How To Vacuum An Above Ground Pool – Full Cleaning Guide

Having an above-ground pool is a luxury that not many people have. But with luxury, there comes some responsibility as well. There is no point in having an above-ground pool that you cannot keep clean and hygienic. So, looking for the answer to how to vacuum an above-ground pool is imperative.

Today I am going to answer this question for all of you. Following this guide is essential to have your pool free from algae, dirt, grime, leaves, and much more.

You might have been cleaning your pool manually for so long. But sooner or later you will have to buy the Best above-ground pool Vacuum. Moreover, after buying one, you will realize the difference between manual cleaning and vacuuming your pool.

To keep your pool clean, vacuuming, scrubbing the floors, waterlines, and adding essential chemicals to kill bacteria and other micro-particles is imperative. All these steps will keep the water healthy and enhance the recreational aspect of your above-ground pool.

For those of you who already have a vacuum, learning how to vacuum an above-ground pool is essential because you may not want to waste your time and money by cleaning the pool in the wrong way.

Have a look at the following important consideration before you start the actual action.


1: Pool Vacuum

To start learning how to vacuum an above-ground pool, having an above Ground Pool Vacuum is essential. Since an all-rounder vacuum for all types of pools may not work for an above-ground pool.

You might know even the Best dolphin pool cleaner may not collect the larger leaves, so you need a skimmer along with the vacuuming device.

2: Extension Hose

An extension hose is an essential consideration for cleaning your pool. If you have bought the Best suction pool cleaner, having a hose that matches your pool’s sizes is imperative. Otherwise, it may not clean the whole pool.

Steps to vacuum an above ground pool

Remove the big leaves and bigger chunks

As we mentioned earlier, even the best above-ground pool vacuum may not efficiently remove big leaves. Though doing it manually is low tech, it can achieve the desired results at less cost.

Moreover, some dead bugs and twigs can waste your pool cleaner’s essential vacuuming power. So, start the cleaning action by removing the big leaves with the skimmer. To ensure the proper working of the filtration system, turn on the pool pump.

  1. Assemble the vacuum cleaner

The next step is to assemble vacuum cleaner parts for later installation in the pool. You can prepare your cleaner by following the below steps:

  • Attach the swiveling end of the hose to the vacuum head
  • Attach the vacuum head to the extension pole
  • Submerge the assembled parts into the water
  • Extend the pole downwards until it reaches the bottom
  • The pol is telescopic, so if you need to get into the middle of the pool, you can conveniently extend the length and reach your desired place.
  • There is a handle that you can twist to tighten the telescopic pole to the required length.
  • Once done, lean the pole against the poolside.

Pro-tip: Keep it near your pool’s return line because later, you will need to make a connection.

  • Priming the vacuum cleaner
  • Grab the other end of the hose to submerge it into the water
  • Fill it with water entirely by holding it in front of the return outlet of the water
  • Make sure there are no bubbles in the hose. To do that, you can connect it to the return hose and see the bubbles coming from the other end.
  • Keep holding until no air bubbles are coming out of the vacuum head. This process may take a few minutes, so be patient.
  • Once you see no bubbles, take the hose away from the return line. But at the same time, keep it as low as possible in the water.
  • Attach the skimmer disk
  • Attach the hose on top of the skimmer suction nice and tight
  • The pool circulation system is powering the suction in this inlet.

Pro-tip: Before plugging the inlet, make sure to remove the suction basket. If it is full of contamination, clean it if necessary.

  • Vacuum your pool

This is the final step, and you were making all the above preparations to carry out this step.

  • This step is where you use the pol to move the vacuum head.
  • Gently move it with the pole to back and forth and clean all the areas in your above-ground pool.
  • In this phase, you may lose the suction. To retain it, repeat steps 1 and 2 to get back on your work.

Do you need an automatic pool cleaner?

Well, the guide has enlightened you about all the steps that you need to go through when using a manual pool cleaner. As technology is growing really fast, pool cleaning has seen some changes too.

There is no doubt that an excellent filtration system will keep your pool clean, but it cannot match an automatic pool cleaner’s efficiency like the Best dolphin pool cleaner does. They will keep your pool cleaner with a mere touch of your finger.

Additionally, if you like to clean your pool manually, you may procure it, so you find your pool shiny all the time, even for sudden plans and get-togethers.


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Final Words

Before you get tempted to neglecting your pool cleaning schedule, imagine the mounds of algae growing in the bottom of your pool. This will also increase the cost of pool chemicals. So, to avoid the chance of swimming in the dirty water full of algae, always take care of the pool’s cleaning routine.

This is a comprehensive guide to clean your pool clean in a manual way. In the end, it temps you take a little extra care of your pool by having a robot vacuum.


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