Best vacuum for long hair – Our 10 Top Picks

You must have found numerous vacuums with the tag of “best vacuum for long hair” on them. Only a few of them would have made you get rid of those bothersome long hairs either getting tangled around your feet fingers or becoming a reason behind a loose-tempered mom.

Even I was told by my mom to keep my hair short just because the fallen ones used to get stuck in the vacuum. As you put your finger on any one of the best vacuum cleaners for long hair you will figure out that it is within reach to keep you house hair-free.

Shark ZU561 Navigator
Shark ZU561 Navigator
  • Powerful Motor
  • Highl Suction
  • Easy to Assemble
Dyson V11 Torque
Dyson V11 Torque
  • Maneuverability
  • Long Life Battery
  • Strong Suction
BISSELL Cleanview
BISSELL Cleanview
  • Low Price
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Strong Suction

Especially when it comes to maintenance it seems way too easy to clean the floor with a broom instead of cleaning the vacuum every time the hair gets intertwined.

Take a look at the list of best vacuum cleaners for long human hair below and permanently say goodbye to the troublesome long hair lingering everywhere at your home:

10 Best Vacuum For Long Hair

Name Brand Color Power Source Price
Ball Animal 2 Dyson Blue Corded Electric Check Price
LZ601, APEX  Shark Mist Blue Corded Electric Check Price
Roomba i7 iRobot Black Battery Check Price
APEX AZ1002 Shark Espresso Corded Electric Check Price
ZU561 Navigator Shark Red Peony Corded Electric Check Price
Crosswave 2306A Bissell Purple Corded Electric Check Price
Cleanview 24899 Bissell Green Corded Electric Check Price
Compact C1 Miele Obsidian Black Corded Electric Check Price
Blizzard CX1 Miele Tech Blue Corded Electric Check Price
Dyson V11 Dyson Blue Corded Electric Check Price

1: Dyson Ball Animal 2 – Upright Vacuum Cleaner

This best vacuum for long human hair is an upright shaped cleaner. Can totally function on a hard floor including thin and thick rugs. Not only this but the cleaning surface can also be the interior of the car if you have the habit of stroking your pet in the car too.

Dyson Ball Animal

Salient Features:

The most important characteristic which proofs that whether it is the best vacuum to pick for long hair is its suction power. The power at which it sucks the debris and especially the obnoxious, sticky long hair is sky-reaching.

Methodically proved, this is the best vacuum for hair and dust. It has the ability to pull off the unhealthiest to tiniest bacteria off your floor, turning your home a healthier abode for you. Its mechanism contains advanced technology that is able to suck all debris particles including the dead long hair.

It contains a feature named self-adjusting Cleaner which sucks the dirt from deep under the carpets. Not only this but it also vacuums the already tangled hair stuck on the indoor carpeting.

This product has manifested that it is the best vacuum cleaner for long hair. Considering this it goes under the fixtures to disinfect your home from bacteria. It also makes you get rid of your fallen dead hair.

It also has some additional tools in it like hard floor cleaner which vacuums on hard surfaces. Plus there is a tangle-free turbine that sucks the hair without entangling them together along with that a tool storage bag.

It is long-lasting and can also vacuum the stairs giving an efficient result. It has the propensity to adapt to different surfaces like carpets or hardfloor, leaving no complain behind.

Why do we like it?
  • A satisfactory suction power
  • Best vacuum for long pet hair
  • Can reside at your house for a substantial amount of years
  • Can function on staircases
  • It is all-purpose and can easily change its course of action
  • An upright vacuum cleaner that takes less surface area
  • Easy to use
Take a note
  • Comparatively, it has a small wastebasket capacity
  • It might turn out to be a little weighty

Final Words:

If having a good suction potential and being able to remove all the loathsome hair lying around are the predominant features that you are looking for in a vacuum cleaner, so this fits perfectly. It is the best vacuum with attachments and an inexpensive one which can usually fit in everyone’s budget.

