Best Vacuum for Thick & High Pile Carpet (2021)– Vacuum Reviews

Are you pondering over the qualities of the Best Vacuum for Thick & High Pile Carpet?. We all love to beautify our house with shag carpets and spread a warm feeling. The softness of thick and fluffy high pile carpets will entice you to walk on them frequently.

But cleaning them can prove to be a hard nut to crack if you don’t possess the right gadgets, for instance, a Vacuum Cleaner.

Shark APEX AZ1002
Shark APEX AZ1002
  • Powerful Motor
  • HEPA Filter
  • 0-M Technology
Miele Complete C3
Miele Complete C3
  • Strong Suction
  • HEPA Filter
  • Quiet
Bissell Cleanview
Bissell Cleanview
  • Clear Canister
  • Washable Filter
  • Maneuverable

The best one will have adequate suction power, a combination of brushes to agitate and dislodge the dirt and debris from deep down the fibers without hurting the fibers, among many other features.  When buying, look for a vacuum cleaner that features an automatic system to adjust the suction power according to the surface type automatically.

Having said this, it is time to move to our task at hand, which is to find the best vacuum cleaner for you

12 Best Vacuum for Thick & High Pile Carpet

Name Brand Color Power Source Price
Soniclean Soniclean Black Corded electric Check Price
WindTunnel 3 Max Hoover Red Corded electric Check Price
APEX AZ1002 Shark Espresso Corded electric Check Price
Magnesium RS Oreck Blue/Black Corded electric Check Price
ZU561 Shark Red Peony Corded electric Check Price
NEU188A Eureka Orange Corded electric Check Price
Endura Max Dirt Devil Red Corded electric Check Price
NEU562A EUREKA Floorrover Corded electric Check Price
BDASP103 BLACK+DECKER Pet-white Corded electric Check Price
Bissell Cleanview Bissell Orange Corded electric Check Price
C3 Miele Tayberry Red Corded electric Check Price
Blizzard CX1 Miele Tech Blue Corded electric Check Price

1. Soniclean Soft Carpet Upright Vacuum

With Soniclean we start our roundup with a vacuum cleaner that glides smoothly on the fibers of your thick pile carpet. It is uniquely designed to be the best vacuum cleaner for high pile carpet. With this reliable vacuum cleaner, we narrow down your options to choose the best product for your house.

Soniclean Soft Carpet

Salient Features:

This vacuum cleaner is displaying the features that make it appropriate for soft and high fiber carpets. For those who don’t know the difference, a soft pile or long fiber carpet is the one that features long but loosely held fibers that covers your floor.  Conversely, if the yarns are tightly knit or are not long is regarded as a short pile carpet.

The vacuum has an upright structure. The big wheels do not sink deep into the pile. Instead, they glide smoothly on the surface, avoiding any damage in the process. Besides, it comes with Soniclean patented technology.

The vacuum works by using pules, creating 12000 vibrations per second, which unsettle the dust and dirt particles, and later drawing them into the machine becomes effortless. Moreover, Soniclean uses direct air to make your carpets super light and fluffy. This feature is best for those portions of the rug which receives large foot stamps.

Featuring a Paramagnetic motor with digital controls and twin suction options makes it equally suitable for other surfaces like hardwood. You can adjust the cleaning modes for either deep or regular cleaning. The height is attuned automatically while you clean.

This advanced motor also conserves energy by curtailing the energy use to 50% compared to other Vacuums. The noise level depends upon the cleaning mode, and it is generally louder in deep cleaning mode as high suction power is employed. In comparison, the standard mode generates half the noise.

The adjustable air vent mechanism allows you to manage it according to the working surface. This is super efficient to clean ultra-soft carpets to wood or laminated floors, to name a few. Moreover, the brush with soft nylon bristles will smoothly clean your carpets.

When looking for a powerful vacuum for your soft carpets, Soniclean sfc-7000 is a one-stop-shop. From large wheels to powerful, adjustable suction and soft brushes, all its high-end features make it the best vacuum for deep pile carpet. Do not overthink when you have got Soniclean sfc-7000.

