How does Roomba work?

Before starting we would like to give you a suggestion for free although we charge for suggestions but…no problem. So the suggestion is that you need to have a bunch of almonds mounted by your side as you will have to sweet hard in order to comprehend that how does an irobot work.

Just kidding!! The usage of the vacuum is surrounded with ease from all four sides and there is absolutely no rocket science involved. You will neither have to push it nor hit a riding crop on it to make it function.

Fasten your seat belts as we are gonna take you through a fast forward ride of Formula Rossa where you will get a chance to take a glance at many of the technologically advanced features which have given an entirely different face to the globe.

Believe us or not but this same globe was once a flat circle filled with nothing but some outdated cleaning strategies.

We are not at all like Mike Powell and will not be taking a long jump on how to turn this Roomba operational. Taking baby steps we will first make you aware that what’s a Roomba.

What is a Roomba vacuum?

First things first this is a lucky product of iRobot and under this category you will find a line of robotic vacuum cleaners.

These are the vacuum cleaners especially designed for people who are the participants of the race of evolution because the presence of advanced features in this vacuum is a guarantee.

It is a computerised cleaner which navigates itself around your home and carries out the cleaning process. These vacuums have carved the identity of iRobot making it their trademark.

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How does iRobot work?

The minute you press the button clean on its body, it will feel a sensation of tickling? No, not really but it shows off its mathematics skills and make various calculations related to the dimensions of the room. It figures out how long it will take to clean the room.

It contains two multiple surface brushes which work in conjunction with an aim to provide 5 star result. From fine particles to large debris and from carpeted flooring to naked floor all of them get cleaned.

Getting a closer look at the mechanism of the two brushes we can interpret that one of them slackens the dust, raises it and then the second brush directs it towards the suction passage.

How does Roomba map a room?

Now the robots like Roomba has taken an intelligent approach towards the cleaning of the earth and carry fixed cameras which support in the navigation. The question that how does a Roomba navigates around your house might be revolving in your mind.

The answer is simple that the cameras take snaps of your room and accordingly derives a map out of it by putting those snapshots in an order. Once a map is prepared it will get to know where it is expected to go.

And this map construction is not something additional but it actually assists in reducing the time span of the cleaning sessions by 20%!! The navigation technology plays the most important role when it comes to the automated movement of the vacuum around your house.

The decision making which is not less than a question of Topology can now be handed over to this vacuum and that is the feature which makes it a robot.

The Robotic Intelligence System (AWARE) and the cliff sensors around it detects hindrances in the path way and is intelligent enough to pass on the data captured by putting the surroundings under its eye.

If the Roomba is on its way to collide with any cliff then the signals automatically vanish warning the Roomba. In this way it changes its direction and resumes the cleaning on the other side.

In the case of bumping with any obstacle the object sensor gets activated and a message is sent to the Roomba that it has met an obstacle.

Oh wait!! It is just the start of the features that this intelligent Roomba possesses. This robot also contains wall sensor which enables the vacuum to remain near the walls or the feet of the furniture so that without colliding or causing damage it will clean those surfaces near to the obstacles too.

It also has the feature of virtual wall enabling the user to create walls and boundaries limiting the vacuum to clean in certain regions only.

The users have noticed the pattern of cleaning of this Roomba that it first permits the brushes to clean the middle area of your room and then heads to the circumference. It gets to know about the perimeter when it hits the wall of the foot of the furniture.

As it detects different obstacles it will continue cleaning around them making sure your expensive bought furniture does not get any dent.


How long does a Roomba take to clean a room?

It will clean till the assigned time or maximum 2 hours if it is fully charged. The Roomba will stop if it runs out of battery liquid or when your fixed time finishes. Then the Roomba makes it way towards the self charger and charges itself.

There is an infrared receiver on its bumper on the forepart which looks for the infrared signals emitted from the charger. Then the Roomba follows the signal and attaches itself to the dock.

The next important thing is that the surface area of the ground it covers and how it moves around cleaning may vary from model to model. The cleaning method mentioned above is the general one; you might find many other features distinct in all the vacuums.


You might be wondering that we have introduced a human instead of a vacuum by mistake. Such mistakes might never take place now as these vacuums possess human qualities and might have an IQ over 140.

These additional features just boost the performance of the vacuum increasing the customer satisfaction.


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