Isn’t it great if you get to have an option to manage the height of the cleaning for various floorings?  You can adjust the five settings for shag rugs, low pile, medium pile carpets, hard, bare floors, and whatever you can fathom about.

Why do we like it?
  • Power controls located on the handle
  • 35-feet extra-long power cord
  • Thermal protection for the unit’s safety
  • Motor turn-off when clogged
  • HEPA and pre-motor filters
  • Powerful and constant suction
  • Telescopic wand for easy cleaning
  • LED headlights for visibility
Take a note
  • A little heavy
  • The cord is not retractable

Final Words:

Would you like a machine that will leave your air quality fit for breathing? I am sure you would. The HEPA filter ensures it. Besides, a cluster of features such as accessories, powerful suction, ease of cleaning, and many others make this unit the best vacuum for hardwood floors and tile.

8. Bissell PowerGlide – Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

When you go shopping for vacuum cleaners, one thing to look for is the versatility of the machine. Would it be able to clean various flooring types and areas? The cleaning with a vacuum does not end at carpeted floors only. So, the versatility of this Bissell PowerGlide is one reason that it could make it to our list of the best vacuum for hardwood floors and tile.

Bissell PowerGlide Pet Hair

Salient Features:

Cleaning performance

The cleaning performance of a Bissell vacuum cleaner makes people turn their head while it is on duty. From carpeted floors to bare floors or upholsteries, with this machine cleaning everything becomes a fun exercise.

Triple action brushes

The brushes in this unit work unlike the others, which tend to push the dirt around. Accompanying brush roll comes with a setting that allows you to turn it on or off according to the solid and carpeted floors. These brushes, when working on the carpeted floor, disengage and loosen the dust.

SuctionChannel Technology

Once the brushes are done doing their job, later the suction power takes over. The plethora of features work in complete tandem with each other to bring the optimal performance bragged about by Bissell PowerGlide.

9X multi-cyclonic separation

Many think that a bagless vacuum cleaner will spread dust everywhere, so they prefer bagged vacuum cleaners. It was until they knew about the 9X multi-cyclonic separation. This system is apt in preventing the dirt particles from going into the post-motor filter. You will see your filer living a longer and healthier life.


Maneuverability is one of the many features that you look for in the best floor vacuum. Bissell’s control-friendly swivel steering will reach around the corners of your furniture with unmatchable ease.

Extension wand

Now you can clean all the tough and narrow spots with this vacuum on the bare floor and elevated areas without losing suction. The wand is extendable, so it will support your job by extending your reach.

Supporting accessories

To ensure all the areas clean in your house, the accessories are added benefits of this machine. The crevice tool will not leave nooks and crannies with any dirt. While the Pet TurboEraser Tool is a dream come true for pet owners, it will eliminate all the pet hair you.

Tangle-free technology

Cleaning the brushes free of the tangled hair becomes a headache if your pet experience too much shedding. So, the tangle-free technology, along with the edge-to-edge cleaning, ensure you do not have to tackle obstinate pet hair with this vacuum cleaner.

SmartSeal Allergen System

This unit is equally suitable for people suffering from allergies. Because the SmartSeal Allergen System ensures that the harmful particles are not only trapped but kept inside.

Why do we like it?
  • Exceptional at picking up stray hair
  • Dirt Dealing technology
  • Brush On-Off feature
  • Best for bare floors
  • Edge-to-edge cleaning
  • It comes with many accessories
  • Long power cord
  • Extendable wand
  • Easy to the empty dust cup
  • Excellent swivel head
Take a note
  • Slightly heavy
  • The dirt cup is small
  • A little noisy, but quitter than many others

Final Words:

Those who are already using this upright vacuum praise its suction ability that does not lose power wherever you are working.  The brush on/off feature will ensure no harm is made to the bare and carpeted floors.

All the features combined make it the best upright vacuum for hardwood floors. Once brought, you will always want to reach it when it is time to clean.

