Shark Vacuum Won’t Turn On – How To Fix It

Shark vacuums are exceptional machines for home and professional use. Having the best shark vacuum is a dream for everyone. Buying a vacuum is unlike any other device as they are an investment for a long time to come. Many times, you run into an unexpected problem when your Shark vacuum won’t turn on. Shark is offering a number of competitive products to its customers. In the market, you may find cordless vacuums, steam mops, among many products. But, when for some reason, they stop working, the thought can be quite unnerving.

If the Shark vacuum won’t turn on, not all the time, you need to run to your nearby mechanic. Often, a few simple steps may help you save a lot on maintenance costs.

Many people despise going to mechanics and repair shops. It is because they can’t trust any outsiders with their beloved Shark vacuum.

Would you trust anyone with the health of your favorite pet? Of course not. That is how people are bound with their Shark vacuums, just like their beloved pets. Many of you might call them with the loveliest of names as well.

There might be many reasons for the malfunctioning of a Shark vacuum. Before rushing towards the repair shop, there are many things that you can work around in the house to look for the possible causes and remedies.

Thus, today, we will list some of the most common issues and their solutions that you can find while at home.

Power Button

Let’s start with looking at the on/off button on your Shark vacuum. This might seem silly to say, but you might miss this step when you are occupied with your busy routine.

Most of the Shark devices have their power button located on the handle for easy access. Pressing the switch towards the On or I position can turn on the machine. You can also look for the power button, the main cleaning head on other devices like upright vacuums.

Power Plug

Often, we start looking at more serious issues when the problem lies in correctly plugging the switch in the socket. Other times, the switch may become loose in the socket when you give a tough shake to the wire in the cordless vacuums.

In such cases, go back to step one of the cleaning processes to plug the switch into an electric outlet carefully. You might also face this issue when the cord length is not according to the size of the area you desire to clean.

A shorter power cord can be highly annoying because you will continuously and unconsciously pull the machine to reach places. Hence when buying the vacuum cleaner for your house, ensure it has the right length of cord.

Power Cord

If the mentioned considerations did not solve your issue that your Shark vacuum won’t turn on while cleaning, there might be an issue with the power cord itself.

Sometimes, the outer insulation of the power cords may rip off that exposing the delicate wires inside. This is not only dangerous, but it may also break the connection of the cables as well. Thus the current does not reach the motor.

Thus, make sure there are no cuts or rips on the power cord. Simultaneously, also make sure there is a current running in the socket. The actual problem is often not with the machine but with the socket or the primary power source.

There is a note of caution as well. If you find out that there is no current running through the socket, don’t take matters into your hands unless you are well versed in dealing with such issues. Otherwise, calling an electrician is a safer option.

Batteries and Charge

When you are using the cordless vacuum of the Shark brand, checking the proper working of batteries is essential. In situations when your Shark vacuum won’t turn on, the problem might be that the battery does not have enough charge. So, before you embark on your cleaning spree, make sure the battery is at least half charged.

The easiest way to ensure that you have enough charge when you suddenly plan to clean is to charge the vacuum after every use. This way, you won’t run into the annoying issue of finding a depleted battery.

Main Power Supply

If your Shark vacuum won’t turn on or may stop working suddenly, one possible reason can be a fault at the primary power supply source. Maybe the circuit breaker at your wall trips and the current loses the flow.  Thus stop the vacuuming cleaner from working.

We won’t go into the details of its reasons.  The point to note here is that in such situations, no power will run through the socket and into the machine.

If you have an understanding of what you are doing, check the wall bracket where the sockets are or the main circuit board to check if a switch is accidentally tripped.

To locate the circuit box in your house, look for a panel with lots of switches in various colors. All the On controls will be in the same direction. The odd one is where the problem lies—switching the odd one will restore the power flow.

Dirty Filter and Clogs

We all know that a dirty filter can excessively reduce the suction power of the machine. That’s the reason why maintaining the health of the filter is essential. But at times, a stubborn clog in the hose or filter can completely shut off the vacuum cleaner.

The easiest way to clean your washable filter is by running it through tap water. By periodically repeating this step, you can ensure the health and longevity of your vacuum.

With pets in the house, most of you might be using the best vacuum for pet hair. In such a case, taking care of the filter is more important because the pet dander and hair might clog the filter really badly.


Another part of the vacuum that needs extra attention is the motor. We all know that motors consume electricity and provide power for working.

All this power tends to produce heat that is dangerous for the users. Thus, the shark vacuums come with thermostats that switch off the machine when the heat is more than the required level. Therefore, when your Shark vacuum won’t turn on, this might be a possible cause.

The other possible reason might be when the thermostat is malfunctioning. It may indicate the temperature is safe, while actually, it is not. Hence, the vacuum shuts off. At this point, it is time to outsource the matters and contact the company’s customer care representative.

On the other, a clogged filter can also increase the temperature. This is because the motor will have to work harder to do the same job when the suction channel is not clear.

However, there are a few things that you can still do at home before rushing for professional help because it may take time.

When the vacuum cleaner shuts off, do the following:

  • Unplug from the power supply
  • Wait for a few hours
  • Cooldown the machine
  • Check the filter and empty the dirt container
  • Check for any obstructions such as long hair in the hose or filter

When the vacuum has had rest for some time, plug it in and try using it. Hopefully, the issue will be resolved by then.


Like the heart is to a human body, the motor is for a vacuum cleaner. When you are done following and checking the above point, there might be an issue with the motor itself.

Shark vacuums have excellent motors, but there is a life for an excellent motor too. So, one possible consideration is to check if the motor is not working correctly or if it is burnt.

Locating for a burnt motor is more straightforward. When it happens, a foul odor spreads everywhere. Replacing a motor is expensive. Thus it signals you that it is time to buy the new Shark machine.


Shark vacuums are highly admired machines among customers globally. These machines are known for their excellent performance and longevity. But, at the end of the day, they are machines that malfunction sometimes.

Therefore, instead of panicking or rushing to a maintenance shop, or buying a new machine altogether, it is wise to try everything you can. But stop when it becomes too risky, like dealing with the wall panels. At such points, the need for an electrician comes in.

Thus, if your Shark vacuum won’t turn on, try these easy steps and make all the efforts to make it work. These steps often help the user save some money when they jump to the conclusion of buying the new vacuum cleaner.


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