Why do we like it?
  • Adjustable vent to manage according to flooring and surface
  • Powerful dual suction adjustable settings for multiple cleaning options
  • The advanced motor conserve 50% energy, so it is a green vacuuming option
  • Comes with Sonic fragrance pods to leave a subtle scent on the carpet
  • The soft brush roll and big wheels make it the best vacuum for high pile carpet
  • You can also attach a turbo brush for cleaning the carpet.
Take a note
  • Does not come with a HEPA filter
  • Best for carpets, but be careful when using on a hardwood floor
  • Best at its primary job of cleaning soft pile carpets, but you miss additional attachments for nooks and crannies

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2. Hoover WindTunnel 3 Max 

With Hoover UH72625, we have another upright corded vacuum cleaning tool for you. Leading the company’s vision to remove all the particles impacting breathing, the company presents vacuums that work best to remove the tiniest of particulates from the carpets.

Hoover WindTunnel

Salient Features:

Featuring Hoover’s Wind tunnel 3 Technology, the main cleaning head is embedded with three suction powers. There is an extra-wide nozzle to create an efficient airflow taking the dirt and debris to the big suction cup.

The vacuum cleaner’s size with 15 inches cleaning head is suitable for meticulously cleaning more significant areas. The accompanying attachments will let you achieve an all-inclusive cleaning, including stairs, furniture, upholsteries, etc.

The rotating brush roll dwelling in the main cleaning head efficiently picks up all kinds of hair (human and pet hair), crumbs, and dirt from the carpeted floor. This is the best vacuum for soft plush carpet as you can turn off the brush roll when gentle cleaning is required.

The brush roll is enclosed in a transparent cover, so you can quickly check if any stubborn hairs are tangled into it. Located on the cleaner head are the on/off settings for the brush roll. This vacuum is a cluster of many features, so we recommend reading the manual to avoid any unpleasantries.

With the System Check indicator, you are promptly notified about the blockades or dirty air filters. In contrast, the heat protection system keenly monitors the motor’s temperature and, if overheated, automatically shuts it off.

The 1.42 liters capacity of a transparent dust cup is enough to manage a large area’s dirt and debris. The bigger and smooth wheels won’t let you feel the machine’s weight when towing it along.

The multi-cyclonic separation mechanism filters the air, which is furthered buttressed by washable air filters. This technology also prevents the loss of suction when cleaning. The carbon HEPA filter removes the smallest of the particulates from your carpet, making it a champion of the best vacuum cleaner for deep pile carpet.

The accompanying attachments and accessories include:

  • Small brush rolls powered Pet Turbo Tool to disengage deeply embedded dirt, hair, and other particles from carpets
  • Crevice tool for efficiently cleaning the intricate corners and crevices
  • The extension wand to increase the length of accompanying cleaning tools to reach under the furniture or to the ceiling
  • A pivoted dusting brush, which stirs dust and dirt particles, preparing them for later cleaning with powerful airflow

Although it is featured as the best vacuum for thick plush carpet, it is one of those high-end vacuums that provides you with a spectrum of cleaning options. Having this vacuum in the house will imply all your cleaning needs from floor to ceiling, including all the flooring arrangements are fully covered.

Why do we like it?
  • Comes with seven floor-height settings
  • Also suitable for big houses
  • An extensive array of features at an affordable price
  • Multi-cyclonic separation mechanism puts less pressure of cleaning on the suction
  • embedded with System Check indicator and heat protection system for motor
Take a note
  • Slightly heavy but still ample maneuverability
  • Powerful vacuum but may have to manage with cords

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3. Shark APEX AZ1002 DuoClean

With the claim of providing the ultimate cleaning experience, APEX AZ1002 is steering the legacy of Shark. With multiple cleaning options, this product from Shark is a full solution for everyone looking for a thorough cleaning experience.


Salient Features:

The Shark is a little heavy, so the company has fitted the machine with Powered Lift-Away technology.   But it is coming with an option to detach the canister as well.  This vacuum is equally suited for cleaning under the stairs and at the back of the furniture.

With the Swiveling steering head, the vacuum is highly maneuverable. The handle and the floor nozzle are beautified with the LED lights.

The vacuum is featuring DuoClean Technology, making it the best vacuum for thick pile carpet. You can use it on various flooring settings, from high/low pile carpets to hardwood, with equal expectations of efficient cleaning.

A light indicator shows each flooring setting. The brush and soft roller duo work together to pick up all the stray pet and human hair from various surfaces. Supporting the company’s claims, it is best for deep cleaning the carpets and retaining their luxuriousness.

After the brush roll is done, the suction pulls all the dirt and debris towards the dirt storage unit. The dirt canister is bolstered by the Cutting-edge Anti-Allergen Seal Technology, which completely encloses the allergy-causing particles until the canister is emptied.