9. Shark Rocket Corded Bagless Stick Vacuum 

If you are looking for a compact and lightweight machine mimicking an upright vacuum cleaner’s performance, this is the best place to be. Otherwise, you can spend your time searching for the best vacuum cleaner for wood floors. But we are sure that you will have to come back, then why not save some time?

Shark Rocket Corded

Salient Features:

Body and outlook

When you first look at this machine, this feels like a cordless vacuum but don’t be fooled by the slim and sleek body because it will provide you with such an ease of like in any robotic cleaners. The body of the cleaner is draped in an attractive Gray-orange combination with a sturdy build.


When working for the first time, the design may feel different because the motor is mounted up the top below the handle, unlike other stick vacs.

At the far end of the stick is the cleaning head with a swivel steering. You are looking at a user-friendly and easily controllable unit with an ergonomic handle. The high performance cancels out the impact of a slightly heavy top.

Cleaning performance

The unit is perfect for cleaning tight spots under the bed and other furniture units. Remove the extension wand and use it as a handheld vacuum cleaner.


Worried about getting backache after cleaning the stairs? No need because the extension wand provides you enough reach to clean anywhere from the top to the floor.

Maintenance and cleaning

Do you feel it strange that the thing supposed to clean also needs cleaning? Well, it does if you want to keep it using for a long time. Make sure to clean the filters periodically for consistent performance. The dust cup is easy to clean by merely pushing a button and can directly empty it into the bin.

Harwood floor

The machine comes with pre-defined settings to choose from when cleaning the hardwood and other tiled floors. The other setting is for carpeted floors. Even the spinning brush roll is designed in a way not to harm the bare floor.

Special dusting attachment for hardwood

The unit is featuring a distinct dusting attachment for hardwood and other bare floors. So, we can conveniently say that it is the best vacuum for hardwood floors and tile. Not just a vast array of accessories such as crevice tool, pet upholstery tool, dusting brush, etc. are also included.

Why do we like it?
  • Wall mount to hang on the wall
  • It needs less storage space
  • Good suction power
  • Versatile cleaning options
  • HV302 model coms with additional detail kit
  • A plethora of accompanying accessories
Take a note
  • You may miss the HEPA filter
  • Attachments can’t be stored on the vacuum

Final Words:

It is rarely possible to get all the essential features in one machine at an affordable rate, and Shark has made this possible with Shark Rocket Corded. This machine looks like a handheld tool but performs like an upright cleaner. With the 30 feet long cord taking you a long way, this is a highly versatile vacuum cleaner with full justification for its price.

10. Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G – Corded Canister Vacuum

A vacuum cleaner that is good for your hardwood floor releases a lot of burden off your shoulder. Because the shiny floor getting ugly scratches or only being murky with dust is a painful sight. So, we decided to conclude our list of the ten best vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors 2021 with this product from Eureka, which is already an acclaimed name in the category of canister vacuum cleaners.

Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G

Salient Features:

Design and looks

A 12-amps motor in the body powers Eureka Mighty mite and provides such a powerful suction that cannot be guessed due to its sleek body design. This machine is everything for those looking for power and suction. The yellow casing with a big 10-inch cleaning path will become a hot topic for gossip at your next kitty party.

Weightless body

The lightweight structure of this machine does not miss a beat to show off confidence and ultra-edge performance. Besides, your struggle with a bulky machine ends here, as you can carry it and clean all the places in your house. An additional feature is that it takes less space to store.

Additional blower port

This machine will leave no dirt even in your garage with the additional blower port to blow away the dust in your garage.

Various supporting tools

This machine provides an all-rounder cleaner performance thanks to all the accompanying accessories of various sizes and shapes. Clean the tight spots with the crevice tool, dust off upholsteries with a dusting brush and an upholstery nozzle.

Decent size of dust bad

The integrated dustbag features a decent capacity of 96 ounces of dirt, so we highly doubt that you will need to stop in the middle to replace it. Besides, it is the most hygienic way to handle the debris without any worry of nasty leakage.