2: Shark LZ601, APEX – UpLight Vacuum

It is the stick vacuum 0.66qt having an attached brush roll proving to be one of the best vacuums for long hair. Having an accelerated force of sucking of the human hair and pet hair the cleaning will definitely out-turn to be up to your requirements.

Shark LZ601

Salient Features:

This is the best vacuum to pick up long hair and contains a soaring suction power. This enables the vacuum to grasp the long hair from deep under the high-pile carpets. Powered by Shark’s HyperVelocity technology.

The brush roll can draw out the dead long hair and the fallen pet hair which in turn can keep you guarded against any type of allergens. Refrain from spending money on anti-allergens rather invest that in this best vacuum for long pet hair.

Equally important it also carries a dual brush roll which executes an intense cleaning on the carpet and concurrently it also vacuums the floor fulfilling your very purpose of buying it: getting rid of long human hair.

The pod is flexible enough to be lifted which will then be able to clean all the brackets and book racks. You will have to lift and tightly hold the hose up but when it comes to the cleaning of your favorite book collection then this feature seems really valuable.

Why do we like it?
  • It is fortunately extremely light in weight
  • Can function on staircases
  • It carries the competency of sucking the debris
  • Contains some beneficial attachments
  • LED lights throw light on dark or somber surroundings
  • Anti-hair entangling mechanism
  • Gives a double, triple benefit in return for the cost
  • Best vacuum for long hair removal
Take a note
  • To avail some additional features you might have to pay extra

Final Words:

Carrying weighty utensils and items can always be found in the list of interests of muscle builders but as for you this light weight and best vacuum cleaner for hair and dust is the one to plump for. Bid farewell to the obnoxious long hair and welcome Shark LZ601.

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3. iRobot Roomba i7+ (7550) – Robot Vacuum 

It is by far the best robot vacuum for long hair and contains a wifi-connectivity option. Not just this but this robotic vacuum itself empties the jettisoned dirtbag when the capacity of it completes.

Seeing this it seems like the manufacturer has prioritized the fact that many such people have turned antagonized towards the stinky lying hair.

iRobot Roomba i7

Salient Features:

As mentioned above it has the propensity to automatically empty the wastebasket once filled which means that you will neither have to clean the floor nor the bin. This is one of the best robot vacuum for hair especially for those working individuals who might not have time to look after the maintenance.

The other attractive feature is the AllergenLock Bag which takes under custody the bacteria causing harm to the surroundings. Upon testing a verdict was given that it imprisons 99% of the pollen and mold.

This is the best robot vacuum for hair having a Premium 3-stage cleaning technique and 10 times more is the force it makes use of, while sucking already entangled hair stuck deep under thick carpets.

Getting rid of the thin and thick cakes of dust from your house is one of its most liked characteristic as this iRoomba robot will not leave you scorning behind.

It has turned out to be smarter than a human having 100% IQ as it can make a personalized map of your house and navigate according to it. This permits it to clean in proper rows or columns (vSLAM navigation)

Is completely able to recharge itself when ran out of the liquid in the battery and then continues from where it had left cleaning.

If you have made a mistake of working in the kitchen with your long hair open no need to worry as iRobot Roomba has the best solution for such problems. It was just said earlier that it is the best robot vacuum for long hair but when you will spend some bucks on this then it will also prove itself by cleaning all the messy hair.

This vacuum can be put into operation via the app, Amazon Alexa, or the Google assistant voice commander. You can also make the robot avoid some kid-glove areas, like play areas, by confining it to certain regions in your home.

iRobot Roomba is smarter than you can imagine as it is able to make customized plans by considering the frequently cleaned areas and the specific timings that you have allotted for cleaning.

Idiosyncratic Dual Multi-surface Brushes is again the most appreciated feature in this best robot vacuum for hair. The vacuum itself alters the type of brushes when it comes to contact with rugs or hardfloor. High-geared filter catches 99% of the cat and dog hair (allergens).

In this era where in place of humans the latest technology is ruling the world we can expect abrupt changes in mechanism of the robots like the Roomba i7 and Braava jet m6, together in a pair, mops and vacuums the floor.