You might have seen other vacuum cleaners struggling when the long hair jams the brush roll, but no in Shark APEX AZ1002. Appreciatively, the vacuum is coming with Zero-M features where the nozzle has small flanges that continuously pull off the hair and avoid blockade.

With crevice and pet power brush and tool for upholstery, it is the best vacuum for thick carpet, and No doubt lives up to its claim of a holistic cleaning experience from bottom surface to the top. All these features justify its high purchase recommendations.

Why do we like it?
  • Comes with HEPA and foam filters
  • Wand to be connected with the floor nozzle for extended reach
  • The lightweight design of the pod is excellent for cleaning stairs
  • Th multi-settings makes it best for high/low pile carpets and other flooring types
  • With the reasonably decent 1.42 liters dust cup size
  • Zero-M technology keeps the hair away from the brush roll
Take a note
  • Typical noise level of a high-powered corded vacuum cleaner
  • A little expensive though value for money
  • Feels slightly heavy but compensated with Lift-Away technology

4. Oreck Magnesium RS – Upright Vacuum Cleaner

If you believed the upright versions of vacuum cleaners were always heavy. You sure have not seen this Oreck Magnesium LW1500RS yet. It is not just lightweight but full size corded as well.

Yes! It is a complete paradigm shift when it comes to a full-sized canister vacuum. Oreck Magnesium LW1500RS is one of the noteworthy vacuum cleaners found in the market, appropriately fit for cleaning large spaces and homes.


Salient Features:

Weighing approximately 3.5 kg when the cord is not attached, it is a highly portable vacuum cleaner. You can clean an extensive area with the 30 feet long cable. While the vacuum is plugged at one end of the house, you may be able to take a full round of cleaning and come back.

Spinning at a rate of 7000 RPM, the main cleaning head is fitted with a single helix brush roll. While whirling at this rate, the brush roll can clean even those dust particles that may go unnoticed by other vacuum cleaners. But you may have to clean the hair from the brush roll to avoid any tangles.

Giving away a complete feel of efficiency and simplicity, the vacuum is powered by a 2.5-amp motor. This provides a reasonably powerful suction that makes it the best vacuum for soft carpet. Other higher suction may pull at your carpet’s delicate fibers.

With a complete swivel mechanism, the maneuverability is excellent, helping you to clean large areas quickly. Additionally, the wheels are big enough to gently glide over your carpet and not penetrate deep. Which is why it is the preferred and the best vacuum for high pile carpet.

To adjust the suction power according to different floorings such as carpets and bare floor, you will find quick switches on the handle. In situations of excessive clogs, the motor will automatically shut-off by the motor defense system.

With a capacity to fill 8 quarts of dust and dirt, the Oreck HEPA bags are disposable and lined with a slim layer of stimulated charcoal to kill the bacteria. Meanwhile, the HEPA filter will also remove pollen and allergen particles.

There is an LED light fitted into the cleaning head to illuminate the poorly lit areas of your house, such as under the furniture or dark edges. The unit is easy to clean, and maintenance is not a headache as well, but it is recommended that all users go through the manual before use.

Overall, Oreck Magnesium is a simple yet sturdy amalgamation of extensive features that makes it suitable for carpets. When you are done cleaning, your house is free from all large and small dust dirt particles.

Why do we like it?
  • Automatically sealing SaniSeal Docking System for dirtbags
  • Quite durable yet straightforward vacuum cleaner for carpets
  • Motor defense system to save the motor from sudden blockades and clogs
  • Disposable HEPA filter bags lined with activated charcoal
  • lightweight
Take a note
  • The power cord needs to be manually rewound but comes with a quick-release system
  • Does not come with accessories and attachment, only best at its primary purpose of cleaning floors

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5. Shark ZU561 Navigator – Lightweight Upright Vacuum

Shark is always upping their game when it comes to introducing cutting-edge technologies in their products. They have done the same in Shark ZU561 by introducing a self-cleaning Zero-M technology while making it a part of next-generation navigators. 

Shark ZU561 Navigator

Salient Features:

Belonging to the second generation of Shark Navigator NV356E, it is run by a motor of 800W, which provides excellent suction. The Zero-M technology is designed to cut the unnecessary human and pet hair that wraps around the brush roll and hinders the working. But occasionally, you may have to pull long and stubborn hair.

We regard the Shark ZU561, the best vacuum for medium pile carpet, as its motorized cleaning head can deeply clean the carpets without harming the fibers. The dust particles are first disengaged from more profound carpet levels, and then the suction takes over.

The brush roll comes with indicator lights prompting the user to take swift action. The user manual is detailed and provides all the necessary details for your reference.