Additional extension

To extend the reach, there is an added extension that you can connect to the main body. There is no need to look for the ladder while cleaning elevated areas because the extension would provide adequate reach.

Why do we like it?
  • Sleek body and design
  • Powerful motor
  • Lightweight
  • Additional blower port
  • Multiple accessories
  • Easy to the empty dust bag
Take a note
  • A little noisy
  • Short power cord

Final Words:

Like many machines, this might not be the perfect machine. But it does promise an adequate performance. It offers many benefits making it worthy of being chosen as the next vacuum cleaner in your house with ample suction power to the bigger cleaning head and accompanying accessories.

Buying guide – Best vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors

When you buy a vacuum cleaner for a specific floor type, you need to be extra careful and ensure the presence of a few essential features in your vacuum cleaner.

The machines are made with various technologies fit to do various jobs. Buying a vacuum cleaner that fails to perform the specialized cleaning is a futile exercise and mere wastage of time.

We advise you to follow the tips below to buy the hardwood floor vacs for your house.

Type of the vacuum cleaner

You may choose between Upright, canister stick, and robot vacuum for your hard floor. All these can work well on your hardwood floor. But a canister vac is good ideal for cleaning smaller space like stairs and narrow areas.

The stick vac is preferable for those looking for the convenience of lightweight and ease of use. Robot vacuums are not just cordless. They are smart, compact, and does not require any supervision, but you may feel a decrease in suction power.

The capacity of the dust cup

Cleaning larger spaces may require having a bigger dust cup. Because emptying the dirt cup in the middle of your cleaning session is only creates downtime and is a headache. Look for a decent capacity of the dust cup depending on the area to be cleaned.

But on the other hand, you also need to consider the overall weight of the machine. Make sure the larger cup does not make the machine heavier overall.

Length of the cord

The length of the accompanying cord is also an essential consideration for a corded unit. An average length of the cord ensures that you don’t need to change the plugs when working around the house.

Presence of a beater brush

In a house with a combination of bare, hardwood, and carpeted floors, a vacuum cleaner with an option to turn on/off the beater brush is ideal. The harsh beater brush can be turned off when vacuuming hard floors because they may create scratches on the floor. Besides, the rotating bar can spread the spilled crumbs and debris instead of picking them up.

Weight and mobility

Carrying a bigger vacuum cleaner on multiple floors is always cumbersome. So, you might look for a lightweight cleaner. Many of the products on our list are highly user-friendly. A lighter vac can be taken up the stairs very quickly.


The accompanying accessories increase the versatility of your hard floor vac. With them on board, you can clean various other places like couches, car seats, upholsteries, and much more.

FAQ’s – Best vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors

If any of your queries are left unanswered, there is still one more section left to answer your remaining queries.

Should I vacuum or manually clean my hardwood floor?

Nothing can beat the cleaning performance of a vacuum when it comes to removing dirt and dust from the hardwood floor. The nooks and crannies are challenging to clean manually, but a walk in the park with an upright vacuum cleaner.

 How frequently should I vacuum my hard floor

It is recommended to vacuum your hard floors once a week. Cleaning them more often may leave scratches on the glossy surface of the titled and other hard floors. You may wet clean them once a month.

What to check when I buy a vacuum for my house?

Even though you may be looking for a vac for a hardwood floor, the cleaning versatility is an added benefit. Because more often than not, you have a combination of carpeted and hardwood floors. A vacuum cleaner with multiple flooring options will give you more cleaning options.

Final Verdict:

This article has provided tips to make the most appropriate choice when buying a hardwood floor vacuum cleaner. Keeping the delicacy of your bare floor is essential to have an attractive looking house. So, buying the most appropriate cleaning tool goes without saying.

To choose among all these products might be a challenging job for you, but I hope to have given you ample information and guidance to choose the best suited from this list.

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