Best Vacuum For Stairs – Comparison, Reviews, FAQs, and Buying Guide

Cleaning the stairs can be a challenging task. Besides, they are also among those areas of your house which get high traffic. So, there is no point in leaving them unclean. The best vacuum for stairs will have an efficient cleaning head, super maneuverability to ensure stairs are not left out of your cleaning routine.

Indeed, when going through your hallway, they reflect sumptuousness and luxury regardless of the size of the house. But you cannot expect the same feeling from muddy stairs.

You need a machine that offers you powerful suction and reaches all the corners of the stairs. The goal is finding no dust and dirt clogged in the most congested intersections of your stairs.

looking for such a machine is tricky unless you know about a place where all the relevant information, the negatives, and the positives are readily accessible. This review is fulfilling a similar purpose of informing you about the best vacuum for stairs.

There are two sections; either read our top five picks or go through all till the end. We always recommend reading till the end UNLESS you are in a hurry.

10 Best vacuums for stairs

Name Brand Color Power Source Price
Max Flex BLACK+DECKER Black Battery Powered Check Price
VacLife VL188 Vaclife Orange Battery Powered Check Price
Cleanview 47R51 Bissell Orange Corded Electric Check Price
BISSELL Eraser Bissell Purple Battery Powered Check Price
RapidClean Pro Eureka Essential Battery Powered Check Price
GeeMo H595 GeeMo Red & Black Corded Electric Check Price
INSE N6 INSE Red Battery Powered Check Price
Eureka EasyClean Eureka yellow Corded Electric Check Price
Dibea 28KPa Dibea Red Battery Powered Check Price
MOOSOO MOOSOO Red Battery Powered Check Price

1. BLACK+DECKER 20V Max Flex – Handheld Vacuum 

What is the best vacuum for stairs? Asking this is an obvious question when you have beautiful spiraling stairs in your house. Since, they add to the beauty of your home, therefore leaving them unclean is unwise and out of the question. Let’s know about the best vacuum cleaner for stairs starting from industry giant BLACK+DECKER.



As the name implies, this is a handheld cleaning device. The offered reach of such tools is remarkable. They are excellent gadgets for quick spot cleaning. The company had initially designed these tools to clean stairs and other narrow and difficult to reach areas. But at the same time newly added extensions have solved the issue of cleaning the floor as well.


A Lithium-ion battery is powering this unit and has a reputation for longevity and an efficient supply of power. Furthermore, with a full charge, you get 15 long minutes of undeniably powerful performance. The battery takes four hours to recharge.

Efficient bare floor cleaning

The device does not feature a motorized brush. Though it may have a limited performance to offer on carpet floors, it is the best vacuum cleaner for stairs with no carpet. But on carpet floors, the additional suction power of 3 air watts more than the previous version does the job.

Attachment and additional tools

You are not getting the primary cleaning device only. Additionally, the attachments will add versatility and provide more cleaning options. Make sure you get the following attachments:

  • A crevice tool for nooks and crannies and narrow sections
  • A 2-in-1 nozzle/brush to brush away the tenacious dust particles
  • A pet hair brush for reliving the pet owners from clingy pet hair on the stairs and other spots
  • A floor extension wand

All the additional tools can be attached to the extension wand, so there is no need to go on your four limbs to clean hard-to-reach areas.

Cyclonic filter

The integrated filter is designed to avoid frequent clogging. With a powerful spiral of air like a tornado, the filter separates the dust, thus saving the suction power and also avoids frequent clogging.

Indeed, cleaning the filter is even more comfortable and only involves opening a latch to empty the filter. It is preferable to wash the filter to remove statically charged clingy dirt.

Bare floor cleaning

The addition of a bare floor stick may make it a stick vac, but it has a special for spot cleaning. The battery-powered design is best suited for a handheld device. Besides, by adding the stick, it may lose a little of its suction power. So, we recommend you to use the stick vac when it is inevitably required.