The cleaning hose is flexible, and you get the choice to use it either upright or as the canister vacuum cleaner. Additional accessories such as a duster crevice tool and a broad tool for upholstery gives you a 360-degree cleaning experience.

It is embedded with anti-allergen complete seal technology completely shuts off the allergy-causing particles with felt foam and high-quality HEPA filters. The air that leaves the unit is wholly filtered with many-layered air filtration and free from all the harmful particles.

The swiveling head is extremely maneuverable to clean in difficult to reach areas seamlessly. With the option to lift away the pod, you can easily clean stairs and elevated surfaces. The transparent dirt bin has more than 2 liters’ storage capacity and is advised to be cleaned when it touches the Max Fill Line.

This is an excellent option for budget-conscious consumers because it fits all the essential features to get the job done. Well, yes, it is missing some extra frills here and there.

Shark ZU561 combines high-end features such as lift-away technology, Zero-M to prevent hair tangles on the brush roll, and much more while being a lightweight unit.

Why do we like it?
  • Comes with many accompanying brushes and attachments for 360 cleaning experience
  • The Zero-M technology makes it best for those houses with long pet hair sticking everywhere
  • Can be used in the classic upright as well as the attached canister mode
  • Best for people asthma because of allergen sealing technology
  • lightweight
Take a note
  • The 25 feet cord may seem shorter to some customers
  • Does not come with DuoClean instead feature Zero-M

6. Eureka Power Speed NEU188A PowerSpeed

Eureka is an established name when it comes to vacuum cleaners. With every new product they introduced, they have taken innovation and user-friendliness to the next level. Eureka Power Speed NEU188A is one of them. It is lightweight, comes with excellent cleaning efficiency a stretchable hose, and still does not break your wallet.

Eureka PowerSpeed

Salient Features:

This is a lightweight upright vacuum cleaner with a large dustbin to let you clean without any downtime due to emptying the canister. The suction is powerful enough to clean on various flooring types from tiles to hardwood and carpets and rugs, while a 12-amps motor powers the unit.

With 10 lbs. of weight, Eureka can hold a dust bin with four liters’ capacity and gives severe competition to many high-end brands in this category. The lightweight also makes it super portable.

With one purchase, you get handy tools for cleaning the floor to crevices and a unique Pet Turbo tool to pick up pet hair. The LED headlights at the front cleaning head will not leave even the darkest corners of your house unclean.

With five height settings, you can clean far under the furniture and at the elevated locations. The unit is fitted with anti-allergen filters, which give intense competition to HEPA filters by trapping as small as 0.5 microns of particle size.

The accessories include a two-in-one brush to clean upholsteries and a crevice tool. Moreover, the handle is detachable. Its efficient capability to pick up pet hair makes sit the best vacuum cleaner for thick carpet where it can efficiently remove hair and dust from long fibers.

With Eureka Power Speed NEU188A, the company is trying to provide its customers with an offer full of features yet affordable. We all the high-end features, it goes without saying that company has been mostly successful.

Why do we like it?
  • The unit is easy to assemble
  • The dust cup is easy to empty and clean
  • It can restore the looks of your old carpets
  • lightweight
  • Great value for money
  • An excellent choice for pet hair
Take a note
  • The cord may be shorter for some customers
  • May get used to managing cords after using few times

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7. Dirt Devil Endura Max – Upright Bagless Vacuum

When it comes to cleaning the house with multiple flooring types, you need a vacuum that performs equally on all surfaces. Dirt Devil Endura™ Max is one of those options to have in the house. It is suitable for mid-sized homes.

Dirt Devil Endura

Salient Features:

The Dirt Devil Endura™ Max weighs just 11 pounds, so if you have different flooring levels, don’t worry about carrying it around. It is one of the lighter units present in the market. The dust cup capacity is 2 liters, so you can easily take a round of a large area without emptying it.

Although there is no HEPA filter, yet the accompanying filter is washable.

The moderate suction power makes it the best vacuum for soft carpet because a robust and hard suction may pull at the delicate and fluffy fibers of your plush carpets.

The unit is best suited for not so challenging tasks in significant areas. With 22 feet, the cord is enough in length. The cleaning width is 13 inches, and the extendable reach is 10 feet, which is ample for moderately sized places.

The built is high quality, the body is sturdy, and the handle is integrated into the core extension wand, which is well-liked by the years.

