How to clean a sisal rug- Step By Step Professional Guide

The Sisal rugs are highly liked because they bestow a homely and earthy look to your house. You can clean your Sisal wither with quick clean methods or more in-depth vacuuming.

Sisal rugs and carpets are brought because they are made of natural fibers, and their upkeep is relatively easy. The fibers are stiff, so you do not have to clean them like high-pile carpets. The dirt and debris are rather loosely clinging and mainly do not go to the fiber’s ends.

Do you want your Sisal rug to stay for a long time? This can happen if they are properly maintained.

I am going to divide this into two parts. The first section is dedicated to a quick clean guide, while the second will enlist cleaning in more in-depth.

Quick clean guide

  • Occasionally, shake the carpet to remove all the stray dust and dry soil.
  • Do this shaking outside the house. Cover your nose and mouth to avoid any spells of dust getting into your eyes
  • They may be cleaned with a good beating. It will shed-off all the spills and dust. Use a racket to beat hit at different points. It will dislodge the dust for further cleaning
  • The natural fibers on the Sisal rugs are super absorbing, so putting them into damp places will ruin them completely.
  • Vacuuming them regularly will save a lot of effort for a later time. This is highly preferred because all the spills are removed before they can do more damage. The particles can house into their fibers and cause quick wearing.
  • The best vacuums for a Sisal rug are the Best canister vacuum because they require powerful suction and a setting where you can adjust the cleaning head’s height.
  • You also need to make sure the beater can be turned on or off according to the requirements.
  • Generally, the beater bar is set at the highest setting
  • Keep it clean instead of waiting for it to get dirty. The recommended way is to swiftly pick any spillage off the surface as it attracts more dirt and debris.
  • When cleaning, do not use shampoo and water solution. The moisture may fade the colors and cause shrinkage
  • The debris coming with the shoes is a death sentence to a Sisal rug. To avoid, keep a plastic matt at the threshold. Most of the problematic dirt will cling to the rigid plastic matt
  • Maintenance of the Sisal rugs with natural fibers involves regularly clipping the natural fibers sprouting out of the carpet. There is nothing abnormal with this behavior
  • Never clean your Sisal rug with wet-shampoo or steam clean
  • Only dry-cleaning is recommended

Treating stains and spills on the Sisal rug

  • If something solid spills on the Sisal carpet, you can lightly scratch them out with a blunt knife or a nail filer.
  • Be sure not to damage the tightly held fibers, and another option is to use a spoon
  • Even water is prone to leaving stains because it is predisposed to attracting additional particles from the outside environment
  • When this happens, blot the surface instead of rubbing
  • Rubbing the surface will take the spills to the deep ends of the rug
  • Highly preferable materials for blotting are paper towels or any cloth which is a sound absorbent
  • If you plan to use a cleanser, test it in an inobtrusive area
  • Once satisfied with the cleaning agent, apply the cleaning agent on the piece of cloth and start blotting the surface
  • The appropriate method of cleaning with a spot removal agent is moving inwards to avoid the area of the carpet getting messes up
  • Once done with the removing agent, dab with a clean cloth for removing excess water and cleaning agent from the carpet
  • Use a dryer afterward

When you have bought a rug, you have also asked how to clean your Sisal rug and which is the Best Robot vacuum for having a carefree cleaning action.

This section contains more in-depth info, so sit tight and read along with us. Otherwise, you may leave something important out during your careless skimming.

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How Clean a sisal rug in a routine?

Do you not clean your house every day? The same concept is applied to your Sisal carpet. However, the most appropriate method is vacuuming it regularly. Regular upkeep will retain the freshness of your carpet. You can bring home the best robot vacuum for daily cleaning.

The most suitable vacuum is the one with strong suction to pull away from the tangled dust from stiff fibers. While you are vacuuming, make sure the beater bar is kept at its highest position because the lowest setting will ruin the threads.

The Sisal rigs are mot like your standard thick pile carpets where you can effortlessly use your Best Cordless Stick Vacuum. Its requirement is different. Cleaning requires multiple passes until it is spick and span.

It might not seem your carpet needs vacuuming, but that’s the tricky part of this carpet. It looks clean, but dirt maybe housing in the pits, so a scheduled clean job is highly required. As with everything else, regular cleaning adds longevity to your favorite rug.

Cleaning pet incidents

Pets might be your best partners in crime for a late-night snack or a summer evening walk. But let’s come to the hard realities.

Do you like cleaning after them as well?

I think not.

You can smoothly clean their hair with the Best Robot Vacuum for pet hair, but their poop and vomit is an altogether different subject.

This part is about effectively cleaning the spilling jobs of your pets.


Urine, feces, and vomit

Your pet may be one of the most trained ones but sometimes may cause unwanted events. The most appropriate way is to blot the specific area to soak up the fluid as much as possible. Make sure your direction is inwards to avoid extending the affected area.

Even after cleaning, the odor may be left lingering around your rug. To cancel, make a solution with the fourth cup of vinegar and an equal quantity of water. Apply the mixture on the affected area and later dry out the surface. The same procedure is repeated in case of vomit and feces.

Vacuuming rugs with bindings at the edges

Many rugs come with a binding at the edges. The binding looks very lovely at the edges and increases the rug’s overall life by preventing any loose ends from coming out of the carpet.

So be careful when cleaning them because they might get stuck in the vacuum. When the vacuum is left on the edges, there is an ample chance of damaging it during cleaning.

The direction in which the rug is sewn should be considered when vacuuming. Make sure the beater bar is not used otherwise, you will prepare a receipt for a new carpet. Do not use the BEATER BAR on the rug.

How to fix the curled edges of the rug?

When your Sisal rugs are placed where they get extra traffic and stamps, the edges may get cycled. Maintaining boundaries is not problematic at all. Make sure to uncurl before you plan to clean them. To do that, simply put something heavy at different corners of the rug and leave it overnight.

The next day you can vacuum the rug with your best lightweight vacuum. Alternatively, you can follow the procedure mentioned above after putting a slightly damp cloth on the edges.


Final Verdict- How to clean a sisal Rug?

You might be enticed to bring a Sisal rug in your house, but losing its best appearance, color, and texture is inevitable if it is not appropriately maintained. There are some quick clean tips that you need to consider while cleaning.

Otherwise, there are the most appropriate ways to clean the spills and stains. We are mentioning both of them in this article.

Going through this piece will help you maintain the longevity of your rug and ensure there is no need to replace the carpet until it has lived to its full.

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