Why do we like it?
  • Lightweight
  • Wide variety of additional tools
  • Portable
  • Excellent suction power
  • Best vacuum for steps
  • Washable filter, so less cost
Take a note
  • It takes a long time to charge
  • Does not have a motorized brush

Final Words:

You have got your hands on the best spot cleaning machine. It is suitable for cleaning stairs, fans, upholsteries, and other hard to reach areas. Overall, it is an excellent choice for people with backaches. Buy it as a quick fix solution especially when your little one is moving around.

2. VacLife Handheld Vacuum – Cordless w/High Power

Cordless machines offer a real comfortable cleaning solution for your house. They will let you clean the stairs, sofa seats, car interior, and other areas without any hassle. Vaclife is one such vacuum cleaner that offers high power and above-average cleaning performance on all floors making it the best vacuum for steps.

VacLife Handheld Vacuum

LED Light

A unique feature of this tool is the integrated LED light. Illuminate the darkest corner with this LED light, and no dust can hide away from your device. You can even see the hidden away carpet dust into the edges.

Cordless design

This is a cordless machine, so forget about getting entangled in the power cord. You can also work free from the worry of changing the sockets as you move around.


The heart of a handheld machine is its portability. Due to its lightweight, taking it from one place to another is easy. Unlike many other devices, you won’t get tired after using this best vacuum for cleaning stairs.

Filtration system

Putting your worries to ease, let me tell you the filtration system of this machine is also remarkable. The filtration system works best to remove particulates as small as 0.3 microns.  

Fast charging

You will like the charging mechanism in this handheld vacuum cleaner. It takes two to three hours to charge fully. The lighted indicator green once the device is full of charge.


You will have a maximum runtime of 30 minutes as listed by the company for a complete charge. But you can expect some variations in functional performance. The bright side is, you get 30 minutes of deep cleaning action.


The accompanying attachments offer nothing less than an added benefit when it comes to cleaning versatility. The hose is extendable, so it is best to reach areas that you leave otherwise. Choose the brush tool to disengage cigarette ashes and scraps of paper.

Why do we like it?
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Super-sleek looks
  • Long runtime
  • Fast charge
  • LED light
  • Strong suction power
  • Crevice tool for
Take a note
  • A little noisy
  • The suction may lose power with the hose

Final Words:

This vac is a simple to use cleaning tool. All the accompanying features are helping to maintain a high level of cleaning performance. With the HEPA filter, you can rest assured about the cleaning efficiency down to the minute level.

3. Bissell Cleanview Deluxe – Corded Handheld Vacuum

The most significant advantage of handhelds tool is their reach. They can practically reach all areas where taking a bigger vacuum seems too cumbersome. They are lightweight, and additional accessories enhance their worth more than the money paid.

Bissell Cleanview belongs to a similar category of amazing handheld machines. Below you will know about its features more.

Bissell Cleanview Deluxe


It is ideal for cleaning the stairs because of its potable body and narrow nozzle. You can reach all the otherwise neglected corners of your stairs. Now clean the upholstery, window shades, and other areas of the home without any hassle.

And the best part is that it is not breaking your back in the process.

Accompanying attachments

The several attachments work wonderfully to clean various kinds of messes from dirt to pet hair. The wide mouth tool will clean more significant areas. If sofa, car seats, and cushion seams seem to attract dirt and dust in your house, rest assured you have an included crevice tool in the package.

Internal Motor

This vacuum cleaner is coming with a 4-amp motor. A powerful motor also implies that the suction power is highly efficient. Even with the integrated, the machine does not miss a beat at being a lightweight tool.

Motorized brushes

The cleaning head is featuring a motorized brush. the brushes are rotating at high speed using the power of the motor. They will effectively disengage the dust from a carpeted floor preparing it for later action by suction power. We can conveniently say this is the best handheld vacuum for carpeted stairs.

Corded device

This is a corded device and comes with an 18-feet long power cord. The hose length of 2 feet adds extra reach to reach. So, you will get a total of 20 feet of reach without changing the sockets.


The maintenance is easy, and the later clean-up of the machine is effortless. It is a bagless machine, cleaning the collected dust cup later is a walk in the park.