The Dirt Devil Endura Max is a reasonably good option when you have mid-sized houses, and you have pets with so much hair fall. The vacuum cleaner has proved to be efficient in cleaning all the surfaces. The accompanying accessories make it worth more than what its price tag says.

Why do we like it?
  • Lightweight
  • The cord allows you to clean a large area without changing to the nearest sockets
  • Getting in between the congested spaces is a walk in the park
  • The extension feature allows you even to clean the ceiling
Take a note
  • For deep cleaning, you have to go over the rug two times
  • To some customers, the unit may seem a little noisy

8. Eureka NEU562A FloorRover – Upright Vacuum

With Eureka’s claim of making the most powerful vacuum cleaner with NEU562A, it is the need of every household that appreciates cleanliness. The potent suction will help you clean all the pet hair from flooring arrangements and all that without making much noise.

Now let’s dive deep into its various features to know more about its working and what it offers.

Eureka NEU562A

Salient Features:

With the big gliding wheels, your plush carpets are going to be cleaned without getting stamped unnecessarily. The wheels smoothly transition between different flooring types and give you the best cleaning experience.

The ergonomic handle, coupled with swivel steering, lets you clean a range of surfaces from delicate upholsteries and thick pile carpets. You can easily navigate through many hurdles as well as under many things.

The up-right position does not compromise the navigation and maneuverability of this unit. The self-adjusting turbo blades on the pet turbo brush will let you sweep the pet hair from beds and couches.

The dust bags have the capacity of 1.6 liters and the accompanying multi-stage cyclone technology carefully separates different-sized particle and prevent suction when the bag is full.

The suction power allows it to de-settle the dust and dirt from deep surfaces and makes it the best vacuum cleaner for deep pile carpet.

The filters are washable, useable and their maintenance is an easy breezy task. Moreover, the embedded HEPA filter makes it suitable for people prone to allergies and dust particles. You can adjust the brush’s speed with just a push of a button to suit the surface requirements.

The LED light will illuminate the dark surfaces under the bed and tricky corner, leaving no excuse to let them be.

You can also adjust the suction power with the slider on the brush when transitioning from hard to delicate fabrics. Above all, this strong suction power does not make it noisy, so don’t worry if you have young kids at home it is not going to scare them off.

Eureka has the tradition of performing best when it comes to vacuuming units, and the company has continued with the practice. The strong suction makes it perfect for the hard nut to crack jobs such as stubborn dirt and persistent pet hair on everything you see in the house.

Why do we like it?
  • Ease of installation-can connect the handle with the body with one screw
  • Quieter than other full-size vacuum cleaners
  • Excellent swivel steering action
  • Highly maneuverability and navigation
  • Soft dusting brush to handle gentle fabric
  • Twelve-foot hose quickly clean all sections of the house
  • Accompanying brushes and accessories to give 360 degrees cleaning experience
Take a note
  • Although the big feet allow easy gliding on the surface, the unit may feel heavy
  • It performs better when picking smaller particles instead of bigger ones

9. Black+Decker Decker BDASP103

BLACK+DECKER has been in the business to provide home appliances. Their products do not need much introduction because their efficient performance speaks for themselves.

Only clean freak knows how important it is to buy the right vacuum cleaner for their house. And when it comes to cleaning the house spotless, Air swivel has firmly placed itself in people’s hearts and minds.

Black+Decker Ultra

Salient Features:

Many of the vacuum cleaners found in the market seem exceptional on paper but fail to deliver. But not the case with Air swivel.

Weighing only 8.8 pounds, this vacuum cleaner too light for an upright full-size vacuum cleaner. Now, carrying the vacuum up the stairs is a piece of cake, and you can ensure a thorough cleaning action in one go.

It is compact in structure, so it does not occupy much space or feel sour to your eyes. The suction power is strong enough to clean the most stubborn dust and debris, making it the best vacuum for thick carpet.

The two-in-one crevice tool will give you peace of mind because cleaning the tight surfaces is always a headache. Moving vacuum around the house and navigating through different hurdles is a piece of cake because of its swivel steering. You can do all the cleaning without even moving stuff here and there.

The dust cup is large with a 2.2 L capacity and will let you do all the cleaning without emptying it multiple times.

We all love our pets, but look for a magic wand when it comes to cleaning their hair. Well, Air swivel is your magic wand. The pet hair tool coming with the vacuum is the best tool to remove the stubborn hair that won’t go away from your carpet or couch.

It is appreciated due to housing a cutting-edge technology making it an equally excellent choice for all kinds of floors from hardwood to carpets.

