How to Get Rust Out of a Carpet – A Complete Guide

How to Get Rust Out of a Carpet is not as unusual a question as you might think. Many of you might have experienced the issue before. Carpets can change the look of your house with their beautiful colors and textures. But on a lighter note, a stained carpet also has everything to change the look of your house completely, but only in the wrong way. So, taking care of them is highly important.

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If you had a carpet stain before, you might relate to how quickly they ruin the posh and chic look of your home. Thus, many people resort to replacing them with new ones or prefer hardwood and bare floors.

Though they may be tough, there are ways that you can work out to get rid of these stains from your carpet. In this article, we will help you know How to Get Rust Out of a Carpet without damaging it in the process.

This informational piece is an effort to avoid sending you to the flooring or departmental store to get chemicals. Thus, you can follow the below-mentioned tips and methods with spending as little money as possible. Now get rid of them at home.

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How to Get Rust Out of a Carpet-Method 1

Step 1

Remove the source of the rust

If you see rust appearing on the surface of your carpet, the first step is to remove the source of that stain. For instance, if a piece of furniture is causing those ugly marks to happen, consider moving that to another place.

If you show negligence at this step of How to Get Rust Out of a Carpet guide, the chances are that the stain will reappear. Otherwise, you can also cover the legs of that furniture piece with a piece of a darker rug to prevent it from happening in the future.

Step 2

Scrap off the evident rust

The next step in this guide of How to Get Rust Out of a Carpet is to scrap off all the visible rust from the carpet. The purpose is not to harm the fibres of the carpet but to remove the part that makes the carpet look ugly. Use a butter knife and make sure it does not take off a chunk of the carpet fur.

Step 3

Blot the affected area

Make a mixture of dish soap and water, dip the sponge in the mixture and blot the area. Put the sponge on the affected part for five to fifteen minutes to let it soak. Agitate the area with a mild scrubbing such as with a toothbrush.

On the contrary, you can do this step on a corner which is not visible. Upon finding no harm coming to the carpet’s fur or colour, you can repeat it on the affected area.

Step 4

Blot with clean towels

Take a clean towel. Even better if it is white because you can visibly see the stain transferring on to the towel. Press it on the rug. Repeat this step, and you will see the towel showing the signs of transferred rust stains. In the end, you vacuum the carpet with the Best lightweight vacuum or any other machine of your choice.


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How to Get Rust Out of a Carpet-Method 2

Treat with the household Ammonia solution

Many households have ammonia used domestically. If you fail to get your desired results by blotting with dish soap, you may blot your carpet rust with ammonia.  To make an ammonia solution, mix one tablespoon of household ammonia and 2 cups of water.

In the next phase, you will pour this ammonia solution on your carpet and let it soak for about five minutes. Later, bloat it with the same towel and see if the rust stains are disappearing. Once done vacuum the effected surface with any efficient vacuuming machine you have in the house.

How to Get Rust Out of a Carpet-Method 3

Treat with a mixture of lemon juice, salt and vinegar

In case the stains are so persistent that they did not disappear with the above two methods, you might try the third one. Make a mixture of lemon juice, salt and water and apply it on the affected area. You may test run it on a corner which is away from the sight.

You can leave this mixture in your carpet for a few hours before it is time to blot the area with a damp towel. Later you can again repeat the vacuuming step as mentioned in all the methods above.


No one can deny that carpets look beautiful on the floor by giving your house a cosier look. But keeping them clean is also a big responsibility. With this guide in hand, you have a load of cleaning options, in case of getting rust stains on your carpet.

Before you plan to throw some money into buying a new carpet, follow these steps in the same order as mentioned to see the best results.

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