Why do we like it?
  • Can be functioned through voice commands
  • A long-lasting battery
  • High-performance suction
  • Best robot vacuum for long hair
  • Profound cleaning attained
  • Worthy enough to be bought
Take a note
  • It might seem expensive for some
  • When cleaning its waste bag it may produce a little noise

Final Words:

It is preferred to rely on robots more than your maids because in the contemporary society every living being has zero rate of tolerance towards human errors. Taking into consideration the advanced technology it has, like for example high-geared navigation and personalized maps, you will surely get attracted to it.

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4. Shark APEX AZ1002 – Upright Vacuum

This best hair vacuum has the ability to clean the debris and hair from deep under the carpets and from the hard floor. Without letting the hair getting entangled in its brush it sweeps away all the human hair. Manufactured by Shark can work on 100120 volts.


Salient Features:

Its debris disposal bag has the capacity of 1.5 quarts which means that it can carry a good deal of pet hair and long human hair at once.

The most cardinal feature, whose presence in every best hair vacuum is mandatory, is the high suction power. Which enables it to deep clean the carpets and the surface of the hard floor.

It contains zero M technology which gives the vacuum a potential to unwrap the long and short hair in the vacuum. A Dual brushroll mechanism enables it to clean deep down the sewn threads on the carpets and concomitantly cleanse the floor too. In a nutshell, it is named as DualClean technology.

The vacuum hose is flexible to be lifted up and ultimately this feature turns out to be user friendly. You will be able to clean the shelves or roof of short heighted cupboards.

This is best vacuum for long hair removal and can vacuum a trail of width-11 inch.

HEPA filter seals all the bacteria and debris which will ultimately turn your house anti-allergen. Not just this but this best hair vacuum also contains zero M self-cleaning which empowers the vacuum to clean itself.

Why do we like it?
  • It has the gassed-up suction power
  • Best vacuum for a hair salon
  • Once unboxed it gets easy to muster all its parts
  • Longevity is guaranteed
  • Can function on stairs
  • The brush does not allow the hair to wrap around
Take a note
  • Might seem a little over-priced
  • It has somehow a bulky design

Final Words:

It is a full size upright and best vacuum cleaner for long hair. A powerful suction force is only that is needed by a user. Bring Shark APEX in and the long annoying hair will be out as they both can’t be together (unfortunately no friendship!!)

5. Shark ZU561 Navigator – Upright Vacuum

You need to decide on this too which has shown an incredible performance and set evidence of being one of the best vacuums for long hair. It can run on carpets and hard floors with ease leaving no trace of dust behind.

Not just this but it is also the best vacuum for long pet hair so if you have tamed Afghan Hound or any other specie so do not lose sleep and bring Shark ZU651  at your place.

Shark ZU561 Navigator

Salient Features:

This vacuum makes sure that entangling of hair on the brush roll does not annoy the user. In a nutshell no hair wrap feature gets the most appreciation.

The Lift-away mode enables it to unfasten from the pod which helps the user in cleaning the roofs of your fixtures and sucks the long hair lying under them.

A profound carpet cleaning is what you can anticipate from this best hair vacuum. So if you are exasperated with picking up the fallen hair stuck between the carpet threads spend some bucks on this one.

Seal technology puts all the allergens behind the bars so that they do not cause further harm to your health. To cut a long story short it contains HEPA filter which filters your home and the residue which is about 99.9% left is the dust, the pet hair and your fallen hair locks.

Corners of your home or the places which are out of reach but do contain balls of hair can be cleaned and vacuumed by this with ease.

The suction power automatically adjusts when some surfaces concentrate with hair or debris come under the vacuum and this is possible due to Suction Control Slider.

The wastebasket fixed in it is bag less and in a cup form which can be detached with utmost ease for the purpose of emptying it.

Some additional instruments include those that sucks the long human hair which usually gets stubborn on the carpets just like a mule and the caked of debris at the corners.