Moreover, the accompanying accessories will let you clean the hard to reach areas as well. Overall, the vacuum is a beautiful amalgamation of a plethora of features at an affordable price.

Why do we like it?
  • Dependable when cleaning multiple flooring surfaces
  • Highly suitable for pet hair cleaning and best vacuum for thick carpet
  • It comes with a replacement belt and all related instructions
  • Perfectly long 25 feet cord
  • Hose length of 6.5 feet
  • Too much value packed into a small budget
Take a note
  • The tube going down to the filter with an enormous amount of pet hair that this vacuum can pull out
  • Although it has excellent suction but may be louder

10. Bissell Cleanview – Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

I always thought finding the best vacuum for medium pile carpet was a hard nut to crack because the brush roll can pull on their fibers, or the suction may not be enough to clean after they go through high traffic.  It was until I saw Bissell Clean view 1831, which fulfilled all the requirements to be used on the carpets and keeping their comfort intact at the same time.

Bissell Cleanview Upright

Salient Features:

Powered by a mighty 8-amp motor required by the powerful suction of this vacuum cleaner. It comes with the patented OnePass Technology, the technology improves your stroke efficiency while cleaning the thick carpets or pull out enough pet hair.

The brushes and their setting play an essential role in this cleaning activity and require fewer passes for cleaning. Whether you are cleaning a hard floor, intricate stairs, delicate curtains, or anything you name, the vacuum cleaner is made to impress. Besides, you can also adjust the height to clean hard to reach areas.

The Multi-filtration system, named Multi-Cyclonic System by the company, makes it an ultimate choice for houses where people are prone to allergic reactions. Besides removing the allergens and dust particles, it also removes odor from your home.

Its dust cup is secured with a clip at the bottom, removing all the chances to spill the dirt on a freshly vacuumed surface. Moreover, the 2L size is also enough to ensure a complete clean action before there is a need to empty it.

The vacuuming unit is accompanied by a collection of cleaning head attachment to access and clean hard to reach areas. The crevice brush is ideal for cleaning tight edges, while the Turbo Brush is a must tool to pull out any pet or human hair from surfaces.

A lightweight but powerful device presenting a great blend of high-end technologies and standard features, Bissel is living up to its name with this device as well. The ergonomic design, coupled with the multi-layered air filtration system, makes it perfect for cleaning your house.

Why do we like it?
  • The dirt cup is large and easy to detach and clean
  • Sturdy body and highly maneuverable swivel steering
  • OnePass technology coupled with brush settings improves the cleaning pass efficiency
  • Multiple cleaning head attachments
  • Muffled cleaning action
  • The canister is transparent so that you can see all the cleaning action taking place inside
  • Washable high-quality filters
Take a note
  • For some customers, the cord length is a little short
  • May tip over if the hose is stretched too far from the vacuum cleaner

11. Miele Complete C3 – Vacuum for Soft Carpet

If you have not bought Miele Complete C3, you might need to purchase many different cleaners for your many different carpet settings.

Wondering why?

Well, Miele Complete C3 is one of the few vacuum cleaners present in the market who can successfully and efficiently clean low, medium, thick, and even soft-plush carpets without missing a beat. When it comes to carpet, C3 is a complete package deal.

It entices its users with its multiple suction powers, sturdy body, and noiseless cleaning, among numerous other high points.

Miele Complete C3

Salient Features:

Many vacuum cleaners without multiple height control struggle to clean soft carpets. Not with Miele, it comes with an on/off feature and manual height control to not destroy the fibers of your soft carpet.

The variable suction power with six settings, coupled with multiple attachments, allows you to clean hard floors to delicate curtain fabric and elevated areas.

The vacuum is light enough, so even if your house is sprawled across multiple stories, you won’t feel tired working with it. Featuring twin cleaning heads, SEB 228 Electro brush for soft carpets and another for different other floors. The cleaning head Is 14 inches wide cleaning outlet.

The secret to the superb performance of Electro brush is the ability to adjust it to multiple (Five) heights and efficiently clean your carpets without harming them. The brush roll is less aggressive and can be turned on/off according to the floor cleaning needs.

The neck is quite maneuverable but may look a little bulky. There is a display to indicate the chosen settings. The vacuum is compatible with both HEPA filters as well as AirClean filter bags of 4.5 liters capacity.

The bags automatically seal off when they are removed, avoiding a spell of dust coming in your way. When you buy the cleaner, make sure you receive a tool to clean upholsteries and curtains, a crevice tool, and a dusting brush.