The machine has the famous HEPA filter inside. With this filter, the device will be able to collect all the invisible particles on your stairs, upholsteries, and other narrow areas.

Why do we like it?
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Extensive reach
  • No need for batteries
  • Powerful suction
  • A convenient and versatile tool
  • Best small vacuum for stairs
Take a note
  • Noisy
  • It Can’t work when there is no power

Final Words:

Overall, the machine is not just handsome to look at but has some high-quality features. The accompanying attachments make this device versatile for cleaning stairs to the inside of your car. This is a highly recommended device for spot cleaning with high suction.

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4. BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser – Cordless Hand Vacuum

This vacuum cannot bear cannot any speck of litter in the house. So, this device is specially made for pet owners who are tired of pet hair clinging to everything they find.

It is wise to read the reviews before you buy the Bissell pet hair eraser. But reviews with incomplete information can do more damage than good. So, let’s introduce you to its amazing features by leaving nothing behind.


Pet hair removal

It is an incredible machine when it comes to removing pet hair popping out of your favorite pillow to the couch in your living room. Many of you might be dealing with more than one pet at home, so, this machine’s power and cleaning ability are what you need to remove the ludicrous amount of pet hair.

Lithium-ion battery

Like all the best hand vac for stairs, you get a 14-V lithium-ion battery that displays a great runtime. When using it you can expect more than one session of 10-12 minutes of powerful cleaning. The battery power is responsible for cleaning after your long-haired cats create a mess while having a great twirling and rolling session on the sofa.


It is bringing all the goodness of a handheld vacuum cleaner. It is light in weight and the portable design will let you take it to wherever you want. Even the nooks and crannies that you were ignoring for so long are not spared from its reach.

Dust cup capacity

The dust cup capacity is enough to clean a large area before there is a need to empty it. When required, open the lid attached with the filter and empty the cup in the main dustbin of your house.


On buying a vacuum cleaner, looking at the ability of the filtration system is an important consideration. In the Bissell pet hair eraser, there is a triple filtration system for exceedingly enhanced cleaning performance.

Attachments and accessories

A crevice tool is remarkable at cleaning the corners and other hard to reach areas. You require the rotating action of the brush to dismantle the clingy dust in the carpet fur. The presence of a motorized brush is making it the best vacuum for carpeted stairs.

Remember to never use the coarse motorized brush on soft surfaces. In this device, you get an upholstery brush for the delicate fabric of curtains and cushions.

Why do we like it?
  • 14-V Lithium-Ion battery
  • Triple Filtration system
  • Motorized brush for carpeted floors
  • Long runtime
  • No fidgeting with cords
  • Ample size of the dust cup
  • Easy to charge
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Sturdy material
Take a note
  • Hassle of charging
  • Does not have an LED

Final Words:

This is an exceptional machine for all of you having multiple pets at home. Not to mention, it does a remarkable job on the stairs by cleaning the edges and corners. The battery runtime is also adequately decent. There are so many reasons to buy this machine, so hurry up before they run out of stock.

5. Eureka RapidClean Pro – Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Who does not know Eureka? they have been offering quality products for a long time now. You might not know the feature of each of their remarkable products.

So, we planned to introduce you to Eureka RapidClean Pro as the best cordless vacuum for stairs. This slim and compact body with swivel steering will fit perfectly into the narrow steps of your stairs.

Eureka RapidClean

Affordable product

Eureka is a Detroit based brand, manufacturing quality-based products for more than a century now. They have made their name by offering excellent products at an affordable price. In Eureka NEC180, though you may not get the extremely priced HEPA filter, the washable filter works great too if kept clean.

Cordless design

The machine will offer efficient cordless cleaning. The internal battery is 25.2 volt and offers you a runtime of approximately 40 minutes. Though you can expect variations depending on the type of floor and amount of dust.


Eureka has designed this machine keeping in mind the utmost user-friendliness. The handle is ergonomic and fits perfectly into the hand. The grip is solid too. The swivel steering is extremely convenient to move the handle in different directions. Hence, reaching under different objects becomes effortless.