Why do we like it?
  • Trouble-free assembling
  • Cleaning is done under the blanket of ease
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Can clean climbing steps
  • Sky-high suction power
Take a note
  • Absence of LED lights
  • Hair might sometimes entangle in the brush

Final Words:

In closing, we can say that it can be the ideal choice when one is looking for pathways which lack difficulties as ease is guaranteed in monitoring this vacuum. It is the best vacuum with attachments and welcomes easy cleaning in your already hectic life.

6: BISSELL Crosswave Pet Pro – Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

It is multi-purpose and the best vacuum to pick up long hair. Its existence has two purposes which are: vacuuming and then mopping your house floor. All rugs and the hard floor will now get relief from all the balls of hair and chunks of debris.

BISSELL Crosswave Pet

Salient Features:

It cleans your floor with its brush and in concert washes the floor which adds to the white shine. The cord length is up to 25 feet.

It has the ability to suck the pet and human long hair from the rugs and sealed hard floor. In short, means that it is the best vacuum for long human hair on the carpet.

It disappers the pet hair and the odor of it as though they have never been there which shows its high-geared performance of cleaning and moping.

A water tank in which it carries water for washing is about 28 ounce and the disposal basket for human hair and pet hair is about 14.5 ounce.

It has a newfangled and a contemporary brush roll which is multi-surface. It comprises of microfiber and nylon material which enables it to mop and vacuum the floor at the same time.

Why do we like it?
  • Easy to muster the parts together
  • Not so weighty
  • The rate of maneuverability is high
  • Best vacuum cleaner for hair on the carpet
  • An intense carpet clean
  • Sky-touching suction power
Take a note
  • Might not be that dependency deserving
  • It May not seem budget-friendly
  • Mopping would take a little more water

Final Words:

In brief words, no one would let go of an opportunity of getting all in one vacuum cleaner welcoming an anti-fatigue lifestyle. And this you will be able to achieve by sacrificing some bucks for it. A good vacuuming will be of no use if you will the let your maid splash water on it so go for this best hair vacuum for proper mopping.

7. BISSELL Cleanview Rewind Pet Deluxe, 24899

This one is again an upright vacuum cleaner being under the crown of the best hair vacuum. A user is always thankful to BISSELS products as they provide you a perfect way of getting rid of all the pet and human hairs. Can function on hardfloor with paramount suction power.

BISSELL Cleanview Rewind

Salient Features:

It has a tripartite brush roll that unlocks the stuck hair, grabs them in its thread-like brush surface and then swallows them in, from numerous types of surfaces.

Anti-scatter mechanism enables it to bring down the number of scattered hair and dust particles on hardfloor which turns you worry-free.

The extreme corners of your room also get cleaned where small pet hair or broken ends of human hair gets collected.

The power cord automatically gets folded in a neat manner which gives a rest to your hands. This feature again proves how fast the world is running in the race of advancements.

Only one press of the button can solve the problem of emptying the wastebasket from all the hairs and debris. That wastebasket can store a larger volume of disposed of material including the hairs.

Why do we like it?
  • Easy to handle
  • Ease ensured in foregathering its parts
  • Cleaning would be easy
  • Light in weight
  • Geographically mobile
  • Best vacuum for long hair removal
  • Suction power reaching for the sky
Take a note
  • Absence of swivel steering
  • The hose might seem a little short
  • The cleaner head is unable to reach under low-lying furniture

Final Words:

Summarizing, if you are in a search of the best vacuum for hair and dust then you are on the right track and good to go. Having a sense of hate towards the mess and human hair lying at every corner of the house is something everyone has. Get rid of these annoying vibes and catch every thrown opportunity to buy this one.

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8. Miele Compact C1 Turbo Team – Canister Vacuum

This is the best vacuum for hair on carpet not just this but it performs very well on hardfloor too. The wattage it carries 1200 watts. There are many groundbreaking features that you might find it it. Moreover this model has done extremely done on the charts.