We all want to feel the comfort of plush/soft carpets under our feet. But when it comes to cleaning them, many think it is a difficult task. But not when you have Miele Complete C3, whichis the best vacuum for soft plush carpet with its multiple suction powers and adjustable brush roll height. This is a undoubtidly one of th best vacuum for thick and high pile carpet.

Why do we like it?
  • It cleans without making much noise
  • A good option for carpets as well as bare floors and the ability to pull out pet hair
  • Comes with strong suction power with a variable control option
  • The cleaner head is fitted with a motor-powered brush roll
  • Embedded HEPA filter
  • Multiple (Five) heights of the Electro brush make it the best vacuum for thick plush carpet
  • The additional cleaning brushes painlessly connect with the stainless-steel wand
Take a note
  • Although faring on all the best features, but for some people, it might be expensive
  • The vacuum cleaner only features one color

12. Miele Blizzard CX1 – Bagless Canister Vacuum

Until recently, I thought Miele was the best choice when it comes to bagged canister vacuums. But Can we choose them for buying a bagless vacuum cleaner as well? The prompt answer would be YES, we can, and with full reliability. All thanks to the high-end features of Miele Blizzard CX1 Turbo Team Bagless Canister Vacuum.

Miele Blizzard CX1

Salient Features:

Miele coming with a twin brush option, makes the vacuum perform efficiently on both bare floors and carpets. The canister has buttoned controls to change the suction, and all these controls can be accessed with just a motion of your toe.

The cord is large, and there is an automatic system to retract the cord back after you are done with your cleaning action.  The vacuum cleaner comes with two brush heads, STB 305-3 TurboTeQ Head makes it the best vacuum for medium pile carpet, and it efficiently picks up pet hair.

The brush roll is air driven, and they are lighter than the motorized heads. There are rubberized wheels at the bottom of these heads, helping them to glide softly. There is an oversized dial to set the suction power of the brushes.

The other brush Miele SBB 300-3 Parquet Floor Brush, is made for smooth flooring. It has a soft swivel head that moves and turns effortlessly. The double swivel in the neck makes it an excellent choice to clean under the furniture.

A combination of filters makes this vacuum cleaner worth noticing among a crowd of a batch of others. It comes with a GORE CleanStream Fine Dust Filter, whose job is to store the fine dust into a separate dust container and let you clean the main container without that bout of dust that is too common in bagless vessels.

The ComfortClean system will ensure that this filter is clean by starting a 20-second airflow channel through it. The Hygiene Lifetime Filter screens the fine dust for you and is washable. The last one is a HEPA 13 level filter, which is famous for cleaning fine allergen particles, pet dander, and anything minute, you name it.

Now coming towards suction, to change the suction power is an easy breezy task with the big dial carefully placed on the body of the vacuum.

Miele’s motor influences the changes in suction power. Like all the best decent, full-size, canister vacuum cleaners, it comes with supporting accessories and tools to clean the curtains, remove pet hair and sweep clean the stubborn crevice dust.

The company has used Vortex Technology in this vacuum cleaner to create high-speed airflow, followed by centrifugal force, which separates the dust and debris from air flow discharge.

With a single motion of a button, you can remove the dust canister and release the dirt and debris from the bottom into the dustbin without even dirtying your hands.

This is a long list of is features to go through. Don’t you think?

These features are everything that made it suitable to have a place on our list of Best Vacuum for Thick & High Pile Carpet. This vacuum is a clean freak’s dream come true with variable suction power, an array of cleaning filters, and accessories.

Don’t forget the Vortex technology. There is a pro tip for all of you to read the company manual before embarking on your cleaning spree carefully.

Why do we like it?
  • The build quality is excellent and sturdy
  • Efficiently pick up stray pet hair from various surfaces
  • A plethora of filters that won’t leave any dust or dirt on your floor
  • The suction power can be adjusted according to the needs
  • Made in Germany- a rarity these days
  • Vortex technology to create high-speed airflow
Take a note
  • May not work comparatively more efficiently on deep pile carpets
  • It belongs to the expensive vacuum cleaner’s category

Buying Guide – Best Vacuum for Thick & High Pile Carpet

There are certain things you need to consider before you buy the Best Vacuums for Thick & High Pile Carpet and other floors.

A carpet needs a vacuum cleaner to keep it clean and for prolonged life. But if you have thick and deep pile carpets, you need to be extra vigilant towards the boxes that need to be ticked.

