A Step by Step Guide – How to clean vacuum filter?

Vacuuming is more than just moving a machine on your floor. Keeping it maintained and in good shape is also essential. Before we see how to clean a vacuum filter, it’s important to know that Like any other tool or appliance in your house, if a vacuum is not adequately cleaned and maintained, you can not blame it for not at par performance.

Many of you might hate vacuuming if you do not possess the right tools because the most suitable and adequately maintained machine makes it a fun activity.

If you really hate vacuuming and taking the unit here and there, there is a solution for that too. But the answer is hidden in this informational piece, so we suggest you find it out. It will take a few minutes only, so get started on your scavenger hunt.

Moving back to the main topic in the discussion. Today, you will know how to clean vacuum filters because keeping them unclogged and in shape is imperative to the aptest cleaning results.

Before starting, ask yourself, when was the last time you cleaned your vacuum filter? Long ago? In that case, it is going to take some time.

Why clean a vacuum filter?

Vacuum filters are cleaned because they maintain your cleaner’s suction and provide you efficient cleaning performance every time. The clogged components will put stress on the motor and ultimately on the machine itself.

Imagine buying the best cordless vacuum cleaner and losing its performance over time because you neglected its maintenance.

Isn’t it too bad?

The experts suggest that you replace your filter after six to nine months depending upon the frequency of use. But it has been reported that cleaning your filter frequently can increase its life.

Various vacuum types, the accompanying filters and the cleaning Guide :

Vacuum cleaners come with many filters, such as HEPA and foam filters in your everyday vacuum cleaners.

On the other side, there are handheld vacuums. They come with small cartridge filters and are often bagless.

Then comes the professional vacuum cleaners used in workshops. There you see a large cartridge filter, foam sleeves, and much more.

How to clean vacuum filter

Where to start?

It may look silly to mention, but the most appropriate starting point for cleaning any filter is by thoroughly reading your vacuum cleaner’s manual. The chances are that it will indicate the details of cleaning the accompanied filter.

You might also be getting additional filters with your unit. So, before embarking on the mission, we suggest you pound the pavement.

Cleaning foam filters:

You will most likely find foam filters in a canister vacuum. You can locate this filter after removing the canister. The air passes through this foam filter. This filter catches all the dust, stranded hair, and other particles and prevents them from going back in your place.

Cleaning the foam filter is not a rocket science

Soak the foam filter into water, and you will see all the dirty particles leaving the filter. Adding a few drops of essential oil such as lemongrass, tea tree, and other similar will leave your room smelling splendid the next time you vacuum your house.

To clean the reusable disc filters, make it a point to clean them regularly to allow a good air passage. However, they are not present in the household vacuum cleaners, so there is no need to go deep into their details.

Cleaning a vacuum bag:

You might not be bothered about cleaning the bag when buying the best cordless stick vacuum. But let me tell you, your upright bagged vacuum comes with vacuum bags that are disposable or reusable.

If you are concerned about the motor’s health, make sure the bag is cleaned or replaced to prevent undue stress.

Disposable bag: When the dust bags are disposable, make sure they are replaced before they are full to the brim. If this happens, there is nothing left to maintain.

Reusable bags: On the contrary, if the dust bag is reusable, empty the bag in your garbage canister with an adjustable capacity. Give a few jerks and tap on the sides to ensure all the dust and debris particles have left the bag.

Cleaning a cartridge filter:

Cartridge filters are embedded into both handhelds as well as commercial vacuum cleaners. So whichever vacuum cleaner you have, you cannot get away from knowing to clean this filter.

The filters made with pleated paper can also last a long time if they are adequately maintained, though they are disposable.

With the cleaned cartridge filter, its ability to pass the air improves. They can be cleaned by gently tapping the filter, and the dust will come falling off it. Keep repeating this step until you see no loose dust dropping on the garbage can.

If you have bought one of the best robotic pool cleaners, you might need to clean the cartridge filter there as well. Soak the filter in the filter cleaner overnight. Make sure the filter is completely dipped into the cleaner and water solution for the best results.

In both cases, the goal is to make it like a new one.

Cleaning a HEPA filter:

Having a HEPA filter in your vacuum cleaner is excellent for all struggling with dust-related issues such as allergy and asthma. The HEPA filter makes sure all the particles down to the tiniest size are removed from your house.

This filter is made with congested and closely knit fibers. So if you scrub the fiber too hard, it may loosen the fibers, and the filter may lose its ability to clean 99.99% of allergen particles.

Usually, you can use them for a long time, but when you see they are filthy, the best option is to buy a new one from the store.

Dry the filters:

When you are done cleaning each type of filter, make sure to completely dry them out because you would not want to ruin your machine with a soggy vacuum filter. Leaving in the open air is the most recommended way to dry the filters.

Final Verdict:

Maintenance is at the heart of using your tools and gadgets for a long time, and cleaning is an integral part of maintaining your machine’s health.

Whether you own a washing machine, an oven, or a vacuum cleaner, cleaning the delicate parts should be an essential and integral part of using them.

You would not want to spend extra bucks because of not taking proper care of them.Time to clean your vacuum cleaner’s filter, but be careful when separating the parts to remove the filter.

Although vacuuming is not that hateful, if you still like to bypass this activity, the best solution is to buy the Best robotic vacuum and mop combo. This combo will ensure thorough cleaning of your house.

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