Suction power

The multiple suction settings are quickly accessible from the handle. The factory settings provide you the highest suction, which is appropriate for doing tough cleaning jobs. Otherwise, you can resort to low suction for day to day cleaning.

Position of the dust cup

Additionally, unlike most machines, the dust cup is mounted on the top below the handle. The plus side is you can lay the stick flat on the surface and reach far under the bed, chest of drawers, and other accessories. In the low-profile position, the illuminating LED comes handily to brighten up the darkest corners.

Best small vacuum for stairs

Wondering why we have chosen this machine for stairs? The credit goes to its graceful handheld cleaning mode. You can achieve this setting by removing the wand.

The other accompanying attachments for instance 2-in-1 Dusting Brush and the Crevice Tool work great in this position. As a result, there is no need to experience dusty countertops and crevices till you get the time to manually clean them specifically.


The controls are located in a convenient place. You can access them from the handle while cleaning. There you may find an on-off switch and suction settings to suit your needs.

Why do we like it?
  • Admirable cleaning performance
  • LED lights
  • Long runtime of up to 40 minutes
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Swivel steering
  • Sleek and shiny
  • Pretty looks and design
  • Needs less storage space
Take a note
  • You may miss the HEPA filter
  • Does not stand without support

Final Words:

No doubt it is the best vacuum for stairs. All the accompanying features are worth more than what they offer at this price. Simultaneously, the company has also provided sufficient solution for allergen as well. The sealed compartment will trap the allergen particles inside until the dust cup is ready for emptying.

From the slim and low-profile design to the included attachments and other features, this machine can be an awesome addition to your cleaning tool kit.

6. GeeMo Vacuum Cleaner – 4 in 1 Stick Vacuum

With GeeMo you get the liberty to use it as long as you want without thinking about the battery. This is a four in one stick vacuum cleaner.

Many people across the globe are in awe of the suction power and cleaning ability of GeeMo H595. But it is not all that it offers. You will know more by moving forward in this review.

GeeMo Vacuum Cleaner

Handheld and Stick Mode

These two modes are excellent for cleaning the floor to the sofa, cushions, mattress, and other above-ground areas. With the handheld mode cleaning the stairs is effortless by reaching into the tight edges and corners.

Swivel cleaning head

Many a time cleaning around the hurdles such as chair legs becomes a headache. But the swivel steering successfully eliminates this annoyance. The multi-angle flexible cleaning nozzle will provide you 180-degree swivel to control the movement and direction of the machine.

Brush head

The cleaning nozzle has a rotating brush that directs all the debris and messes towards the collection cup. The powerful suction offers utility at this point by helping the brush head with its job.  The best vacuum for stairs will remove all the dust and remnants from stairs and other areas successfully.

Extendable wand

The wand is extendable and provides you with possibilities to reach three different heights. The floor brush can be adjusted to the corresponding lengths of the wand to achieve directed cleaning.

Filtration system

The presence of a HEPA filter might be a relief for many of you. There is one more plus side to it that the HEPA filter is also washable. Make sure you do it gently. You can clean the removable HEPA filter without clogging the ventilation holes.

Dust cup

The dust cup offers 1.2 L capacity, a sturdy built, and unlike many low-quality machines, there is no leakage. All the microparticles are trapped inside and finds no route to escape. The final exhausted air is fresh and free of pollution. The dust cup is also effortless to remove and clean.

Motor and suction power

The GeeMo H595 goes with a powerful 500-watt motor and 17000pa suction power. Thus, rest assured because this one device is versatile enough to be suitable for bare floor and low pile carpet. But, we recommend you to be careful on low pile carpet.

Why do we like it?
  • HEPA filtration
  • Three options for height
  • Handheld and stick mode
  • No hassle of charging
  • Easy to clean dust cup
  • Washable body parts
  • Powerful suction and motor
  • best vacuum for stairs and edges
  • Rotating brush head
  • LED headlights
Take a note
  • It May not be excellent for high-pile carpet
  • Sometimes may get clogged

Final Words:

With the controls located at the ergonomic handle, this machine is an expression of convenience. The flat slim body will reach under the furniture and the handheld tools will clean the stairs, edges on the roof, and much more.