Pro-tip: You can’t keep your extra luxurious deep and thick pile carpet lively with any low-priced vacuum cleaner available in the market. So, we suggest extra attention in this section, since you already have a handy list to choose the best option.

How much suction power do you need?

 For cleaning a high pile carpet, having a variable suction power is a key to efficient cleaning. The suction can be adjusted according to the flooring typed from hard floor to carpets.

By adjusting among different suction powers, you can ensure both plush and low pile carpets are cleaned. One of the very best vacuums for high pile carpets is Soniclean, which ensures that your carpets retain their softness intact.

Is it essential to have to look for adjustable height when buying the Best Vacuum for Thick & High Pile Carpet?

The short answer is YES, as it will ensure that you can reach different areas without getting worked up so much. The extendable height will help you clean the hard to reach areas such as upholsteries, under the table, etc. On the other side, look for those models that come with automatic height settings.

Do you need a brush roll?

For cleaning high pile carpets, you need brush rolls. Those vacuum cleaners which come without brush rolls are preferred for hard floors. Make sure the brush rolls are soft for plush rugs, yet their bristles ensure effective cleaning.

What kind of filters should you prefer?

Filters play an essential role in the overall cleaning process. HEPRA filter is one of the kinds that you need to pay special pay attention to as your thick and high pile carpets tend to house allergen particles, pet dander, and other small particulates.

If they are not removed, they will soil your carpets. The HEPA filter will ensure all these particles are filtered instead of being agitated and released by common vacuum cleaners.

What attachments should you look for next-level cleaning?

When you buy good quality vacuum cleaners, several attachments will be included in the package as carefully mentioned on our list. If you have pets, look for the vacuum cleaners that come with attachments designed to clean pet hair, such as Shark APEX AZ1002, which comes with a pet power brush.

Similarly, others also feature upholstery and crevice brushes. Choosing a vacuum cleaner on this basis depends entirely on your needs.

Do you need to consider the weight of the vacuum cleaner?

A lightweight vacuum cleaner is always preferred, especially when you have a big house with multiple flooring levels. A heavy vacuum cleaner is difficult to maneuver and work with as well.

The thought of working with a heavy machine may make you lazy instead of a fun cleaning session. Oreck Magnesium LW1500RS is one of the many lightweight options on our list to consider.

Should we consider the size of the wheels?

The size of the wheels is a crucial aspect to be mindful of. The bigger wheels will smoothly glide on the surface of your shag carpet without pulling getting entangled with the long fur. The small wheels tend to pull and drag while moving and ultimately destroy the fluff of your rugs.

FAQ’s – Best Vacuum for Thick & High Pile Carpet

How many times should I vacuum my shag carpet?

Shag carpets have long fibers, so they are prone to getting dirty very quickly. Besides, if you have pets, their hair will cover the floors too fast, so it is suggested to clean the carpets twice a week. Ensure that when you clean your plush carpets, the vacuum uses suction only and avoids any beater bars.

Can I clean my Dry-Clean only carpet with a vacuum cleaner?

Yes, you can. The vacuuming will remove all the dirt and dust from the surface, and for deep vacuuming, you can take it to a dry-vacuum facility outside for a deep cleaning makeover.

How should I maintain the quality of my rugs?

Maintaining a rug’s hygiene and quality can be a tiring task if you don’t follow a routine. We recommend to take your carpet outside and gives quick shakes now and then.

This will remove all the unwanted dust and have less pressure on your vacuum cleaner. Besides, you can also put the rug under sunlight, which will kill bacteria and germs.

What do you call a high pile carpet?

A high pile carpet is one that has loose and long fibers. On the other hand, on a short pile carpet, the fibers are short and tightly held loops.

What is the best way to vacuum a carpet?

Keeping the luxuriousness and softness of your carpets intact is your foremost priority while cleaning. Moving forward and backward in an area by putting gentle pressure will dislodge the debris, and the appropriate suction power will do the rest.

When brush strokes appear on the carpet, it means the vacuuming is going on, and you are moving in the right direction.

Final Verdict:

Finding the right vacuum cleaner for your carpet is a demanding job. However, it becomes less tiring when you have a list to follow—this guide has been designed keeping in mind the best interest of our reader. We Only include those vacuum cleaners or our list which pass specific criteria. We hope that this guide will help you find the Best Vacuum for Thick & High Pile Carpet in your house.

Make sure the vacuum cleaner does not charge the carpet fibers as they may get tangled. When you have pets in the house, these cleaning missions may become more frequent because otherwise, a foul stench and bacteria will linger in your carpet fibers.

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