Miele Turbo Team Canister

Salient Features:

It has a high suction power which can reach to 1,200 W and this assures a good cleaning

The height of it is adjustable to your own requirement that permits you to clean long heightened assets at your home.

Trouble-free vacuuming can be done for large width pathways and within an operating radius of 29.5 ft. This feature helps in cleaning your room in some turns only.

A soft brush is attached to this vacuum for parquet or sensitive flooring which proves that it is clement on the floors and deserves to be under the banner of the best hair vacuum.

Why do we like it?
  • Way too easy to handle
  • Ease in assembling the parts
  • Longevity assured
  • Light on hands
  • Suction vigor is high
  • Maneuverability achieved
  • Best vacuum cleaner for hair on the carpet
Take a note
  • It might seem a little difficult to vacuum on high-piled carpets
  • A little drop in the performance on pet hair concentrated areas

Final Words:

Hold a torch and look for the best vacuum to pick up long hair from a low-pile carpet. The first that you will spot will be Miele Compact C1 Turbo Team canister vacuum. Cleaning with the help of this vacuum is easier than instructing your maid before the routine tasks.

9. Miele Blizzard CX1 – Bagless Canister Vacuum

In case you are in search of a canister vacuum so this best hair vacuum would perfectly fit. If your pet usually jumps in with you in the car where ever you go so don’t hesitate in taking it along with you as we have the best vacuum for long pet hair ready. It can vacuum surfaces like hard floor or upholstery.

Miele Blizzard CX1

Salient Features:

This German-engineered canister vacuum contains two types of brushes. First is the Turbo Brush Floorhead which is responsible for cleaning the medium or low-piled carpets. The second one is the Parquet Twister Floor head with soft needle like whiskers which vacuums hardfloor.

Rotary Dial enables the user to change the modes which affects the power of suction. This can be done when the surface changes or when it seems like a specific region is highly concentrated with pet or long human hair.

Highly-geared Vortex tool gives the authority to the vacuum to carry out profound and deep cleaning.

The emptying of the dustbin is always just one click behind. One click and the bin would open without forming wool of the dust in the air while emptying the dust bin.

Some additional tools include: STB 305-3 TurboTeQ Floor head, SBB 300-3 Parquet Twister Floor head, Dusting Brush, Upholstery tool and Crevice tool.

Why do we need it?
  • Best vacuum for long hair removal from the hard floor
  • The canister can be emptied with ease
  • Best hair vacuum with an attachment
  • Two cleaner heads
Take a note
  • Not so good for high-pile carpets
  • Might seem a little bit expensive

Final Words:

In essence, when it comes to the decision making the more you handle this process with care the more it gets worth so put your hands on this best vacuum for long hair on carpet and watch your decision showing up in good light.

10: Dyson V11 Torque Drive – Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

It is the best vacuum cleaner for hair on carpet and hard floor. An ultra-performance has always been experienced by its users and you also surely will. This one is wireless and does not ask you to take the task of wrapping the wires and putting them right. Now pull up your sock for this worth full journey.


Salient Features:

You will find this vacuum smarter than humans having double times more suction power than any other freestyle vacuum cleaners.

You should not permit the debris and germs surround you, let this vacuum find their abode. Proven on a scientific base, this cleaner shows that it is the best vacuum for hair and dust and efficient in trapping the allergens.

An intense cleaning all around your home can be looked forward to. The tools made are specialized for this very purpose so put all your worries in a box.

Smartly adjusts to the force of suction and the time of cleaning required for specific surface types. Make your hired cleaner understand that the pets have never been a problem but the type of vacuum used has always been the problem. So replace that with this best vacuum for long pet hair and do not let your cleaner complain.

The power mode, floor type, and the attachments used are the factors that have an influence on the running time.

The cleaner head contains a lot of power for your home cleaning. Without any human intervention, changes the suction power for deep cleaning when it runs over high-pile carpets.

Car cleaning can be done through this vacuum with the utmost ease. It contains different tools for the removal of pet hair settled in the tiny spaces.