The powerful HEPA filter will absorb all the dust providing you clean environment and fresh air to breathe in. There are enough features to characterize this unit as the best lightweight vacuum for stairs.

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7. INSE Cordless Vacuum Cleaner – Handy and Extendable

Would you like to have a vacuum cleaner that has a reputation for providing powerful suction for multiple floors? If yes, we suggest you continue reading this review. The below-mentioned features will provide abundant reasons for ordering this best stair vacuum.

Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Moveable head

The moveable head is an essential feature of a vacuum cleaner. Because an otherwise stiff head will not let you move it in different directions or clean the tight edges. While this vacuum cleaner runs very smoothly on various surfaces.

Extendable wand

The tube of this machine is extendable so people with a little shorter height can use it with the same ease. The machine is lightweight so it is easy to carry around. The lightweight feature also makes it perfect for vacuuming stairs and rooms on other floors.

Convertibility and attachments

You can convert this appliance into a handheld vacuum as well by removing the wand. The versatile attachments will meet your various cleaning requirements reliably.

HEPA filtration

HEPA filtration is a feature of high-end devices only. Additionally, the metal filter will keep all the large particles separate.

A solution for shedding

Many of you might be annoyed by the shedding of your pets. These clinging pet hair looks ugly if not properly removed. This machine is a ready-made solution for excessive shedding of human and pet hair. The power of the battery and suction is fueling this action. After you are through your house, your sofas and cushions will look flawless.

Cordless vacuum cleaner

This is an effective machine for people who are frightened of dealing with power cords. You can also take this cordless machine to clean your car.  Charging the device is not difficult. You can do that by connecting the base with the vacuum. No doubt it is the best vacuum for stairs by providing you with augmented ease.

Power controls

The power buttons are easily accessible. There is no need to keep pressing while cleaning because they offer an On-Off switch. The multiple suction power makes it suitable for all kinds of floors without damaging them.

Motorized brush

The motorized brush is perfect for carpets on your stairs. The highly maneuverable brush head will let you reach corners that you shy away from cleaning all the time. The stiff brush is for carpets and low pile. The soft one is featuring anti-static carbon bristles for hard and bare floors.

LED lights

LED lights will help you painlessly clean under low-light conditions. Now you can reach under the furniture without turning on the light.


The integrated battery is long-lasting and made with Lithium-ion. It offers long runtime and quick charging. The machine offers dual-speed modes. On standard mode, you will get 45 minutes of runtime. On the max mode, it manages to give you 15 long minutes of powerful action. The internal battery cooling system is a patented technology of the company. It keeps the battery cool.

Why do we like it?
  • Motorized brush with two options
  • Easily accessible power controls
  • Cordless vacuum cleaner
  • Excellent to collect pet hair
  • Extendable wand
  • Highly moveable head
  • Powerful suction
  • Long runtime
Take a note
  • May only get one session large houses
  • The dust cup size may seem small

Final Words:

This device is full of convenience with the convertibility to various cleaning modes and speed. This is a cordless machine so you can expect a quiet cleaning operation as well. The features worth more than what you pay for. There is no point in thinking because there are chances of getting overwhelmed. The best vacuum for cleaning stairs is just a click away from you.

8. Eureka EasyClean – Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

The Eureka is a famous name for vacuum cleaners. This machine presents a design for making quick cleanups. Not just for stairs, it is suitable for various types of surfaces. You might need to know about its features to have a complete idea of why it the best vacuum for stairs.

Eureka EasyClean

Handheld device

Eureka belongs to the best hand vac for stairs family. The handheld feature implies that it offers user-friendliness due to its portability. You can even take it to the places where you cannot carry a full vacuuming machine.

