How to clean a Shark vacuum filter – Vacuum Guide

In our community, there is this tradition of having a get-together every month. Among the busy routine of life and job, this seems like an immense relief and fun at the same time.

And do you know the best part?

We discuss day-to-day problems and seek solutions. More often than not, it looks like a catharsis session and a big reprieve psychologically. Many people could get a job through referrals, as well. This seems interesting, right?

So, my next-door neighbor is a dealer for vacuum cleaners, both for home and commercial use. And we all know how these business people are. They can discuss their business anywhere at any time.

Besides, it is not that bad all the time. I will tell you how. Keep reading!

So, this guy happened to know how to clean a Shark vacuum filter as well. And here I was looking for help with my vacuum cleaner from the Shark. I discussed my problem with him, and he told me all about it.

See, I told you. It is not that annoying all the time, and sometimes it can unexpectedly relieve a big headache.

Now, I have finished cleaning my vacuum filter, so I thought to share it with all of you.

Shark is an acclaimed company when it comes to the Best cordless vacuum cleaner. With this machine in your hand, you can never go wrong in your cleaning job. I know it is embarrassing to find so much dust collected by Shark, but that’s how it works. NOTHING less than IMPRESSIVE.

I admire my Shark vacuum as much as you do, but cleaning the filter is another matter altogether. Like all of you, I wouldn’t say I like the least bit of it. But cleaning them is necessary if you want a Shark signature cleaning performance.

Why is cleaning the filter necessary?

Before moving further, I deem it necessary to tell you why it is imperative to do so. We all know that to suck away dust and debris from the floor, vacuums use their machine’s suction power provided by the motor.

When the filter is dirty, it can not adjust any more dirt. Resultantly your suction and motor have to put more effort into cleaning the otherwise hassle-free part of your house. Besides, your machine might also start making funny noises, indicating that it is struggling to give its best.

So, keeping the filter in good shape is essential for your vacuum cleaner’s good health and performance.

Let’s see How to clean a Shark vacuum filter:

Shark is supplying many different kinds of vacuum cleaners, and they may also vary with regards to the filters and how they are cleaned. The filters coming with them also vary. Some may have foam filters, and others come with an embedded HEPA filter.

When you remove the canister in a canister vacuum, there are foam filters and numerous others contingent on your kind of vacuum cleaner.

In general, you will broadly find two kinds of filters in the Shark vacuum cleaner, and they are:

  • Foam
  • Felt

They are pre-motor filters. You can follow the same procedure to clean both of these filters, so whichever you remove first depends upon you. The best option is that you wash them together and be done with them at one time.

Method 1 (How to clean a Shark vacuum filter)

Many people prefer to clean these filters with a mixture of soap and water in warm water. But as you know, these filters are very delicate, so the addition of chemicals may harm them.

Method 2 (How to clean a Shark vacuum filter)

It is the recommended method and the one that I followed. I suggest you clean these under running cold water. For pre-motor filters, it is preferable to clean them once in thirty days and if you can’t do that frequently, then using soapy water becomes a necessity to clean highly dirt-strewn filters.

Cleaning Post motor filter:

You can clean your post-motor filter once in 8 to 9 months, but ensure you have cleaned them thoroughly. Putting your filters before they are dehydrated is a sin that you can not commit. The appropriate time to let them dry is 24 hours to prevent any mold from growing in your vacuum cleaner.

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Cleaning your Shark HEPA vacuum cleaner:

All of you who have the best cordless stick vacuum does not need any introduction to the HEPA filter residing in your vacuuming machine. You can’t have all the goodness of a HEPA filter if it is all dirty and filled to its maximum capacity. Just imagine how difficult it will be for this poor thing to tackle all the allergen and bacterial particles in that situation.

Not just the stick vacs, almost all the Shark vacuums have HEPA filter in them. They are mainly located near the motor. The best way to clean this filter is under running water. The fibers are closely knit and very delicate, so a gentle rubbing is recommended to remove all the dust on its surface.

It goes without saying that you have to dry the filter before fitting back into its place. The Shark company might have mentioned that these filters need to be cleaned once a year, but in an ordinary house with standard traffic and foot stamps, cleaning twice a year is highly preferred.

Once put inside the cleaner, you will notice any foul smell previously felt after cleaning is wholly removed. Now your Best lightweight vacuum is worth using in your beautiful place.


Having a vacuum cleaner is essential to your cleaning regardless of the type of device you own. You can own the best robotic pool cleaners (View on Amazon) or the Best dolphin pool cleaner (View on Amazon) but cleaning the filter in one way or the other is at the heart of keeping your device healthy and working correctly.

While HEPA filters should be cleaned twice a year because they are made to hold more, the foam and felt filters have more frequent cleaning schedules, as mentioned above.

Though, it seems strange to know cleaning the device which is supposed to clean is essential too. But you can never neglect it in your routine. Since then, I have become more concerned about my vacuum cleaner’s cleanliness because I saw the before and after a dirty filter.

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