It can convert into a portable version (handheld) for the use in the car and on upholstery.

Some other features are: Torque drive head, mini-motorized tool, crevice tool, brush tool for dust stuck like a solidified liquid glue, dusting brush for gentle surfaces, combination tool, wand storage clip, port replicator and charger.

Why do we like it?
  • Sky-scraping suction power
  • Highly adjustable to surface types
  • Best hair vacuum for stairs
  • Long-lasting battery
  • An expenditure worth for spending money on
Take a note
  • Minimum 4.5 hours taken for the battery to recharge
  • Might feel like it is a little weighty vacuum

Final Words:

Summing all this up, we get a conclusion that Dylon V11 does not want to be left behind in the race of intelligence. Considering the flexibility of the cleaning head and the adjustable mechanism to surface types force us to give a second thought to this cleaner which is the best vacuum for long hair removal.

Buyer’s Guide – Best vacuum for long hair

Do not worry we are not at all leaving you in the middle of the vacuum selection process. Here we present you the guide for the best hair vacuum to facilitate your knowledge:

Vacuum category:

First you will have to decide on the kind of vacuum you are looking for. That may influence the money you pay for it. Canister, robot, handheld, and upright vacuums are some of the types. While you go through this stage of selection consider the areas. For example car or your house, for which you are buying the vacuum.

Cleaning surface:

Every best hair vacuum might not perform the same on distinct surfaces. It depends on its manufacturer that how he has made it adapt to floor types. Some might fail to deep clean on high-pile carpets and some may not be the best choice for upholstery. Bringing a vacuum home that is not at all fit for the surface type would just bring you to regret. So lookout for the flooring of your home and then sacrifice your money and time in bringing it home.

Knot free Brush rolls:

The users of the traditional vacuums have always made faces when asked about the performance. It is just because of the entangling of the hair on the brush roll. The most important thing to highlight is the tangle-free brush roll so that your back pain goes on vacations. The vacuums of Shark have Zero-M technology which prevents the long human hair from getting stuck.

Suction power:

A vacuum with low suction power is just like a computer without a screen. Whatever you do to make it function, like other strong vacuums, would go in vain.


How can we forget the biggest sacrifice you will give when buying the best vacuum for long hair removal? The thing which is important is not how cheap a vacuum is, it is how worthful the vacuum is. Now setting this in mind you should go for those vacuum cleaners which tick mark all your requirements. The expensive one will also not seem that expensive if it is pulling down your temper which had risen at a glance of your dirty home.


FAQ’s – Best vacuum for long hair

Q1) Can long human hair removal vacuums be used for the cleaning of pet hair too?

Ans) The cleaner heads and the tools which are for vacuuming of long human hair also fit in your situation. The mechanism is almost the same as both are the hairs. These vacuums can work best for the purpose of trapping these allergens in more prone areas.

Q2) Should we use a dustpan for the cleaning of a human hair?

Ans) We have said before vacuums are getting advanced day by day and have left the traditional ways of sweeping away the hair behind. If you think this way so we would suggest you wake up from the old, traditional era. Now humans have actually come up with an anti-hair warp brush.

Q3) Which cleaner is the best vacuum for long human hair?

Ans) Out of all the above BISSEL Cleanview Rewind Pet Deluxe might be the one that deserves to be reconsidered.

Q4) Which is the most reliable of all?

Ans) When it comes to dependency on a specific vacuum then we would like to throw some light on the products of Miele. Especially when the abrupt disappearance of hair in your house catches your attention you are most welcome to appreciate the vacuum of Miele mentioned above.

Final Verdict:

So we have decided to put the choice of the best vacuum cleaner for long hair on you and wish you good luck with the decision. Everyone has their own choice and perceptions, you might like one vacuum and the others might like any other. It is just because every manufacturer has considered different aspects when making the vacuum cleaner.

If you still aren’t able to decide which one to bring home then you should re-read the article which might hopefully help. Do keep all the guides in your mind when choosing.  

Happy Cleaning!!     

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