Brush shutoff feature

On the hard floor, a fast and powerful beater brush can leave scratches. The brush shutoff feature allows it to offer remarkable performance on the hard and bare floor. Simply turn it off with a switch. The brush is capable enough to dig deep into the surface and release the dust.

Cleaning performance on stairs

It is a bagless corded machine and its best performance is evident on the stairs. The design of the machine intensifies the cleaning ease. The connected hose is extendable and can reach tight corners. It efficiently cleans for both fine and medium-sized particles. It can easily switch between different floors and offer the same efficiency.

Corded machine

As the name implies it is a corded machine, so you can clean it for as long as you want without impeding the cleaning. The time lag offered by the low battery is an annoyance. So you have got the opportunity to clean the whole house before you stop.

Crevice tool

The addition of a crevice tool is an excellent feature to clean the tight areas. Due to the powerful motor, you may experience a louder noise level.

Dust cup cleaning

Cleaning the dust cup is a walk in the park. Simply detach the full compartment, remove the filter and you can dump the dust into the main bin. A large amount of collected dust in the filter will tell you all about its suction capacity.

Why do we like it?
  • Powerful suction
  • Excelling at cleaning upholstery
  • Corded machine
  • Easy to clean dust cup
  • Hany accessories
  • Excellent at cleaning stairs
Take a note
  • May not be fit to clean curved surface
  • May lose suction in the crevice tool

Final Words:

Overall, if you desire an amplified cleaning performance this is a must-have device in your house. It is a wonderful machine for flat surfaces but may not be suitable if you have curved surfaces. The EasyClean is excelling at cleaning various types of carpets and efficiently removing pet hair.

9. Dibea 28KPa 400W – Cordless Stick Vacuum

F20 MAX is a cordless stick vacuum that offers quiet cleaning with powerful suction. The 29.6 volts Lithium-ion battery and suction power of 25000Pa is quite sufficient for deep cleaning many surfaces. The below review is dedicated to getting to know all the ins and outs of this stick vac.

Dibea 28KPa 400W

Slim body and design

Don’t be fooled by the slim design and build of this vacuum cleaner because it can be used for the entire home as well. The integrated cleaning tools are suitable for meeting multiple cleaning demands of your home.

Handheld vacuum

This is the best vacuum cleaner for stairs as you can convert it into a handheld vacuuming tool as well. The ergonomic handle will let you have a strong yet comfortable grip. You can focus the cleaning head in different directions. Conversion is easy with all the parts remaining intact in their place.


The internal 29.6 volts 2000 mAh Lithium-ion battery source is powering a strong 400 watts motor. The cleaning path is 9 inches wide, so you can clean larger areas with the same comfort. The battery is detachable so advocate you keep a spare battery for convenience.

Suction power

Here you will get three suction modes. The Eco mode with 7000pa. This is a battery-friendly mode and offers approximately 55 minutes of cleaning. Standard mode offers 13000pa of suction power with an operating time of 20 minutes. It is suitable for a little tough cleaning of your space with sufficient traffic.

Max mode offers the maximum suction but as you can expect the runtime decreases. In this mode, you get 25000pa suction power. This powerful mode is excellent for carpeted stairs.

Motorized brush

The rotating motorized brush is suitable for cleaning both hard and carpet floors. The brush offers equal cleaning performance for cleaning both small and large particles.

If you are dealing with lint and pet hair, rest assured it is the best vacuum for stairs and pets. Now you can work out your plans of bringing more pets at home.

The compartment housing the brush roll is transparent so you can constantly monitor it for impending clogging of the brush.

Swivel steering

The swivel feature of this machine is excellent. You can rotate the cleaning head 270 degrees horizontally and 180 degrees vertically. Such features are inevitable for moving around the hurdles. Besides, the low profile will reach under the floor furnishings and furniture.


Cleaning the floor is not enough for achieving a dirt-free house. For that matter, the mini accessories of this device such as:

  • Mini Motorized Brush: Perfect for cleaning stairs, beds, cushions
  • Crevice Tool: Narrow enough to clean edges and corners
  • 2-in-1 Bristle Brush: Fit for routine dusting

will let you do a thorough cleaning of the house. Once the whole cleaning session is done the entire house will imitate a new one.

