Should carpets be replaced after water damage?

People around the globe like to keep their floors carpeted because of their appearance and versatility. Carpets adorn your place and give it a cozy, homey feel. But every comfort has a price.

Likewise, Carpets may get extremely problematic if you do not clean them properly or be careless with them. One of the significant problems that carpet owners can face is when they are wet and catch molds.

Even a small flood from a burst pipe may be catastrophic if left unchecked for more than 4 to 5 days. Water from overflowing bathtubs, left-on water taps, or a water spill on your living room carpet may disappear after a while. However, the real problem lies underneath it and may not be visible unless the damage is done.

The molds do not require much water and time to grow. Nevertheless, if allowed to grow can cause larger problems to deal with. By the way, how could someone not be bothered by the foul smell the wet carpet produces?

The smell directly indicates something fishy and implies that the damage has occurred, so what can you do now? Let’s first figure out how to avoid water spills before answering, should carpets be replaced after water damage?


Possible reasons for water reaching your carpet and how to avoid them?

Water damage is disastrous because it’s hard to handle. Besides, in some cases, it may completely destroy the velvety texture and fabric of the carpet. This could be a nightmare, especially if you imported the rug from some dream destination.

Sometimes it’s pure carelessness, while at other times, it’s the stars that might not be in your favor. A storm or a flood may hit you hard when you are least prepared for it.  

Otherwise, your toddler might have left the tap on while you were busy making dinner or preparing for the office.  In either case, it’s you who need to respond to this problem as soon as possible.

Pipeline leakages are also one of the reasons that may damage your furniture and carpets. You might never know, home-cleaning your carpet may also become the reason for chaos. That is why we always recommend you to buy the Best Vacuum for Thick & High Pile Carpet. As they can be most tricky to be taken care of.

Your washrooms entrance into your carpeted rooms may be the most affected places. The water may flow from the bathroom during cleaning, bathing, or from wet shoes.

Although You cannot control storms or floods, protecting your carpets from manual spills is undoubtedly possible. Below mentioned are some measures that might bring fruition in avoiding the entry of water into your carpets

  • Always pay extra attention to your main kitchen sink hose. It is prone to leakage or even bursting due to excessive usage and blockage. In the first place, avoid getting your leftovers in the sink to prevent clogging.
  • Moreover, invest generously in your pipelines while building your house to prevent any compromise on the quality.
  • Keep a rug at your toilet entrance and refrain from taking toilet slippers into the room.
  • Don’t let your children play with water guns and other similar toys to avoid any risks.
  • Don’t let the tap run in the bathtub while you are busy doing chores. There is a greater chance that it may overflow
  • While home-cleaning your carpets, use the best vacuum cleaner rather than mopping. Make sure you drain the water properly or blowdry the excess water as immediately as possible.
  • In case of heavy rains and storms outside, keep rolled towels and soaking clothes at your door’s entrance and window panes. It will relieve you from the later burden.

Major concerns following the water damage

One may ask oneself what harm a little water does to a branded carpet or why it seems essential to take care of water spills?

It is entirely due to the health and cleanliness issues it brings and the foul appearance and smells it gives to your living area.

While water itself is of little worry, it is the molds and growth of bacteria that are of major concern. Whereby smell is a bit of an issue, these micro-entities are a gateway to infections and health disturbances.

Certain mold spores may aggravate asthma and cause coughing, sneezing, and other pulmonary diseases, along with various skin infections.

You may experience an army of fleas and ultimately require the best vacuum for fleas.  Breathing in the same air with certain molds can also be deadly and fatal.

Water may also leave never going stains and smears that may destroy the appealing appearance. You may even notice pits and holes, which only adds to previously existing problems.


Necessary measures during cleaning

In case of moisture caused by normal rain or small amounts of spills, you can consider the following options before the complete replacement

Take necessary measures as soon as you notice the water stain. The quicker you get into cleaning, the lesser time it is for mold to grow, and lower are the chances of permanent damage.

Water can get almost anywhere and everywhere, so meticulously identify all the places where the water has been trapped to collectively take necessary measures.

In case of water spills while drinking, use a cotton cloth and press it against the spill long enough to soak the water. Later, dry clean the affected area with a blowdryer

Small-sized carpets can simply be put into sunlight instantly following the spill

It is often useful to increase the air circulation near a damp or moist carpet.  So open the windows and allow much-needed sunlight and air to enter the area. However, if the rug is already contaminated, the air circulation may even worsen the problem by spreading the microparticles in the air.

After cleaning, make sure the padding, floor, and carpet are dry and smell-free in case of reinstallation.

Use disinfectants and antimicrobial solutions to kill and stop further proliferation of the mold and other disease-causing agents.

Don’t hesitate to seek professional assistance if you think you cannot handle the damage or if the carpet is too filthy. This may reduce the risk of destroying your precious rug, ultimately saving your time and money

Saying good-bye to your old carpet

Replacing a carpet can be tiresome and expensive, but sometimes it becomes necessary. In other cases, you don’t need to hurry about it. Certain aspects need to be considered before replacing your carpet.

So wait a bit before ripping your carpet off. Ask yourself if you have gone through all the possible solutions to save your time and money.

So, when is the right time to say good-bye to your old carpet then? A closer look at the rug may tell you if It can be restored or do you need to change it.

A few remedies may help you get through this by paying less than the amount required to replace a new carpet. However, it all depends on the harm the water has caused, how long did the water stay, and the kind of water that seeped.

For example, water leaking the pipelines of a toilet or kitchen may be contaminated. You may immediately need to contact a professional cleaner. Black or muddy water is the worst of the liquids that can reach your home. Though fewer chances are there of it getting into your house, it needs to be dealt with appropriately.

Lift the carpet off from the floor when you notice large stains of white green patches. Else,  a disgusting smell may risk your and your family’s health by continue using the carpet even after a thorough cleaning.

Because some mold stains never leave you, and their recurrence may cause even bigger problems. The cleaning, reinstallation, and then ripping it off again may cost you more than the price of a new carpet and your much needed time. So the best solution to this much damage is to play safe and go for replacement.

If the carpet was old and the water retained long enough to destroy its appearance, it no longer suits the living room. In that case, you might consider replacing it with some new one.

Carpets made from animal skins are more easily damaged and may develop a smell that clings in the air for long and, in some cases, never leaves.

Don’t take the reins in your hands if you can’t handle

You may not want to worsen the situation, so the choices you make at this time will decide the fate of your carpet.

You must not try anything and everything to get rid of the water and disinfect the carpet as this may be the cause of more trouble, if not less.

Don’t take immediate measures to mask the smell (like air fresheners) and let the scent go by itself. The scent is the direct measure of how much the damage has been cured. The lesser the smell, the nearer you are to achieving your goal of a clean carpet.

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