Why do we like it?
  • Multiple attachments
  • Multiple suction power modes
  • Battery performance
  • Slim body and design
  • Stick vacuum
  • Convertible to Handheld vacuum
  • No need to deal with cords
  • LED light on the main cleaning head
  • HEPA filtration
Take a note
  • Takes 2-3 hours to charge

Final Words:

This machine is an amalgamation of lightweight design with an ergonomic handle and a powerful battery. You can refer to it as the best vacuum for stairs. All these features and more make it trouble-free to use the machine for all the users.

Owning to its high-profile accompanying tools, you can achieve thorough cleaning from floor to the elevated hard to reach areas.

10. MOOSOO Cordless Vacuum – Stick Vacuum Cleaner 

Cordless vacuums are highly popular now a day. They offer versatile tools with sufficient suction power. Do you also want a device that offers heightened performance at the most reasonable price? Below we will introduce you to the best cordless vacuum for stairs. The suction power is more than what you pay for.

MOOSOO Cordless Vacuum

Suction power

The suction power of this machine is one of the highest that you can find in a cordless vacuum cleaner. The standard mode offers 11000pa of suction while the max mode is offering a powerful suction power of 23000pa.

The variable suction is ample to clean many different floorings. Now you have got one device to vacuum your home to your vehicle in the form of MOOSOO Cordless Vacuum.

2200mAh Large Battery

A giant 2200mAh Large Battery is powering this device. The battery provides you 30 minutes of efficient cleaning time. These power-filled 30 minutes are ample for cleaning dust and debris of all sizes, not even leaving pet hair behind.

Filtration system

The filtration system is offering an above and beyond cleaning with 4 stages of filtration. The complete seal system is complementing the high-quality filtration offered by the HEPA filter.


The feather-like machine only weighs 2.84 pounds. Can you believe it? It is awesome to work with this machine while avoiding undue fatigue. Take this machine to all the corners of your house. You can quickly convert it into a handheld machine too.


You will get the main motor and a motorized brush for cleaning multiple floors. The crevice tool will reach all the hard to reach and most neglected areas.

Ease of access

The machine is not just portable and easy to use, the sleek body is easy to store as well. It takes less space to store. But if left outside the beautiful combination of red and black won’t look like an eye sour either.

The motorized brush is decorated with LED to illuminate the dark corners when you are vacuuming with this machine.

Swiveling cleaning head

The swivel will solve your problem of cleaning around the bed, along the edge, and through hurdles. 160 degrees swivel will help you move it horizontally, while vertical movements are happening with 90 degrees swivel. This is a highly capable machine for cleaning all the floors including stairs.

The cleaning head features both soft bristles suitable for the hard and bare floor. The other stiff nylon bristles make this machine the best vacuum for carpeted stairs.

Why do we like it?
  • Worth every penny
  • Lightweight
  • Picks up hair and dirt quickly
  • Easy to connect attachment
  • The unit can stand freely
  • Highly maneuverable
  • Easy to get into small areas
Take a note
  • May seems a little noisy sometimes

Final Words:

The machine is housing a brushless motor with an integrated HEPA filter which is washable and detachable. All the in-built technologies and features are ensuring high performance on all floors.

Buyer’s Guide – Best vacuum for stairs

If you are looking for the best vacuum for stairs, you might have come across countless options. They are enough to baffle and to lead you astray. Here, I will present a buyer guide, specially compiled, to help you overcome the confusion phase of your purchase.

Your final will depend upon the utilities and benefits offered by the below-mentioned vacuum cleaner categories. Therefore, let’s get started.

Stick vacs

Users around the globe prefer stick vacuums because they are slim, lightweight, and portable. They are one of the best choices for cleaning stairs. Typically, available stick vacs in the market run on batteries. So, they excellent for people who despise cords tailing them everywhere.

You can quickly move them from one floor to another. Besides, the advanced stick vacs provide enough suction to dislodge dirt from the carpeted and bare floor efficiently. Thus, make sure your chosen stick vac is lightweight, possesses enough suction. Even better, if it has accompanying handheld tools.

Canister vacs

A canister vacuum is where the system is housing inside a canister. These vacs are powerful, provide sufficient and consistent suction. You can reliably choose them for cleaning the stairs. But be aware that they are mostly corded and a little bulky. So, lifting them might be a problem sometimes.

However, on the plus side, they are the best vacuum for steps due to the strong airflow needed to disengage the dirt. If you are planning one for your house, look for the accompanying handheld tools. The attached hose is mostly extendable and increases your reach to different corners of the stairs.

Handheld vacs

One of the easiest ways to clean the stairs is by handheld vacuums. They are free from hoses and power cords. Besides, you can efficiently narrow areas with them. So, choosing this implies you are buying the best vacuum cleaner for stairs.

You will find versions run on powerful batteries in the market, and they offer ample suction power. Their brush rolls provide impressive cleaning them. They are even more lightweight than stick vacs.

Once you choose the right type of the best vacuum for cleaning stairs, we recommend considering the below-mentioned features.


Can you call a vacuum BEST if it does not offer superior filtration? Of course not. Vacuum cleaners offering outstanding performance often have HEPA filter in them. These filters ensure the removal of even the smallest particles.

Moreover, it also removes pollen, and various allergen particles so are suitable for athematic patients. Make sure apart from the washable filter. The machine has a HEPA filter too. Though, you might have to pay more.

Weight and size

An essential part of cleaning stairs is lifting and hauling the machine where you go. A heavy machine may seem an unpractical option in this situation. So, when you are buying the best vacuum cleaner for stairs, make sure it is not insanely bulky, and the size is also relatively manageable.


Cleaning stairs means you will be turning and moving the device in all directions. A swivel cleaning head is an essential consideration to make in this regard. A stiff head will bother you when you are cleaning narrow edges and different steps on your staircase.

If buying a canister vac, try to buy one where you can detach the canister from the base and convert it into a stick vac. Otherwise, taking the whole unit might be cumbersome.

Motorized brush—On/off feature

For many types of stairs, suction power may not seem enough to dislodge the dust clogged in the fur. There you need motorized brushes. But you cannot use a powerful beater bar on the bare floor. So, if your chosen vacuum has this feature to turn the motorized brush on-off, it will come handily.

More often than not, you are buying a device for the whole house. So, considering the cleaning versatility of this machine is also vital.

FAQs – Best vacuum for stairs

Which is the best vacuum for stairs?

With so many vacuuming devices in the market, choosing one might be impossible. However, you can look at features like a swivel head, motorized brush on-off feature, and suction power to make a quick judgment.

What is the best way to use the best vacuum for stairs?

Stairs are narrow and tough to reach areas of your house. So, the best way is to repeat forward and backward motion on the stairs. Another direction is to go along the tough corners and crevices with the crevice tool. You can easily carry a handheld or a stick vac in the hand but for full vacuums, make sure to place the unit at the end of the stairs.

How many times should I clean the stairs?

It depends on the amount of traffic. But generally, it is advisable to clean them twice a week.

What is the best way to clean the carpeted stairs?

Make sure you choose the best vacuum for carpeted stairs with a motorized stiff brush head. It is needed to loosen the dust and dirt which is later taken up by the suction tube by the suction power.


Stairs are challenging to clean but in no way, it means to leave them dirty. You only need the best vacuum for stairs to fulfill this challenging task. On the whole, choosing the vacuum cleaner requires careful evaluation and consideration of all the ins and outs of many machines available in the market.

Just because a machine has certain intricate technologies and jargon does not mean it is perfect for you. Besides, a hefty price is not the only criteria either. So, to help you analyze the best product on multiple levels, we have dedicatedly developed various sections of this article.

Going through this article, there are high chances of bumping into the best product, but we still prefer reading till the end. At the end of the day, our job is to aid you to make the most out of your money.

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